07 September 2001


New members joining us this week are:

Dave Yeoman from Hadleigh, UK

Martin Ray from Bristol, UK

Oz Oswald from Carterton, UK

A hearty welcome to all of you!

From:           John Holloway
Subject:       Gatow Hastings
Date:            Sat, 1 Sep 2001 07:57:06 +0100

Hi Tony

Reference Charles Cormack Hastings No at Gatow.

I think it is TG.503 and I recall seeing a photo in Flypast a couple of years ago of it slung under one of those large Russian helicopters being airlifted to the Allieton museum in Berlin


John Holloway

[Ed: Thanks John - How on earth can you remember those numbers?  There again, back in the 50's and 60's train spotting was a big thing for a lot of folk.]

From:               Bob Dixon
Subject:           UKMAMS Association
Date:                Mon, 3 Sep 2001 07:28:05 EDT

Dear Tony

Many thanks for your measured and swift response to Martin's stir!

Whilst many of the original reasons for maintaining a paid Association remain true, and we cannot do the welfare and social arrangements without a dedicated group of Council Members, the march of time has led us to look again at the way we do things.

We have a (revised date) for the next Council Meeting on 7 September and the future is very much at the top of our agenda.

We were tied into the present method of running the Association by the 1992 Constitution under the leadership of Mike Slade and, whilst the Constitution can be amended, the basic objects of the Association cannot be changed or the Association must be legally wound up.  Those objects are, and I quote from para 6 of the Constitution:

a.    To promote the efficiency of the RAF by:

           (1) Maintaining contact between past and present members of UKMAMS,
fostering mutual friendship between them and providing for social gatherings
for them, and

           (2)  Fostering esprit de corps, comradeship and the welfare of those serving
with UKMAMS and preserving its traditions.

b.    For the relief of past and present members and their dependants either generally or individually, such persons being in conditions of need, hardship or distress.

A bit high sounding I admit, but the fundamentals are still valid and need both an income and a means of communication which the Website, on its own, cannot provide.  Sadly, we cannot be over generous with our funds for welfare purposes because we do not have large funds and we are having a lot of  trouble getting people to renew their subscriptions.  Nevertheless, we have done various small things for people in need and have also been active in helping those who have lost their husbands or sons who were past and present members of UKMAMS.  Indeed, our representation at funerals has been particularly appreciated by families.

Not everyone is on the Web, so we have to keep in touch via the Team Brief, which is also our main annual expenditure.  I would like to see more articles about the past and letters in the Team brief as well as the update on current activities on what the Squadron is doing now.

Whilst we have supported the current Squadron in many ways, including underwriting the cost of their Annual Open day, providing money to buy the prizes for the Annual Golf Meet, and offering to fund transport to a "night out at the dogs" etc, the response in terms of membership of the Association from current and recent UKMAMS members has been disappointing, to say the least.

 So we are re-examining how and why we do things and would welcome comment from members and non-members, including via your excellent Website.  My thanks, Tony, for your support and understanding of how we mutually combine to meet differing needs of movers worldwide.  But we are open to ideas and ready for change, so long as we can accommodate the reasons for our initial formation.


 Bob Dixon

Chairman, UKMAMS Association

[Ed:  Thanks Bob.  Please feel free to use any of the letters in the Old Boys Briefs for reprinting in the Team Brief.  There is a huge archive available on the website going back to November of last year.  In addition, any of the articles that appear on the OBA website are available for the Team Brief.


From:                Dave Yeoman
Subject:            Application to join UKMAMS OBA
Date:                 Mon, 3 Sep 2001 15:25:33 EDT

Don't know whether my application will email also but will fill in relevant details below.

David Yeoman, 7 Schoorl Close, Hadleigh, Suffolk.IP7 5SP. 01473 829852.

Served on Movements as a Sgt/Sup2/qeqmovs. Firstly at RAF Lyneham from 1967-1969 on air cargo (Shift Team escapes me) and then at RAF Muharraq Bahrain from 1969-1971 one of the few on an accompanied tour. Was on C Shift of (The Humpy Dumpys). Still got the tankard. Firstly on Cargo and subsequently on the Passenger desk.
Dave Yeoman

[Ed: Thanks Dave - how on earth did you swing an accompanied tour in Muharraq?]


