19 April 2002


From:     Scott Innes, Worcester,
Date:      Sun Apr 14, 2002 06:20
Subject:  Greetings

Cheers Tony

Sorry I haven't written lately - been on my holidays in sunny Dorset. We booked a log cabin near a lake in a village called Warmwell, only to find out it was an old wartime airfield. Couldn't find any traces of it as it had all been removed by quarrying for stone and gravel in the 70s.

Had a great day in Bovington which is the main army tank base. They've a fantastic museum full of WW1, WW2, Korean and Gulf War tanks and armoured cars. Loads of photos but none relevant to UKMAMS. I can send the Iraqi ones if you're interested.

Also, the road from Warmwell to Bovington was where Lawrence of Arabia crashed his motorbike and was killed. Not open fields like in the film, but forests!!!

Speak again soon


[Ed:  Thanks Scotty – always on the lookout for things military I note – how does Mrs Innes stand it?]


From:     Chris Hayes
Date:      Tues, 16 Apr 2002, 15:54
Subject:  Search for an old friend


My name is Chris Hayes, ex Air Movements Cyprus and Lyneham many moons ago. I was pointed to your web site by Mrs Lesley Webster, wife of Ray Webster who died 13th April 2002 and was one of your members. She mentioned that Ray had read something about a mutual friend that had been mentioned on your web site.

The person in question is Ed Morgan, proper name Edwin Morgan usually known as Eddie, wife's name Avril.  His last station that I am aware of, was Brize Norton, and I believe he was a Sergeant.

As for myself, I left Air Movements Lyneham in 1973 to become an Air Engineer, only to be posted back to Lyneham as aircrew in 1975 to fly on the C130!

I do recognise a few of your members including Dave Cromb who has just joined.

Once again thank you for any assistance you can give regarding Eddie -  I would be interested in any details that you may be able to provide as I would like to get in touch with him again after all these years.


Chris Hayes
My second email address is

[Ed:  If anyone knows of Eddie’s whereabouts will they please contact Chris directly.]


[Ed:  The following has been posted on the Jobs page of the website:]


Established in 1987, Plane Handling Ltd has grown to become one of the most respected names in the Cargo and Ramp Handling business at Heathrow and Manchester Airports.  Plane Handling’s enhanced operations are continuing to attract an ever-increasing number of leading names to it’s client list now totalling over 45 of the worlds leading International Airlines, and include Virgin Atlantic, Cathay Pacific, Air New Zealand and Gulf Air. 

In line with ongoing expansion at our Heathrow Facilities, we currently have full-time vacancies within our busy cargo clerical operations and are keen to recruit Cargo Agents with an enthusiastic and positive approach.

You will be the main point of contact for our Customers and ideally you would be:

·    Familiar with Import/Export operations, and able to adapt to new in-house computer systems
·    Familiar with Customs Documentation in a cargo handling environment
·    Customer focused, with a professional attitude to work
·    Able to work as part of a team, and under pressure to tight deadlines

As all positions have a requirement for airside driving, a full clean driving licence is essential, as is normal colour vision.

Hours of work would be 42 hours per week, based on a 4 on 4 off days and nights shift pattern (4 days, 4 off, 4 nights, 4 off). 

Experience is not essential as FULL TRAINING will be given to the right candidates, and we encourage applications from ex-service personnel.

We offer a friendly working environment, competitive salary up to £17,600 after one year's service, and an excellent range of benefits including Life Assurance, Uniform, and after a qualifying period Company Pension and Concessionary travel.

If you believe you could meet the above criteria and can provide references to meet security requirements, please contact our Personnel Department on 020 8890 6862 for an application form, or for further information.

Alison Robson
Personnel Officer
Plane Handling Ltd


From:     Ian Berry, Swindon,
Date:      Thu, 18 Apr 2002, 08:51
Subject:  Mystery Photograph Suggestions


I held back last week to give someone else a chance - no response. Although the photo has vanished I recognised Spike Maris, Tim Pyne and Duncan Andrews? It looked like they were in a Sherpa van and at a guess was it Ascension sometime mid 80's? I say that 'cos I believe Tim has never done a proper overseas tour!

The current one at a guess was taken at Brize Norton in December 1979 when the Pumas were being transported to Salisbury, Rhodesia, as part of Operation Agila. I could be wrong though as the C5’s are painted grey and I don't recall when that started.

I won't get involved in the Crewman/Winchweight debate as nigh-on all the guys I worked with on two tours with helicopters were nice people. We even have a couple of ex-movers flying as crewmen now including Mick Fry. What is not mentioned is the fact that all aircrew normally do no more than a six week stint on dets/ops which makes the separation easier. I can only think that this Flt Sgt had problems with his air conditioning in his hotel room - poor dear...

Keep it coming.


[Ed:  Thank Ian – regarding the Mystery Photograph which has vanished (!) - Scott Innes provided it and wrote: “Lee Taylor, Tim Pyne and Jeff Andrews, first in the Sherpa one morning and all set for work. Jeff was a bit nutty and was bet he wouldn't take the passengers out to the aircraft from the terminal, do a complete lap of the aircraft and then board the pax. This he did, even the little old lady with a stick at the back of the queue managed to keep up. Jeff got jankers for that one.....”

