12 April 2001


I am sending the OBB one day earlier this week because of the holiday weekend.

A hearty welcome is extended to the following new members:

Siggy Siggery from Stafford, UK

Keith Parker from Thumrait, Oman

Howard Firth from Khamis Mushayt, Saudi Arabia

Tim Richardson from Epsom, UK

Welcome to the OBA!

A photograph of the various clothing issued to MAMS teams has been added to the "History" article. Flt Lt Bill Wellman and team model the outfits for the General Public during the At Home Day.

Another photograph has been added to the first file on the Images page, showing the Sabre flight simulator being prepared for loading by members of the Royal Australian Air Force.

A couple of photographs taken at Abingdon in the early 1970s have been added to the general Images file.

Another page has been added as a rider to the Images page. Follow the link to the "Rogues Gallery" to see 51 mugshots of chaps from the early 1970s.


From: Arfur English
Subject: Tristar Engine
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001 09:20:01 EDT

Hi Tony,

I seem to remember a "4" engine Tristar arrived at Brize, somewhere around 1986. There is a fitment for it on the starboard wing area. Apparantly the handling of the aircraft is not affected too much by the extra weight although for balance purposes, more fuel would be carried in the port wing and less in the starboard. Seems to be easier solution than tipping old Albert on his ass. Let the "teckies" earn their crust and fit the engine under the wing instead.

PS.. With regard to the Aldergrove history, I currently have 60 names listed. Could you please mention if anyone knows ex movers who have done tours to let me have their details too.

Best rgds

[Editor's Note: Thanks Arfur. I will eventually get that photograph in - been very busy]


From: Ken Davie
Subject: Argosy Crash, 7/5/68
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001 08:52:33 -0700 (PDT)


I received this today, and mentioned the website. I also asked why the enquiry. You may hear from this gentleman.

The site is getting better and better. It looks like if I had stayed in the Mob, that I may have been a Group Captain by now!!! The mind boggles.

All the Best...Ken

PS Still trying to get Bob Davies to join. He's very elusive, but I talk to him all the time. He is just very busy running Meggitt Defence. He just came back from Oman, where he was stung on the hand by a scorpion. He says his arm looked like Popeye's. I told him he should have stung the other hand!...Ken

Note: Original message follows:

[Editor's Note - I compiled the two messages from Andrew into one]


From: Andrew Wass
Subject: Argosy Crash, 7/5/68
Date: Fri, 06 Apr 2001 14:32:13 -0000


I'm researching the crash of the Argosy in Libya in 1968, I believe you may have some info / photos re crash. I would be grateful if you could let me know any information you may have.

My main reason for researching the flight is that my father was the Flight Engineer (Sgt J.J.Wass), we had been led to believe that the accident was 'pilot error', but, surprising as it may seem, the RAF have never supplied my family with details regarding the accident and I thought I'd use the net to track details down.

With thanks

Andrew Wass

[Editor's Note: I remembered that we had received an e-mail from Don Jones who was the Flight Sergeant in charge of the medical centre at El Adem and had to deal with the consequences of the crash. I did find it and forwarded it to Andrew]


Shrewsbury UK
30th March 2001

Dear Tony,

Congatulations on the award, it's all down to your effort as most of us have already indicated as the site has grown.

It's quite amazing the rate that the membership has increased over the last few months and it would be really good if you could get more profiles of the lads, they make good reading.

Now Jim Aitken: Mauripur was beautiful!?* - you've obviously not been to all those grotty staging posts down the Gulf and around the corner to Aden - you know my feelings about that place!

I do remember the Customs Officer at Lyneham, he would sometimes let the smokers have some of the confiscated cigarettes, the rest, probably in the tens of thousands, we were told were dumped in the Bristol Channel.

I think the name of the Flt Sgt I mentioned in the article was MacKenkie, he was a real tough diamond. Yes I do remember our trips down to Calne railway station with the baggage - most of them were a little lighter than when they arrived at Lyneham!

The club we used to go to was the NAAFI Club in Chippenham.

Reference to links with other Old Boy's Associations - a cousin of mine died last year and amongst his belongings we found a photo of him, and about 200 others, standing in front of a Lancaster bomber. The photo itself is about 36" by 12", and in my search to try and find someone to take some copies of it, I came across the Lyneham OBA website. I spoke to the Webmaster, Jim Semple, he's got two or three of this type of photo on his website, including one of a group in front of a York and another in front of a Hastings.

He's put me onto someone who can print it who is another ex-Lyneham bod, so that solved that. In the meantime, when I mentioned our OBA he didn't seem to be at all aware of us - strange I thought, but I didn't push it. Of course he tried to get me to join the Lyneham OBA!

Just one little memory of Khormaksar - when the trouble started and it became difficult to get supplies, they increased our daily ration by one egg a day. An Arab chicken's egg was about the size of a pigeon's egg - no wonder that I started to put weight on!

Guess that's all for now, again congrats on the award.


John Holloway


Subject: Picking up the news in the USA
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 14:19:52 EDT

Just a short note to let you know I am at your side of the pond in Washington for ten days. This is definitely my last swansong before I retire from the Oggies on 13 May. Keep the good work up.


Charlie Cormack at RAFAU Dulles


From: Brian Lloyd
Subject: MAMS
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 20:12:46 +0100

I notice looking through old "Air Mails", Chris Goss wrote an article about MAMS in the January - March 1999 edition. It went into three pages with pictures. I expect Jack Riley saw it as I assume he's a member of the UK RAFA?

Do you know anyone who could enhance our Changi Web site? We don't want a huge amount of text etc in it because members receive regurlar good quality Newsletters, but just to extend our exposure a bit. We're not out to be an information centre for the whole of the world. We'll leave that to the commercial people. There are many other web sites about Malaya, The Emergency and related matters.

Regards, Brian

[Editor's Note - I asked Brian if he could forward a copy of the Chris Goss article to me - we might be able to squeeze an article out of it!]


From: Howard Firth
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 09:24:53 +0100


Many thanks for the E Mail. Are there any ex MAMS living in South Africa? If there are I would like to make contact.

Rgds H Firth

[Editor's Note - Many thanks Howard - your request has been passed onto MAMS Guru Ian Berry, I know that Tony Lamb is down there, but I don't have a contact address]


From: Karl Hibbert
Subject: Re: Your new house pictures
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 05:15:27 -0000

Hi Tony,

Glad you enjoyed the photo's. These digital cameras make it a lot easier than before. I'll send more as the work progresses. Internet access is non-existent where I live at the moment, but about 10 kms down the road there are some internet cafes - verrrrry sloooooowww connection though. I usually wait until I go across to the main island, Luzon, before sending photo's.

My girlfriend's name is Jing Jing and please send the OBBs to my hotmail address, I don't use the other now.

Cheers for now, all the best.


[Editor's Note: Thanks Karl - I envy you living in that tropical paradise, especially as it's very wet and cold in Canada this morning!]


From: "Boogs"
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 18:47:51 EDT

Brilliant Site.

Really enjoyed looking through it all and would be glad to hear from any Movers/Muppetts who fancy a "Blether!"

Deano insists in phoning me from pubs when England win the odd game of rugby, and I'm struggling to sound interested after 10 years of it!

Great to hear from you lot again!


[Editor's Note: What is a "Blether"?]


That's it for this weekend - I'm keeping my eye open for that Wotten Wabbit as he missed me last year!

Have a nice Easter weekend