03 May 2002


New members joining us this week are:

Geoff Penfold from Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Neil Baldock from Wootton Bassett, UK

Welcome to the OBA!


From:     Geoff Penfold, Dhahran,
Date:      26 April 2002, 04:54
Subject:  Re: Questions

Hi Tony,

In response to your questions here are the replies.

Static- RAF Idris 1961-63 plus detachments with NEAF MAMS to El-Adam and Cyprus. RAF Muharraq 1969-70 plus detachments all around the Gulf.

I work for British Aerospace in Dhahran, live in the Aziziyah Garden Village compound and my phone number is 966-3-890-0316-extn 2119.

Take care and all the very best.


[Ed:  Thanks Geoff - Welcome!]


From:     Garth Hammond, Beaumont AB,
Date:      26 April 2002, 23:30
Subject:  UKMAMS O.B.A.  & B.E. Assoc.

Dear Tony,

Thank you for your fast replies. I did not expect to be listed with MAMS within 24 hrs.  I had noted your bio some 2 weeks ago, what I did not note was that you were also the Editor and in Canada.  Thank you for yours of last night.

I will come back with my full details in due course.

I am a former B.E. of the 37th. at Hereford, Supply.

I have been on the Internet for 5 years. I found the RAF site 2 ½  years ago and signed up with the B.E. Assoc. I was the only one from the 37th.  18 months ago Stuart and I came together and have re-established our friendship after 40 years.  We are now trying to re build the 'Infamous' 37th. We are already 6 and I note 3 under MAMS, Bob Turner, Bumford and Alan 'Boots' Pratt, I know that there are others.

I met Gorton somewhat over a year ago as he established the B.E. Assoc. of North America, based in Calgary.

We had our first reunion last October, in Calgary, there were 16 of us and Ladies.  A great time was had by all. This year I believe the numbers have increased and we hope to gather in Vancouver, again in October.

As you too are an “ex-Boy” perhaps you would like to become involved so we can continue to build.

If you would like to 'post' this, anyone can come back to me.

With best regards.

Garth B. Hammond.

[Ed:  Thanks for the heads-up on that one.]


From:     John Belcher, Chippenham,
Date:      25 April 2002, 14:49
Subject:  RAF Web Site

Just been looking at the RAF web site and they have included a new section covering the 20th Anniversary of the Falklands war   The pages list all the RAF units and squadrons that took part in the war including the support units:

Tactical Communications Wing
Tactical Supply Wing
No.1 EOD Unit

er... and that’s it??!!

So UKMAMS did not take part in the war then according to the RAF web site. I have e-mailed them to advise them of their omission but have had no response as yet.

When they did a similar site for the 10th anniversary of the Gulf war they forgot to include MAMS on the list of RAF Units involved. When I pointed out to them that the Sqn was involved slightly, the response was to say that there was no mention of UKMAMS in a 'pink file' listing the units.

Once again looks like the contribution of the Movers made to the war effort has been forgotten by the RAF.


[Ed:  It never changes - bin like that ever since I can remember!  I was aware of the feature that they were running and noticed that MAMS were missing - I thought it must be a "Secret Squirrel" thingy!


From:     Keith Murphy
Date:      29 April 2002 14:43
Subject:  Crash of Hastings 574 in North Africa Dec 1950


My name is Keith Murphy. I was an exchange officer with 511 Squadron RAF Lyneham from 1950 to 1952.

In December 1950 I was on a long range flight from Lyneham to Singapore and return and our plane crashed at Benina  Seven crew members were killed.

There were about 40 people on board and I am trying to locate them as I am trying to write an account of the accident to be a legacy to my family.  Upon return to Canada, I was asked to give permission to an actor to play my role in a film to be made about the accident.

Any information would be most welcome.


Keith Murphy RCAF (Ret.)

[Ed:  If anyone has any knowledge of this crash please get in touch with Keith and copy the OBA  - so we'll all know the answers!]


