16 March 2001


Those were heady days back in the 60s and 70s. Most of us came from not so well-off families in post-war Britain and had led very sheltered lives. Do you remember sitting in a back street restaurant in Italy somewhere eating your very first pizza, or experiencing the taste of spaghetti that didn't come out of a can? I remember sitting in the Gander (TOPS) terminal restaurant in 1969 eating my very first real hamburger with a knife and fork! Then there was Flt Lt Bill Welland in Nassau, Bahamas, eating some Kentucky Fried Chicken out of a box and wondering what the green stuff was, eventually taking it out of the little container and scattering it all over the chicken - that's not what you do with coleslaw! Heady days indeed.

My wife, Ghislaine, is spending the March (Spring) break at our farm in Northern Quebec. I just spoke with her on the phone and she tells me that she has never seen so much snow in her life. The banks of snow at the sides of the road are at least 15' (4.6M) high - and it's still snowing very heavily.

On to OBA Biz...

New members this week are:

Gary Brooksby from Odiham and John Bell from Cairns, Australia.

Welcome to the OBA!

From: Dibs Loveridge
Subject: Re: Old Boys Briefs 030901
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 00:47:17 -0000


Thanks for persevering, it's only today I found I had to dump AOL, for various resons, pity as they seem to be the best 24/7 internet access over here. I have gone back to, and will be staying with my local ISP, Karoo, so e-mail address now .

Found an e-mail tonight from Spider Jolley, says he has not heard from you for three weeks!

Been busy lately with a nasty rail crash on the edge of my patch, 10 killed, amazing there was not more, some of the coaches landed only 50 yards from where I regularly have my night-time meal break. The nightwatchman there was first on the scene, but as he won't talk to the press, nobody heard from him.

Nice to see more members, it just grows and grows.

Bye for now,



From: Philip Clarke
Subject: Out of the blue
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 15:52:12 +0100

Hi Tony,

Sorry to have kept quiet for so long. First my old Dad passed away, then we started all the trouble with Austrian Airlines, and the hostile take-over of Lauda Air. By September of this year Lauda will have fully integrated into Austrian, but will remain as a Brand Name only. We've been promised no redundancies, but no-one is holding his breath.

For you Formula 1 fans, I'm sure you will know that Nikki has gone to the UK to head up Team Jaguar. The Aussie Grand Prix was a major victory - both cars actually finished!!!!

The web site is going from strength to strength Tony - what frustrates me though is that I seem to know so few people who are joining up.

The Khormaksar page is terrific - I often went there in '66/'67 when I was at Muharraq (Also to Sharjah, Bait al Falaj, Masirah, Salalah and Riyan). I'm sure lots will remember the Red Sea (Transit) Hotel, overlooking the Air Sea Rescue Jetty. I have dozens of slides of the area but buggered if I can find them - still looking.

Seeing the photo of the Firing Party for SAC (Dave or Frank?) Whittle of the 51st entry brought back memories. We went to the same school in Bolton and where in the same (80 Bolton) ATC Squadron. When he arrived at Hereford in the Junior Entry he soon latched onto me and was forever in our hut borrowing razor blades, boot polish etc. As you will recall I was the Brat Cpl sent from the 50th to attempt to control the 51st Entry. Young Whittle was totally unco-ordinated - he couldn't march in step and soon had everyone else falling over their own feet. I always had to put him in the rear rank no matter where tallest on the right, shortest on the left placed him. He was a placid quiet young guy who just always tried his best. I recall being told he had been killed in a loading accident during the Zambian Oil Lift. Apparently loading oil drums from a fork lift pallet onto a Britannia, and slipped between the
pallet and the lip of the cargo door, with the full oil drum landing on him. I remember saying at the time that with his co-ordination what bloody idiot had him doing a job like that - but then it was always square pegs in round holes, and probably ever will be.

Be in touch again soon when I can think of more news.

