28 February 2002


New members joining us this week are:

Pete Morrison from Stafford, UK

Jim Stone from Preston, UK

Welcome to the OBA!


[Ed:  Not to be outdone after my eldest brother wrote last week regarding his time with the Belfasts in Bahrain, my other brother, Clive, writes from somewhere in the warm climate of the Florida Keys…]

From:      Clive Gale, somewhere in the
Date:       22 February 2002 14:48
Subject:   Another One

I see big Brother had to get a word in, but let me tell you the editors family has a history in the Royal Air Force.
I was an Air Wireless Fitter on bombers and fighters.  Though I missed the meet in the near east I spent time in Singapore and Germany.  Currently I live in the USA, working for the Federal Aviation Authority as an Airborne Technician.  I fly all over the world checking Navigation Aids

My ambition: To visit more countries than the editor, and I am well on my way!



From:      Roger Whittington, Merseyside
Date:       23 February 2002 10:57
Subject:   My New Address

Hello all,

I've finally been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century and here is my new e-mail address.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards, Roger

[Ed: Thanks Roger - I have updated your details]


From:        David Carter
Date:         23 February 2002 10:59


I've been reading the pages on your site with a lot of interest as I've flown "Crab Air" many times - to the Falklands in 82 via Ascension, Akrotiri more times than I care to remember and elsewhere. Brize Norton became like a second home. Always been treated excellently.

Now to the nitty gritty: I'm a professional author, presently researching the activities of British military personnel during the Eoka years (55-59) and wonder if any of your members would care to share their memories with me.

Details of my project can be found in the Cyprus section of :

The project includes an Honor Roll of those servicemen who died there. Perhaps your members can check to see if I've not left anyone out from the RAF.

I hope to hear from somebody soon.

Best regards

David Carter


From:       Gordon Gourdie, Euxton,
Date:         24 February 2002 03:12
Subject:    (No subject)

Good morning Tony,

Having a nice quiet Sunday morning here at British Aerospace so have the time to catch up on the latest offerings.

I see that Dave Hammonds name is still cropping up. I was telling Roger Blow a few weeks ago that I knew Dave a few years back in Saudi Arabia. He was still posing but was a very amusing guy. He was also a very generous host and his Chilli gave a new meaning to the expression "Ring Stinger".

I last saw Dave in 1987 and at that time he was planning to live in Houston, Texas. I have found about six or seven D.Hammonds in the Houston directory which is in but due to the time difference I keep getting answer machines.

Perhaps if there is someone living in the US who wants to contact Dave they could try ringing a few numbers.

I have just read Graham Bayne's piece and saw a few names from the past. You probably won't remember Tony, but it was in that same Pigs bar at Scampton that we had a pint in 1969 a few weeks before I was posted back to Scampton. Jamie Jamieson and I were mates in those days and we spent most of our free time driving through the highways and byways of UK doing jobs for the MT section. The MTO loved us but we weren't so popular with the SEO. We had plenty of laughs but I think these stories should be left untold.

That's it for now - talk again soon.



From:        David Berry
Date:         25 February 2002 13:54
Subject:     Thankyou

Hello Tony

Thanks for making contact with Ian Berry and Ian Stacey on my behalf, appealing for original copies of the photographs that appear on your excellent website. Mr Berry has provided excellent ones which did not appear in my first edition of the history of the RAF Britannia.

Ian Stacey kindly responded but said that he had passed the originals to your good self. Perhaps you would consider letting me borrow those.

All this would be a contribution towards me making more of a feature of MAMS in my revised and expanded second edition of the book. I have reflected that mentions of the vital members of our operations are singularly lacking in that first edition!

Perhaps there are others who would be prepared to help me put together the definitive history of part of RAF transport flying and thus preserve that contribution to the RAF's effort in that era. If there are members with some 'treasure' would they please contact me - - my promise is to scan any contributions and immediately return the photos.

In the section of the book on MAMS I promise not to mention the old joke amongst the Brit crews that if you wanted a new nav bag then the best thing to do was to join UKMAMS!!


David Berry
Keyham Books

[Ed:  I did receive some slides from Ian Stacey which I transferred to a CD and will forward it onto David]


From:      The Ex-Forces Network Members Admin
Date:        26 February 2002 06:24
Subject:    Employment Offer ( to those it may concern! )

We are executive search consultants and have been asked to find a 'Loss Prevention Manager' for our client company. I attach a brief spec of the role and would be grateful if you could circulate this. The main points are both ex-Army, aged below 45, with commercial experience.

Candidates do need to have business experience.

Alison Pilpel
David Stevens International
Tel: +44 20 7925 0880
Fax: +44 20 7925 0879

See the Spec at

Best Regards

Raymond "Ray" Day
The Administrator for :
The Ex-Forces Network


From:      Paul Haslam
Date:       26 February 2002 10:13
Subject:    Web Site Link Request


Sorry for sending this ‘on spec’ but whilst surfing I came across your website.

We administer  we are about to add a links section and would like to add your site to this area. If you think it is suitable we’d like to request a reciprocal link at your end. If this sounds agreeable would you mind emailing back and we will undertake the programming.

Please have a look around and if we can do anything for you this end please feel free to get in touch.

Warmest Regards,
Paul Haslam
MoD Reunited Team
01737 222958

[Ed:  I had a look at this new website and it does look very interesting.  You have to log-on and receive a special password before you can enter the site proper.  I do have a link established from the Links page]


From:       Ian Stacey, Chicago, IL,
Date:         26 February 2002 18:53
Subject:    Great Old Photo

Hi Tony,

I did contact Dave Berry over those photos and he may contact you to get his hands on the originals.

During our correspondence he pointed me towards his web site and his magazine - here is his message to me:

”Thanks for permission to use the photos - very useful. I might be able to persuade Tony to lend me the originals, which would result in better reproduction.

I was very much an Oil Lift man. You might be interested to call up a copy of the Britannia Association magazine which is on my website. At the moment it is the Autumn 2001 edition - with a large Oil Lift group photo. This edition will change shortly for the Spring one - with two Oil Lift articles! Go to and follow the links from the Britannia Association page.

Thanks again for your help.


David Berry
Keyham Books “

If you follow Davids instructions and download the the magazine you will see a photo from the Oil Lift Days. I recognized Mike Green in there as well as Sandy Sandiford and Ginger Whatsisname (my memory is starting to go) - Im sure that you and the rest of our readers will pick up a lot more old faces.

I just heard from Bob Turner thanks to your web site - will be E Mailing him soon.

Keep up the good work - I really enjoy the weekly briefs.

Best wishes to you and all


[Ed:  Thanks for the reminder Ian.  The website is well worth the visit]


I am having mail returned from the following.  If anyone knows of their new e-mail addresses would you kindly forward them to me:

David Greaves,  St. Neots, UK

Willie Crossley, Whitby, ON, Canada

Ade West, Lyneham, UK

John Lyle, Torquay, UK

Alistair Logan, Rustington, UK

Alan Warwick-Moore, Southampton, UK

Ian Hambleton, Lyneham, UK

Ryan Daley, Manchester, UK


Well, that's it for this week

Have a great weekend

Best regards