06 September 2002


New members joining us this week are:

Dave Wilson from Hannover, Germany

Gid Wych from Gibraltar

Graham Moore from Hannover, Germany

Welcome to the OBA!


From:     Ken Knott, Nottingham, UK
Date:      30 Aug 2002 08:12
Subject:  Air Movements Course - Early 1970's

Subject the photo Courtesy of Graham Bayne I can confirm that I'm on the extreme right second row from the back, also this picture to the best of my memory was taken around about April, May 1970 at RAF Abingdon.
I think I still may have a list of names written on the back of my copy of the photo, will look it up and maybe will be able to place a few more names to faces.
Ken Knott

[Ed:  Thanks Ken...  as soon as you can get those names together I'll add them to the photograph]


From:     David S Hulme
Date:      30 Aug 2002 03:02
Subject:  Eagles of Oman article

Having just read the interesting article titled "Eagles of Oman" a matter of correction should be brought to your attention.
My father, an ex-R.A.F pilot flew for the Sultan of Oman's Air Force from 1968 becoming Wing Commander, O.C. S.O.A.F. T.A.C. He retired in 1975. He was particularly involved in the war during that period, (even being shot down by a SAM7 during an air cover operation for the S.A.S.).
My point is, S.O.A.F. did not have Hawker Hunters, in fact the main strike aircraft were BAC 167 Strikemasters. This was actually a bone of contention with my father who tried to persuade the Sultan to buy a squadron of Hunters from the RAF as he considered them an ideal aircraft for the operations required.
I am in possession of his log books and would be pleased to provide any further background which may be of interest.
David S. Hulme

[Ed:  Thanks David - methinks this might start a few good arguments.  When I was in Salalah back in the 60's all the SOAF had there were a couple of Piston Provosts and a Beaver - and I did have a trip in the latter.]


From:     John Holloway, Shrewsbury, UK
Date:      30 Aug 2002 13:50
Subject:  Cosford

Hi Tony
Just a brief one.
I had a spin over to Cosford the other day, it’s only 20 miles from Shrewsbury.  I popped in to have a closer look at the York there.  It is now under cover in one of the main hangars.  There must be hundreds maybe thousands of rivets about 1/8” diameter holding  the thing together; it must have been a mind boggling job on the assembly line when being manufactured new.  The cargo doors are kept wide open showing as Jack said last week how easy it must have been compared to the Hastings to load; low and parallel to the ground.
The Belfast kept outside is looking a little weather beaten but they have got scaffolding around it preparing it for the coming winter.
John Holloway

[Ed:  Thanks John - it's certainly nice to get a first hand report on that York, especially as it's been the topic of many discussions recently.]


From:     Ian Envis, Crowborough, UK
Date:      31 Aug 2002 14:04
Subject:  A Little VC10derness

A touch of nostalgia - you know nostalgia aint what it used to be...
Cheers Ian

[Ed:  Thanks Ian.]


From:     Dave Wilson, Hannover, Germany
Date:      01 Sep 2002 11:47
Subject:  UKMAMS OBA Membership Application

I have tried to apply to join directly from your web page but cant get any joy using the German internet companies so I hope the information below gets through okay !!

From- Dave Wilson

UKMAMS Employment history as follows:

 A Shift (1990-1991)

 Delta Team (1991-1997)

MAMS Training (1997-1998 Mar + 1998 Dec - Jul 2001)

I was UKMAMS Association Distribution Manager (responsible for getting issues of Team Brief to subscribers. with the help of many other Movers) 1997-2001.

I am currently serving in one of the last outposts in BFG ... RAFLO Det Hannover, BFPO 23.

Tel: Germany 0049 (0) 5141 484755

[Ed:  Welcome aboard Dave!]


From:     Ken Davie, Minneapolis MN, USA
Date:      03 Sep 2002 06:12
Subject:  Alan Liptrot's 'Dhow' excerpts, sandals, flame throwers and medals!

