26 January 2001


It's snowing - again!

On to OBA Biz...

From: Paul Herbert
Subject: Argosy pictures
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 04:48:58 EST

Attn: Tony

My apologies for the delay in making contact, usual excuses - am afraid I am sinking at work, but: I have found 2 black & white pictures of the Argosy in camouflage XR138 at Colerne and XP443 at Driffield (I think) which I hope will be of use. Can I ask for your address and I will post them straight away.

B Rgds

Paul Herbert

[Editor's Note: This is good stuff, as there are not that many photographs of the Argosy in camouflage floating about. I am also pleased in that we can now fulfil the request to UKMAMS from aviation artist Chas McHugh who needed the pictures for his next project (see "Beverley" on the articles page).

From: Scott Innes
Subject: Re: Fwd: Old Boys Briefs 011901
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 15:57:01

Hello Tony,

Thank you for your mail which I've just picked up. Unfortunately "Breathemail" has gone down the pan big time and ended the free unlimited access (with 1 day's notice!!) for a one off £50 payment.

I've been trying to mail you thru Lineone, but have hit outbound mail problems which I will solve over the weekend. Could you therefore send anything to for now.

I'm up to my eyes with work at the moment and planning for the arrival of another member of the Innes clan in June! My job has changed and I'm now working as a Network Technician still with Worcester Royal Infirmary (when it's not under 20ft of water). More money, but no aircraft to go and load. However, we're under one of the low level TACAN routes so get Hercs going over in pairs or more. I still get a lump in my throat and hanker back to the good old days. I must still dig out some Ascension pix and scan them in, I promised a while back. I've got nothing of the Gulf as I didn't take a camera (I regret that one!).

Anyway take care.


[Editor`s Note: Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of a mini-mover! Mick Fry, also on a breathemail account, is unreachable. If anyone is in the Odiham area soon, can you please give him a bell at 01189-835346, and ask him for an alternate e-mail address. I'd do it myself, but it would be a little expensive from Canada.]


From: George Reeve
Subject: Re: Bev Photo
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 18:22:38 -0000


If no one has told you, you're a great bloke, even if your oppo's left me stranded in Kuching when I was tourex from Seletar during the Borneo campaign. My wife was doing her nut in Singapore. I had to thumb a lift back with 41 squadron RNZAF - one of the worst trips I ever had, and I've traveled in some clapped out kite's in me time.

You may like to know that the respone to my request for gen for Aden on CH4 Teletex "Service Pals" has been unbeleiveable with books, pics, prints ("Argyll's Entry into Crater" from guess who?) maps, E-mails and telephone calls from early morning to late in the evening. I feel very humble at their generosity. They may all be now old servicemen but the spirit of comradeship is still alive in them. One old boy of over eighty rang me just to hear the words that come with Aden as no one in 50 years had spoken to him of the place. Five ex-National Service bods didn't know they were entitled to a gong. I feel that this should be on the web for Aden as the Government should have sent one or the other (or both) to them. They say that it should have been in the press. Do you agree it should be with the gen on the Aden campaigns (both of them)?

Thanks for your help it is most appreciated. I will look at the new info. as soon as I have time that is. Keep up the good work and don't forget the aircraft fitters in the process as no one flies without us.

George Reeves, Chief Tech. RAF (Retd.)

[Editor's Note: I believe that 41 Sqn RNZAF would have been operating the Bristol Freighter during that era. Descriptions for that bird always included the phrase "40,000 rivets in loose formation!" George is writing a book about Aden and had approached us with regards to receiving original photographs. I am happy to report that I was able to get him sorted. It's outrageous that servicemen have to apply to receive medals - whoever is in charge of that department ought to be hung, drawn and quartered. I was given a GSM with a Dhofar clasp after having spent a year in Salalah back in the mid-60s. It was later taken away from me as apparently I was about three days short of the full year!!]


From: Steve Jolley
Subject: Spider Jolley's Webpage (experimental)
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 12:29:57 -0800 (PST)

Hi there Tony,

Just a quickie to tell you that I have at last managed to get a page online after weeks of trying. It's only experimental but provides a brief profile.

The Webpage can be found at

I can be contacted online at the following:- , plus yahoo messenger, , plus msn messenger
ICQ No 31692925

Regards Spider.

[Editor's Note: Especially for Arfur English over at Crab Air - here's an ICQ number for your list. It's a nice starter page, and I just love the background colour!]


From: t.p.english
Subject: Bill Kearney
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 16:40:09 -0000


Please pass to whoever wanted info

Bill Kearney is now WO Kearney MBE and working in RAF Halton with the MMARS systems team alongside Bob "Banzai" Henstock and Neil Stapleton....

For those that know him Dougie Betambeau left the RAF bout 2 yrs ago and lives in the Isle of Man I believe..George Lynes is out of the RAF too, but not sure where he is..

Rgds for now

Arfur @ Crab Air....

[Editor's Note: I understand George Lynes is now at the Liverpuddlian University studying for a degree in Transportation.]


I received a package from Ian Stacey over at Redcoat Antiques in Chicago this afternoon. He has forwarded 24 transparancies (slides) which include the following topics:

Aden 1963
Abingdon 1965
Nairobi 1966 (The Oil Lift)
Zambia 1967 (The Oil Lift)
Wales 1967 - Exercise Lifeline

I have had a chance to view these wonderful pictures and am anxious to get them onto the site for all to see. I think I am going to get them put directly onto a CD, that way it will cut out a lot of handling.


I have added "Khormaksar Photo Page" to the site - which can be accessed via the links from the Khormaksar Article. Added to the article itself are two accounts of Aden; one from OBA member John Holloway and the other from myself.


I received the latest edition of Team Brief (December 2000). As usual Clive Bishop over at Lyneham has done a wonderful job. If any of you are not yet a member of the Lyneham based UKMAMS Association you are missing out on some good stuff. You can view their web site at and get all the gen on membership.

Well, that's it for this week. Please keep those submissions coming.

Have a nice weekend

Best regards