08 March 2002


New members joining us this week are:

Fred Martin from Godalming, UK

Pete Price from Warboys, UK

Welcome to the OBA!


From:     Gordon Gourdie, Euxton,
Date:       01 March 2002 11:07
Subject    (No subject)

Hi Tony,

Just re-read my offering of last week and noticed the (not deliberate) mistake. What I should have written was that we had a pint at Scampton a few weeks before I was posted back to ABINGDON - Senility Rules.



[Ed:  Truth be known Gord, you could have told me we shared a pint in Upper Yuktuk and I would have believed you!]


From:       Comrades and Colleagues
Date:        03 March 2002 15:41
Subject:    New Armed Forces Website


As former members of the armed forces, we thought you would like to know that we have just launched a brand new reunion Website for the armed forces.

Run by a former member of the armed forces, Mike Hosking (Royal Navy 82-87), the site has been developed by a professional Web design company and lists over 2300 military units. We believe it is the best reunion site on the Web

Please take a look by clicking on the link below - and let us know what you think. [no longer valid]

We are advertising in RAF news this week, also Navy News, The Globe & Laurel and Soldier Magazine during March and April.

Many thanks and best wishes.

Mike Hosking
For Comrades and Limited

[Ed:  I haven't checked out this site yet - but it sounds promising - the more the merrier!]


From:      Ronald P Turley, Doha,
Date:       05 March 2002 07:55
Subject:   Job Opportunity Advertisement

Whilst not air movements positions, your members, especially those who may have served on a Port Unit or done some civilian bulk warehousing, may be interested in the attached. Any responses to me, please.

Great site, I drop in now and again.


Ron Turley

Logistics Specialist
Qatar Chemical Company Ltd
PO Box 24646, Doha, Qatar
Tel: mob: 587 2432

[Ed:  Thanks Ron.  I have posted the numerous positions available in the Jobs page on the site.  Perhaps Murdo would be interested?]


[Ed:  I received a request from an ex-Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) that gave his rank as "MM" to have his name added to the Roll of Honour page against Commendation from Taskforce Commander 317 (South Atlantic). After a wee bit of bantering back and forth I received the following:]

From:       Jon Caddick
Date:        07 March 2002 05:04
Subject:    Re: Roll of Honour Addition


Sorry, just dawned on me you are all RAF guys, I am a bit slow at times-I suffer from PTSD, and get the plot mixed up at times.

I enjoyed visiting your site -very good .

Reason I am interested is that someone told me that the Taskforce Commander 317 commendations were rare, have you any idea how many were awarded, across joint services in the South Atlantic ??

Best regards

Jon Caddick

[Ed:  I honestly don't know where this information would be available - perhaps the ever-resouceful Ian Berry can help?]


From:         Chris Clarke, Burlington, ON,
Date:          07 March 2002 15:43
Subject:      Rant from Burlington

Hiya Tony,

Its been a while!

I just got back from some winter hols on the fair isle of Hispanolia, got burnt!

I saw Ian Berry's letter about Lyneham, morale, rotting buildings etc, and as Dibs Loveridge said, it's a sad thing. I still have a lot of feelings of 'Esprit de Corps' for MAMS and Movements as a whole, but it appears the masters at Command and Whitehall really don't give much of a toss for the things that separate the British Military from all the rest.

I have a grim feeling of 'deja vu' for the RAF in what happened to the Canadian Forces during the post cold war 'paradigm shift'. The CF now really ceases to be a combat force and has been reduced to a public relations arm of a foreign policy neutered Canada.

Gone are the heady days of a Infantry battle Group capable of deploying to Norway. Instead they have been replaced by Militia (read TA) watered down Regiments and Squadrons of poorly paid servicemen, operating obsolete equipment, just about capable of defending themselves as they build the odd bridge/church/school, and a mission statement more concerned with racial and sexual sideline issues than maintaining combat effectiveness.

Go Tony Blair, promise our troops for more overseas deployments in your quest for a place in history, and mess them about just a little more. Chop at the effectiveness of the foundations by contracting out to your cronies chosen Companies core support  functions. Put the Military at the whim of unionized or budget obsessed civilian managers, who have never stood at TFD in the rain, never offloaded a Belize flat floor Herk, never been deployed from their family's and friends for six months in some distant part of the globe. And then ask them to respect your ivory towered minions with plummy accents, and their latest reality free project in some obscure numbered room in Whitehall.

Turn the RAF into a 'contemptible' little Airforce, until you need them for the next time. And there will be a next time. The working classes of the UK have always been ready to die today for the budget decisions of yesterday.

Dulce et decorum est
Pro patria mori.

Ok, rant over.



PS Where the hell are the C130 fleet going to go? Is the trend of thought to chunk them at BZN? Going to be a squeeze and a lovely target, knock out Brize and take out the strategic, tactical and air -refueling elements of the RAF in one go!

PPS I see UKMAMS are not even involved Operation Oracle, or so the official RAF site would have you believe. Not one mention of the Squadron. Nothing changes eh?

Oh Yea!

Hiya Woj Whittington! You Old git!

[Ed:  Thanks for that rant Pig!  I for one enjoy seeing what hornet's nests you can stir up!]


Just as a footnote to the Briefs - I have been suffering with a tired and sad computer for a couple of months now and have been unable to get many additions loaded up to the website.  Well, hopefully this coming Saturday morning will see me taking delivery of a new system.  My apologies to those that have been sending in material - it will all be on the site within the next few weeks.


Well, that's it for this week

Have a great weekend

Best regards