Hi, Tony,

I read with great interest the excerpts from the 'Dhow' in Aden that Alan sent in. I was in Aden for 6 days in July of 1966 staging up to Sharjah and straight from England. We were all staying at the 'Red Sea  Hotel'. The door was surrounded by sandbags because of grenade attacks. Each night, a bulletin was placed on the wall in the 'mess'. I remember reading excerpts just like the ones from the 'Dhow'. One in particular stayed in my mind. Three soldiers were getting petrol at a petrol station in Steamer Point, or one of those places. Anyway, there was one on a motorcycle, one on the pillion, and another in a sidecar. Someone walked up and shot them all in the head. This sort of thing was reported every night. I wonder to this day what their families thought about this cold-blooded murder.

In England, I was issued brown sandals, which I thought were to be worn as part of the uniform. I was wearing them walking down the road in Khormaksar, when a WO came out of an office and ripped up one side of me and down the other. Said people were dying, and I was poncing down the street in sandals. Nothing I said mattered, and he sent me back to the Red Sea Hotel, and told me to report back. I had to cadge a lift on an Arab trash truck to get to the hotel, and then walked a lot of the way back until I got a lift from a Land Rover. The driver said I was out of my mind walking around here and was I f------ crazy. When I got back to the office, a sergeant came out and said 'Just go on your way, son, I apologize, but he lost a mate the other day'. He almost lost another person, the sod!

My luck held when I sat by the pool one day and got badly sunburned. I had to go to hospital the next morning as my back was one big blister. There were soldiers in there who had been shot or broken their arms in training, and I'm in with a sunburn. I asked one of the orderlies if he could tell people that I was hit with a flame-thrower!

As for medals, an awful lot of fuss over a little gong according to some of the site business, and I sort of agree with Murdo's point of view. However, I know that it's a very touchy subject to some people.

A couple of years ago, there was an American 4-star General working in Washington DC at the Pentagon. Everybody loved him, he had a large loving family, and was a truly special person. He had medals up the you-know-what. He had never, however, been in a real combat zone where the bullets were flying. Just kept missing them. One day, some bright spark from the newspapers noticed that he was sporting a tiny one-inch combat ribbon among the hundred or so ribbons on his chest. The papers kicked up a huge fuss, and there was a full-scale inquiry. This great soldier got kicked around all over Washington and the US because of a one-inch ribbon. A few days after it all started, he shot himself in the head, leaving behind a huge amount of grieving supporters, family and friends. I leave you to mull over the meaning of that.

Take care...


[Ed:  That's really sad Ken... but as you said those decorations mean a lot to some people]


From:     Colin Oram, London, UK
Date:      04 Sep 2002 10:52
Subject:  A little contribution.

Hi Tony,

I hope that all is well with you and the membership. I'm conscious that I have made few contributions to Old Boys Briefs during my membership so here's a funny to start. I'll get up into the loft at the weekend and sort out some photos for the site

Jack went to a urologist and told him that he was having a problem...he was unable to get his penis erect. After a complete exam, the doctor told Jack that the muscles around the base of his penis were damaged from a prior viral infection and there was nothing he could do for him.

However, the urologist suggested an experimental treatment that might be applicable, if he were willing to take the risk. The treatment consisted of implanting muscle tissue from an elephant's trunk into Jack's penis. Jack thought about it for awhile. The thought of going through life without ever experiencing sex again was just too much for him to bear. So, with the assurance that there would be no cruelty involved or adverse affect on the elephant, Jack decided to go for it.

A few weeks after the operation, Jack was given the green light to use his newly 'renovated' equipment. As a result, he planned a romantic evening with his girlfriend and took her to one of the nicest restaurants in the city. However, in the middle of dinner, he felt a stirring between his legs that continued to the point of being extremely painful. To release the pressure, Jack unzipped his fly and immediately his penis sprung from his pants, went to the top of the table, grabbed a roll, then returned to his pants.

His girlfriend was stunned at first, but then with a sly smile on her face, she said, "Jack, that was incredible. Can you do that again?"

Jack, with his eyes watering, replied "I think I can, but I'm not sure that I can fit another roll up my @rse."


Colin Oram
London Field Officer
020 7896 3981

[Ed:  Heck - don't blame me - I didn't write this stuff!]