From:     Jack Riley, Urangan, Qld.,
Date:      29 April 2002 20:07
Subject:  Fund Raising

To all members
John Holloway, Dave Powell, Robbie Taylor, John Middleton, Ian Stacey, Keith Wilson, John Bell, Derek Barron, Ken Davie, Shuggie Shewan, Nev Whitham, Sparra Brooksby, Phil Clarke, Stretch Weir, Rip Kirby, Bob Dixon, Chas and I have now thrown enough in the hat to help Tony pay his Internet Service Provider for the next four or five months.

To say that I am disappointed by the response from the other 170 members is a masterpiece of understatement.  In my day, when Noah was still working on the Ark, Movers stuck together.

How about extending the closing date to mid-May? Come on team PYFO!


From: Peter Simpson, Stourbridge,
Date: 30 April 2002 15:54
Subject: A Few Words and Photos

Hi Tony!!

I thought it best to crawl out of the woodwork and say a fond hello especially to all those that know me. Not wishing to drone on about how long ago it was since I first joined UKMAMS to head up Lima team, dragging the late Don Wickham away from his beloved 'F' team and the wicked D. Barton Esq..! I only have to look at my photo on the mug shots page to wonder who the hell took that?., and was that me?..*grin*

Anyway I shall certainly hope to write a little more in the future, but for those interested I attach a couple of pics ( in jpg format!) from wayyyyy back. The first is another (rare) pic of me at Benson fully attired with hat and 'wheel' around 1969-70 offloading a Bristol Fighter from the RAF Museum at St Athan. Hanging on for dear life to the chains can clearly be seen Tony Lamb with various other reprobates who some may recognise. The second pic is even earlier..1966 ...a superb shot ( alas not mine) of a Twin Pin asymmetric landing at Sharjah. The pilot was Flt Lt Eccles OC 152 Sqn detachment. You can just see the tower and the Fort in the background.

In finishing I would just like to say how much I enjoy the weekly 'briefs'. Particularly OberburgerMeister Clarke's writings from Vienna (nb..last time I travelled on Lauda Air. they lost my baggage for 24 hours). Maybe I'll get a Baseball cap -who knows?

Thanks again...will be in touch again in a couple of weeks

Pete Simpson


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From:     Phil Clarke, Vienna,
Cc:        George Lynes, Liverpool, UK
Date:      02 May 2002 09:48
Subject:  Back Home

Hi Tony,

Let everyone know, I will be in the UK, at Mum's in Bolton next week.

Arriving Manchester Airport late on Tuesday 07th May, returning to Vienna at the crack of dawn (STA 0525Z) on Monday 13th May.  Won't be travelling around the country but if anyone is likely to be in the area, we do some great beer in Lancashire (NOT Greater Manchester - that’s just political B****CKs).

Wife is staying in Vienna so will be able to misspend some time with only Mum to answer to, although she will tell you I am not too old for a good hiding!  A good hiding from Mum is preferable to a spouse tongue lashing as I'm sure you will all agree.

If anyone thinks they'll be around either give me a call on the Mobile Number +43 676 5455015 (works in the UK and will be switched on), or e-mail me before next Tuesday at 4pm, and I'll give you my Bolton Number which I don't want shown to all on the web.

George, if you pick this up, try to get in touch from the 'Pool - and please try to get me a copy of the 50th photo you mentioned many moons ago.

Best to all



From:     Rich Long
Date:      02 May 2002 15:40
Subject:  Joint Helicopter Support Unite – 20th Reunion

The Joint Helicopter Support Unit are holding a 20th anniversary reunion in July, It would be greatly appreciated if you could find space on your web site to advertise this event.

Attached to this E-Mail are two files, one a button for the reunion, the second a poster in the form of a gif image which provides contact details.

Thank you for your help, if you need further information or help on this matter please contact me.


R Long
JHSU Webmaster  [no longer valid]

[Ed: ‘tis done Rich – you’ll find the button (which you have to press of course) on the Notice Board of the OBA website.]


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Well, that's it for this week

Have a great weekend!

Best regards,