Yours Aye


Philip M. Clarke
Manager, Logistics & Materials
Lauda Air
Tel +43 1 7000 75124
Fax +43 1 7000 75125
Mob +43 676 5455015
E Mail:


99 Squadron is being reformed at Brize Norton. They will be operating 4 x C-17 Globemaster IIIs which are due to be delivered sometime in May this year and are on a 7 year lease.

I have compiled a very interesting article, with photographs showing the aircraft in RAF livery. "C-17 Magic" can now be viewed on the website in the Articles section


[Editor's Note: I sent an e-mail to David Berry - former Britannia driver, telling him of the C-17 article and seeing if he had a 99 Squadron badge that I could put into the article. This is the response:]

From: David Berry
Subject: Re: 99 Squadron Badge
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 13:36:26 -0000

Hello Tony

Thanks for the news about the excellent C-17 article. I'll make a link to it from the Britannia Association page. Anything that takes people to one's site is a good thing.

99 Squadron badge - very frustrating! I racked my brains and suddenly thought of a source - the cover of the 99 history book. Then something happened which has occurred numerous times these last couple of days - I can't do anything about it as my desktop has gone on strike - won't even boot up. What a disaster. When it's back on line I'll scan the badge and send it to you.




From: Jonathon Kerswill
Subject: Re: Old Boys Briefs 030901
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 21:02:23 -0000

Hi Tony

The [Belize] propellers are at the RAFMS in the hangar, they were in need of some refurbishment so they were painted a couple of years ago by myself and John Calver. We have a list of the names which will be painted back on some time. Will send photo when its completed.

As for Bruce Oram's e-mail, he is having a few problems but should be back online soon.


Jon Kerswill


From: Steve Jolly
Subject: oba briefs
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2001 12:09:46 -0000

Hi Tony,

Just a quick line to tell you that I have not had any OBA Briefs for around 3 weeks. I did send an email to your yergeau-gale address but maybe its not got through. Could you please update my contact details and send future briefs to , or

All the best,

[Editor's Note: I've got Spider all sorted out now. The OBB's were being sent to his Hotmail account - I guess he hadn't checked that one for a while!]



Norrie Radcliffe
Ramsey, Isle of Man
7th March 2001

Enclosed are a few pictures which you might find interesting. The rogues gallery is somewhat short, but then many of them probably have good reason for lying low! I have quite a few more and hope to unearth them shortly.

Now and again I make it down to London for the Mover's Reunion, but so far except for a brief drop into Lyneham, when I met Ian Berry, I have not been down to a MAMS function. The Autumn ones are usually during the period we are out of the country - still, one of these days...

It says a lot for the MAMS expertise when you look at the many and varied jobs "the real movers" have slotted into following their service careers, half the air transport world seems to have a MAMS input somewhere. Also you must have noticed the geographical spread of them - Bill Jacobs and Gurney Slade would have been proud to see it come to fruition.

I am on the trail of Dick Lee [USAF Captain, 5th Aerial Port Sqn, Mildenhall 1971-74 - a good friend] and hope to catch up with him. A reunion over there would be a thought!

Keep up the good work, you really have started something which is snowballing rapidly. Ghislaine must be a very understanding wife - I know what amount of time it takes. I'll drop you another line sometime and a few more pictures.

Cheers, Aye


[Editor's Note: The Annual UKMAMS AGM and Families day is being held the weekend commencing Friday May 18th this year - so you have no excuse not to be there!!

Regarding the photographs - in addition to a real fortune in old "Official" photographs of UKMAMS activities, there were a host of old passport photographs of MAMS chaps from the early 1970s, the backs of which reflected rank, surname and team of the subject. I remembered most of the first names, but sent Ian Berry an e-mail seeing if he could come up with the balance of them. The answer I received was very interesting, as can be seen in the following message.]


From: Ian Berry
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 21:34:57 -0000


Thanks for your msge, info as follows:

Thompson - don't know.

Rocky Hudson - finished as a WO now retired in Spain.