From:     Jack Riley, Urangan Qld, Australia
Date:      04 Sep 2002 03:08
Subject:  Dreaming

Dear Young Tony

No Brief this week. Thought you had (a) found a blonde (b) found two blondes (c) gone on holiday (d) won the lottery.  Select one. On second thoughts select all.

Then was relieved/saddened for your sake to discover the weekly chat show on the website so my week went back to normal.

Hope all is well with your world.  My son & daughter-in-law who favour Aspen flew over to Queenstown NZ to ski last week. 5/7 days blizzards !!! That'll larn 'em !!



[Ed:  I wish!  Sometimes, as in your case this week Jack... no matter how hard I try, the mail just doesn't get through - blame it on the black arts...  The newsletter is always on the web site before the actual mailings go out at about 03:00 Zulu every Friday morning... so if the mail doesn't get through you can still read it.]


From:     Dave Cromb, Brisbane Qld., Australia
Date:      04 Sep 2002 17:40
Subject:  Mystery Photo OBB 080902

Hi guys,

Keep up the good work, it must make serious inroads into your leisure time, although I rather suspect you see it as a labour of love!  I will give you a commitment, and I don't do that light-heartedly, to support the OBA with a couple of articles.1st up, back to the subject.

I had the good fortune to be in sunny Masirah with the 3 guys who are being farewelled, tourex from Masirah, circa Dec '72.  I left early Dec '72.  They are Ian Woodward, seated right, "trapper" Keith Jackson, yeah you could say he would win most "debates", on just 'bout anything, seated left, and Charlie Hargreaves, on chair.  Sad to admit can't name anybody else in shot, I'm happy to be enlightened though.

Ian has (I hope) still a few photo's of Masirah, those guys may be in 1 or 2 of them. I do recall that John "legs" I'anson is in several.  Is John still in the Middle East?

Tony, several members have indicated that it is only right & proper that we all should contribute some sheckles towards the cost of running the OBA.  I missed the last opportunity to do so, sorry. What can be done to pass the hat around again?  Approach the Chairman again?  Leave it to you.

Have you any further info' re the Masirah Island Vets Assn?  I'm keen on that.  Maybe I'm wrong but I have a feeling it just  might be one of the few things Ian, the Guru, doesn't qualify for. Well Ian, did u do a tour of duty in the Gulf at all?  I know you "did" El Adem, but that doesn't count as a "hard" tour, I mean there were families there, etc etc!!!  I can hear the howls from here. 

To wrap things up, for now, Ian what about naming the team leader who was left behind in Lajes?  I think you have given those who have something to contribute ample time to do so.  Could be fun.

Tony any further developments re the Russians offer re medals to Merchant seamen?

That's it for now guys, will dig out snaps and forward to you. Yeah,  I finally mastered the scanner!

Cheers to all in the OBA.


[Ed:  Thanks for your support Dave...  I think it's a wee bit too early for another fund raiser though.. perhaps next year?  I have not heard anything further regarding those Russian Medals...]


From:     Ken Dixon
Date:      05 Sep 2002 10:55
Subject:  Masirah

Dear Sir

Some months ago you kindly published a letter of mine while I was attempting to gather names for my database. At that time I called it MIVA. Because of the response I was forced to include all Oman Expats and now we are growing in some considerable size.

Would you be kind enough to inform your site readers of the change. I am keen to attract as many Oman Expats as I can.

The URL of our website is:

I would appreciate your help. As you will note, I have included your site among my links and wish you luck with your endeavours

Kind regards

Ken Dixon

[Ed:  Thanks Ken...   let's hope you get a lot of visitors to your site...  ]


A man was in his front yard mowing grass when his attractive blond female neighbour came out of the house and went straight to the mailbox. She opened it then slammed it shut and stormed back in the house.

A little later she came out and again went to the mail box, opened it and slammed it shut again. Angrily, back into the house she went.

As the man was getting ready to edge the lawn, here she came out again, marched to the mail box, opened it and then slammed it closed harder than ever.

Puzzled by her actions the man asked her, "Is something wrong?"

She replied, "There certainly is! My stupid computer keeps saying, "YOU'VE GOT MAIL.""


Well, that's it for this week

Have a great weekend!

Best regards