The current picture with the C5 was provided by Nev Whitham – shown in the green stripey outfit on the left.  There are three C5’s (you have to look carefully) but I am uncertain as to the date and event – perhaps someone else can put their thrupence in on that one!]


From:     David Powell, Princes Risborough,
Date:      Thu, 18 Apr 2002, 05:10
Subject:  OBA – Slides

Hi Tony

One for the Brief please.

While giving the office it’s (occasional) Spring Clean, I came across a box of some 250 slides (35mm) which I vaguely recall 'rescuing' when involved with closing an office somewhere during my time in the RAF.   (Looking back I seemed to spend a great deal of time closing things!)

The photos are of aircraft (from Belvedere and Beverley to Eurofighter and BAe 146).   There are some of a Stafford open day (complete with Prince Charles).   Some exercise photos (Exercise Windmill East).   Not much of actual movements, 'worker' shots are more of TSW or deployed duvet fluffers at play.  Quite a few duplicates, but I haven't time to weed these out.

Before I consign them to the bin, is there anyone out there (ideally in the UK) who could make use of them?  Could be fun for a "who? what? why? where? when? session while stuck waiting for the next Britannia at Gander (do they still do that these

E-mail ( ) or give me a call on 01-844-343377 and I will pop them in a jiffy-bag and send them off to you.  If you live near Princes Risborough (just north of High Wycombe) pop round and have a beer and pick them up.

Best wishes to all movers current and ex,

David Powell

[Ed:  A very generous offer indeed David – thanks!  If no one in the UK wants them then I would be happy to accept them!]


From:     Dave Salmon, Springfield OR,
Date:      Thu, 18 Apr 2002 13:39
Subject:  Re: Falklands 20th Anniversary

Hi Tony

A couple of team briefs ago, Ian Berry reminded me of the 20th Anniversary of the Falklands War, it really doesn't seem that long ago.  I finally went up into the loft and pulled down my box of paper clippings, MAMS behaving badly and Movements newsletters - half of which should be binned, but I'm sure as soon as I do that I will want them the next day.  I thought I had an old Air Force News that had a picture and the information about the prisoners for Ian, which boat (sorry ship for any RN reading this) the prisoners were on.  Unfortunately I can’t find it, but I'm sure the picture was taken on board a ship off George Town.  I always kept a log of my trips on MAMS, so I know that my team was replaced and flew back to Lyneham 05 May 82. 

The first team who took off for destination unknown 01 Apr 82 (Flt No 4742 XV 196) consisted of Jim Stewart, Stu Everett, John Mclymont, Steve Perry, Kit Kitson and of course me.  We assumed that we would be going to the Falklands to get the Brits out, but during our night stop in Gib the Argentineans invaded and the next day it was decided to use Ascension.  Which was unfortunate, as we had one T-shirt between the 6 of us, having packed for a colder climate. 

I did find a picture in a Swindon paper of myself, Steve Croston, Spike Marris and John Smith (Cpl. MAMS admin) next to a Herc ramp, apart from my scanner playing up, I also think its too faded to use.

Well, that's it for now, from not so sunny Springfield Oregon.


Dave Salmon

[Ed:  Thanks Dave – let’s hope you get your scanner fixed soon.  There has to be a lot more memorabilia in your attic that you’re not telling us about!]


From:     Paul Wier, Leighton Buzzard,
Date:      Thu, 18 Apr 2002, 22:05
Subject:  Ray Webster

Thank you very much for your e-mail regarding the very untimely death of Ray.  What sad news it is and it must have been particularly shocking for his family.
I knew Ray for some years and we worked together at Akrotiri in the early 80s, he was a very popular guy in the trade.

Unfortunately I will be unable to attend the funeral but, if it’s possible, please pass on my condolences to his family.
Paul (Stretch) Weir

[Ed: Paul – very sad indeed, and I trust some of you will be able to make it to the funeral.  I did send condolences to Mrs Webster on behalf of all of the members of the OBA.]



A recent article in the Observer newspaper pointed out that many unionized British Airways staff enjoy perks and practices that "would make an accountant's toes curl."

The article contrasted BA's bloated overhead with the sleek efficiency of younger airlines such as Virgin, BMI British Midland and other lower cost carriers.

Examples of BA inefficiencies cited in the article included:

Crews stopping over in Cyprus for two days when charter airline crews fly straight back to the United Kingdom.

Lunch allowances of up to £30 for each crew member for European flights, even though the airline puts meals on board for the staff.

Bonus payments for turning up to work on time.

Dinner allowances on foreign stopovers that were described by one ex manager as "enough for a huge meal, a piss-up and something to take home for the piggy bank."

BA has made some gains in cutting back perks.  After months of negotiations, the airline's pilots agreed to give up a cheese plate served after in-flight meals.


New on the site this week – there are a few photographs added to different pages – just check the Notice Board on the website for details.


Well, that’s it for this week.  Don’t forget that you all have the opportunity to have your very own page within the site in the form of a Profile – c’mon, get those fingers workin’ at your keyboards!

Have a great weekend

Best regards