11 May 2001


A new member this week - "Big" Pete Simpson joins us from Stourbridge UK

Welcome to the OBA!

From: Bill Nangle
Subject: Re: Old Boys Briefs 050401
Date: 03 May 2001 20:19

Hmmm.....I see another plug for my Bio! Well I suppose I should get around and get the damn thing done before too long :-)

Anyway the reason for this email is to ask all and sundry if anyone knows the whereabouts of Kevin 'Doc' Looseley?

Last heard of in 1986 in London at the booking centre. He spent a couple of tours at Lyneham looking pretty behind the pax counter. I think he was on C Shift. Anyway, any help finding him will be appreciated.

Safe Landings!


[Editor's Note: Perhaps Ian Berry can help us out on this one?]

From: Karl Hibbert
Subject: (No subject)
Date: 04 May 2001 23:57

Hello all,

Hope things are well wherever you are.

The attachments are the latest shots of the house. It's coming along well albeit slowly. I suppose temperature's of 30 C plus don't help! We hope things will be almost complete by the end of June. True to form, friends from Manila have been booking themselves a room already. They say it is to help with the garden but I'm not sure.

The tradition over here is to have a small party when the roof is complete. I asked the engineer in charge of the building if he could recommend someone for the catering side, and I would provide the booze. He immediately said his wife was the best caterer in the area and he would provide 3 Lechon (small pigs) along with rice, local dishes etc. I had to go to Manila for a few days and arrived back the eve of the party. Met the engineer for a few Tanduay and Cokes and asked how things were progressing. Blank looks were my only response!! Arghhhh. Yes..... he had done nothing at all. He assured me he would go to the market at 0430 the next morning to get the meat and his wife would get everything else ready by 1200.

To cut a long story short, he eventually laid on a pretty good spread by about 1300 although with no lechon unfortunately. He had plenty of kebab type things with the skewers pushed into banana tree branches (?) and banana tree leaves as a tablecloth. Looked pretty good and there was plenty to go round.

Thats all for now, got to go and look for the dog, I've not seen him since the party.

Take it easy

Karl and Jing Jing

[Editor's Note: Thanks Karl - the pictures were almost identical - I think you must have been doing the "loco-loco" thing with the underwear on your head too often! I did add one picture to your profile page along with the above text.]


From: David Barton
Subject: Joachim
Date: 05 May 2001 13:50

In reply to Joachim with regards to Colin Richardsons book about Masirah, yes I have recenly read it and it does contain much history of the island and many interesting photographs (one of mine). It does also cover many other areas of the Gulf spanning some 70 years. Lots of photographs and maps - all black and white, no doubt to keep the cost of production down. I enjoyed the book but then I am biased having spent so much time there! I understand that it is quicker to get a copy direct from the author rather than the publishers.

Glad to supply any more info.

Dave Barton.


John Bell down in Australia sent in a nice picture for the Humour page - I didn't think they had lions on the Australian continent!


Scott Innes provided a photograph of the Movements Gang at Ascension Island in 1992. He has a baby due in just under 4 weeks, and so we wish him and the missus the best of luck!


A new article is on the website - "A Swift Genesis" written by Jerry Porter (currently SAMO at Bruggen), which is a tongue-in-cheek history of how UKMAMS was formed. The article was extracted from the book UKMAMS - Moving in Mysterious Ways" which was compiled by Jerry back in 1991.

Jerry was kind enough to allow the OBA to reprint articles from the book, and so over the next few weeks we can look forward to some really entertaining accounts.

I did learn about the origin of the nickname "Muppets" as applied to the members of UKMAMS:

It all started with a group of "Hooray Henry" aircrew, who having had a couple of beers after a particularly hard day picking their noses and speculating on their lack of a chin, turned their attentions to the movers residing with them down route. Amid a great deal of whinnying laughter and adam's apple bobbing they hit upon the hilarious notion that MAMS stood for: Mental Age of Minus Six.

They were, of course, shortly to realise that accusing the Movers of having such a mental age (to an impartial observer), still left them at an intellectual disadvantage. They had also achieved the rare distinction of having invented a joke that no one found in the least bit funny.

After a quick rethink, and with a little prompting, MAMS came to stand for: Movements Answer to the Muppet Show. UKMAMS took the sting out of this slightly improved and more rounded joke by adopting this name as their official nickname, and even used the term "Muppet" as a radio call sign!


Whaty Campbell over at the soon-to-be-closed Bruggen in Germany has sent in a few photographs of Air Movements activities which have been uploaded to the Images page.


Jack Riley, from Hervey Bay in Queensland, Upsidedownland, indicated that he never did figure out how to use his scanner and so has forwarded a package of material to me via snailmail. He goes on to inform me that I will be very busy indeed when I receive it, and I can imagine that there will be some fabulous memories of post-WWII Air Movements included. I look forward to getting it and sharing it with you.


The 3rd in the series of "Potted Histories" by Guy Jefferson has now been put onto the website. Look for RAF Brize Norton on the Articles page.


Bruce Oram, over in Fairford, has sent in some nice photographs (with the aid of John Belcher's Scanner) and they are now appearing on the Images page of the website


Well, that's it for this week.

Have a nice weekend (It's Mother's day on Sunday over here in North America - so don't forget those flowers!)