20 July 2001


Joining us this week are:

Nathan Greenwood from West Yorkshire, UK

Steve Tomlinson from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Welcome to the OBA!

From : Charles Cormack
Subject : New ISP and e mail address
Date : Sat, 14 Jul 2001 18:08:19 +0100

I have finally got my computer back having been out for two weeks and my new address is so I guess you will have to change it on the members list. I lost all my addresses so I am trying to get that sorted at the mo.

[Ed: Thanks Chas - I have changed your address in the system]

From : Pete Ingham
Subject : C17 Video Clip
Date : Sun, 15 Jul 2001 01:04:33 +0100

Hi Tony

I've captured a news report filmed at BZZ about the C17. It's stored on a Lycos Server. The instructions said to copy the details into a web page and when the reader selects it, it will automatically play. Please have a look and if you think the members would be interested, please make use of it on the site.

I'm not in your league as far as web/internet things work so if you could suggest a better way of showing the video, please let me know. The site is getting better every day, many thanks for your hard work, most Movers at the school are on the net and enjoy looking up the OBA.

Cheers Pete

[Ed: Thanks Pete - I did try that code in a test run - far too many advertisements appeared on the page, and it looked tacky. The video was reasonable but not great.]


From : Chris Gunn
Subject : Re: Kip Gunn
Date : Sun, 15 Jul 2001 10:19:18 +0100

Hi Tony,

Sorry about the length of time to reply but busy at work and then on me hols. I live in Leeds, and my phone number is 07980-413592.

I said I have some photos to send of the prop from Belize and other such like but we are moving in the very near future so they are difficult to locate, but I will send them by post when I find them. Could you give me an address to send them to. You never know I might be able to drag some interesting anecdote from the old grey matter to go alongside them.

Cheers Kip Gunn

[Ed: Thanks Kip - your listing has been updated]


From : Dibs Loveridge
Subject : MAMS
Date : Mon, 16 Jul 2001 12:02:40 +0100

Hello Tony,

I was just browsing through the images, particularly 1980-89. The one showing several MAMS warriors in togas caught my eye. The date is given as Feb.14 1984, which to my mind, is perhaps a little early. Perhaps it was a pre-famine MAMS task, or perhaps I have had too much vino (again).

Onto missing names, starting from the left is of course Gus Turney, (Siggy must be losing it if he doesn't remember old Gus,) then Siggy himself, the guy at the front may/may not be Graham "Chis" Chisholm, Martin may be Martin Skelton, I think he and Siggy were on the same team, Brummy, Pig, and I think the last one is Colin Baines. I'm not 100% sure re Chis, Martin and Colin. I went to Ethiopia in early 85 with Gus, I don't recall him being there before, we were on the same team at the time, perhaps the photo is from elsewhere, or perhaps it's my memory!!

Thanks to the OBA and its links to the Bruggen Bash, I got in touch with an old mate, Steve "Bones" Metcalfe, currently languishing at Northolt, had a good long chat with him. Anyone know where "Rip" Kirby is? I also had a long e-mail from Colin Oram who I haven't seen for donkeys years.

That's it for now, regards to all.


[Ed: Thanks Dibs - I have changed the text under the picture. I trust if you're wrong we will soon find out!]


From : Dibs Loveridge
Subject : My Last.
Date : Mon, 16 Jul 2001 12:08:16 +0100

Oops! just realised, Pig Clarke sent the photo, not Siggy, apologies there. And, on further thought, the photo may be dated Feb 85, I left Ethiopia early, with a broken finger and a short notice posting to Ottawa, leaving Gus behind. I seem to recall Pig, Siggy et al coming out for a second tour, Pig bringing his own supplies of baked beans and brown bread!


[Ed: You're forgivven - it was a long time and possibly a few more toga parties ago!]


From : Ian Berry
Date : Wed, 18 Jul 2001 13:43:34 +0100


Another example of how the 'net' is a wonderful thing. Thanks to you printing the e-mail and reply from Dave Howley another reader Geordie Stanger remembered a John Moreland who now works at Geilenkirchen in Germany. I passed the info on to Gordon Gourdie and after 30 years of trying he finally found his old mate. We'd been looking in the opposite direction, Wales, for the last year. Who could have imagined him turning up in Germany. We were even luckier as he retires imminently and is moving to Cyprus. Gordon in turn has passed on the contact to Ross McKerron of the same team and era in Aden

Cheers for now,


[Ed: That's great news Ian. It really is wonderful to be able to contact old friends. Can you check with Geordie Stanger to see if he wants to join the OBA?]


New on the site this week? Well I've been a busy little B and changed the format of a lot of pages:

The Members pages have been reorganized - the lead Members page carries an Application for Membership, and then the actual listings have been split up as well as an easier-to-read (I hope) design. Please check your individual listing for accuracy and if there are any changes to be made kindly let me know.

All of the Profiles have been redesigned. Talking of which, I appear to be missing quite a lot - you know who you are, how about tackling that this weekend?

The "Eagles of Oman" article and photo page have been redesigned.

The "Khormaksar" article has had a major workover, and there are now two photo pages accompanying it.


From : Pete Ingham
Subject : Video clip
Date : Thu, 19 Jul 2001 22:35:59 +0100

Hi Tony

I didn't realize how poor that C17 clip was that I sent you. Lycos have put a copy ( a bit better) on their public showcase, and the addy for it is a lot easier to follow

Your revamped members pages look very swish, watch out or you'll be head hunted!!

Thanks for your hard work,

BFN Pete

[Ed: Thanks Pete - it certainly looks a lot better now. You'll find the video link at the bottom of the "C-17 Magic" article on the website. Once you get on to the Lycos page simply scroll down to the C-17 clip]


Well that's it for this week

Have a great weekend!

Best regards