Dave Bernard ('black' bernie now lives in Bath/Bristol)

Bob Ford

Keri (Taff) Eynon - porn king, believe it or not he's now a methodist reverand in Reading!

Ben Johnson - retired as a brewers rep (bad heart) now lives in Clitheroe Lancs

Brian Clucas - retired recently as a Sqn Ldr

Tony Lamb - finished as a FSgt, retired 1989 and moved to South Africa.

Stewart - don't know

Eddy Mottram - now lives in Reading and is a big man in In-Flight catering at Heathrow. Still big buddies with Ben Johnston.

Dave Wilkin - Still working in Essex as a Transport Manager and makes the reunion each year, still single!

Glen Morton - Still serving and now a Gp Capt, married the Stn Cdrs daughter at Abingdon.

Keith Simmonds - Transport Manager in Calverton, Nottingham.

Merv Corke - was then a Sgt finished as a WO in 1989. Now retired and lives here in Swindon and makes every quarterly Meet & Greet.

Bob Tring - My best man. Bob was a director for a plastics firm which went bust, presently earning a crust as a mechanic in Abingdon, lives in Wantage.

Charlie Dalgleish - Last known of years ago working in Saudi, unconfirmed rumours suggest he is now deceased.

Dave Wright - retired from the RAF in 1983 and then vanished from the face of the earth.

Dave Constable - Left the RAF in 1973 and moved back to Birmingham area.

Sreve Richmond - finished as a Sqn Ldr and now works for British Aerospace in Riyadh, Saudi.

Tommy Blues - retired early 70's and settled in Scotland. Sadly around that time his son was killed by a train whilst trespassing.

Eddy Leonard - Went to Cyprus from Abingdon, never been traced.

Charles Collier - Finished off as a 'long-in-the-tooth' Flt Lt. now lives in Cheadle, Cheshire but was finding it hard to get a job.

Paul Steiner - Still serving, now a Wg Cdr and based at Kalkar in Germany. Split from his wife 4 years ago, very sad.

Big Pete Simpson - Retired as a Flt Lt and became involved in the Cargo Airline business, believe he was part owner of Scimitar Airlines. Jim Gallagher used him initially to move freight, Al Storey also involved. Pete now owns his own factory in Wyseley, Birmingham manufacturing webbing harnesses, straps etc.

Ross McKerron - My old team Sgt. Ross retired at Kinloss and was the Barrack Warden for 12 years. He recently retired, lives in Forres and is concentrating on his golf!

Fred Kitts - Finished as a SAC. Went to work in Saudi in a hospital, returned to UK via Ghana some 10 years ago. Now lives in a posh area of Sunderland.

Tony Barrell - When MAMS moved to Lyneham Tony remained behind in Supply. Not heard of since.

Gordon Gourdie - My team mate, we all keep in touch. Gordon went to Saudi with his wife Joan and worked there for 10 years. They now live in Euxton, Lancs and both work for Brit Aerospace at Salmondsbury.

Polly Parkin - Still in, the miserable git, he's now a FSgt and is here at Lyneham as the Sqn Health & Safety man. He commutes daily from Wales.

Tony Willis - Retired recently as a Sqn Ldr although I noticed his name in the Air Force list as an Auxilliary Officer.

Hope this info is of assistance, thanks for the exercise...



[Editor's Note: Thanks Ian - I am sure that the information will be of interest to many]


From: Graham Flanagan
Subject: Bruce Oram - Old Boys Briefs 030201
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 21:46:36 -0000


I have done a search on to see if I could find Bruce' s address at Fairford and then Gloucestershire, but have come up blank. Unfortunately I do not subscribe to their Silver service so I can only do basic searches.

I thought it a bit funny that Bruce had not replied to my e-mail, considering the times we had.


Geordie Flanagan

[Editor's Note: Geordie, perhaps you should stay in touch with Jon Kerswill - see his info about Bruce above.]

That's it for this week. I do have an advertisement in the current RAF News ( requesting information about Changi and Kai Tak, and hopefully will have something to put on the site soon.

Have a nice weekend.