From:           Jack Riley
Subject:       Aircraft Crash in Malaya (083101)
Date:            Tue, 4 Sep 2001 10:29:46 +1000

Morning Tony

Sorry I can't help this time.  At a guess a Twin Pin is more likely.

 I have been giving some thought to an article on "Gan, Maldive Islands - Early Days" with an assortment of pictures. Before I launch forth I thought I would ask you if the topic is likely to be of interest.   What with Goodwill Games, Tri-Nations Rugby, US Open Tennis and such I'm exhausted!



[Ed:  Your article would be most welcome Jack.  There are a couple of web sites out there that are devoted to RAF Gan, but neither of them document the initial bulding of the base. - Looking forward to it.]


From:            Bob Dixon
Subject:        UKMAMS Association
Date:             Tue, 4 Sep 2001 13:18:40 EDT


 Further to my last, below is an extract from the current OC UKMAMS report, full text on the UKMAMS Website:


 19.       The profile and support of the UKMAMS Association has unquestionably improved during the last 10 months.  The springboard of the last year's Meet and Greet and the Dinner Dance on Saturday marked an upturn in the relationship between the Main Squadron and the Association.  In terms of activities the joint venture at the Hangar Bash that saw presentation of cheques to MacMillan Cancer Relief and also to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance again underpinned the selfless work of many here present today.  As importantly, the Association were the very first to ask the Squadron if any assistance was needed after the very sad loss of Simon Conway in a fatal car accident in September last year, a gesture appreciated by UKMAMS, most especially D Shift and his family.  Membership does always give cause for concern but my executives and I have attempted to raise the profile of the excellent work of the Association and highlight how it does underwrite financially and supports the Squadron in a variety of ways.  In a similar vein, it has been pleasing to see current serving personnel to be part of the Association's Committee, a trend that will serve us both equally well in the coming year.

The only down side to this very supportive statement by the OC is that the membership has not grown as he hoped it would!

I have in mind a questionnaire to all MAMS and Movers in general seeking their views on the Association.  Ideally it should have a Web-friendly capability to be filled in and returned by e-mail.  Perhaps you would carry the questionnaire on your site?  I'll let you know if we are going to design a questionnaire after our Council Meeting on Friday.



[Ed:  I would be more than happy to carry the questionnaire on the OBA site - just say the word.]


From:              David Barton
Subject:          Tipping Technique
Date:              Wed, 5 Sep 2001 14:40:51 +0100

Hi Tony,

Am not sure if you are a member of the UKMAMS Association and get the Team Brief, but I was interested to read in the June 2001 edition from the 540 1981 - 20 years ago with reference to a Spec. at Ottawa where a Lynx h/c was loaded into a Herc. using the 'tipping technique' for the first time.

It takes me back to Aug. 25th 1970, Lima, Peru and perhaps you can recall having to offload a Herc. which had either a double or triple linked pallet loaded with a prefabricated school for some earthquake relief. The only handling aid was a small forklift truck. We had no alternative but to drag the pallets out of the aircraft bringing the nose wheel off the ground and breaking the pallets down the best we could. If my memory serves me correct we had at some stage to persuade some of the local labour up onto the flight deck to bring the aircraft back onto the ground. Perhaps you can advise and will then go back and put the records straight or you can do it yourself.

Am just getting to grips with this computer so forgive any snarlups.

Aye, Dave.

[Ed:  Your memory is still good Dave.  I am a member of the Association and saw the article.  I recall the tipping of the Herc in Lima (as related in the Old Boys Briefs 120800).  As an afterthought I was dissapointed that nobody took a photograph of it at the time - but I believe we were concerned that the aircrew would find out, and visions of investigations were uppermost in our minds]


From:           Ian Berry
To:               John Holloway
Date:            Wed, 5 Sep 2001 16:18:46 +0100


The comment about the York being at Gatow certainly sparked a response - the aim of the game?

However, for posterity's sake, most of the York's were retired in the early 50s with the exception of Ascalon II (MW295), which was the sole example of its kind and soldiered on with FEAF as part of the Communications Squadron, RAF Changi, until 1957.

Am now off shift, got rid of my guests and will start corresponding again!



[Ed:  Thanks Ian.  I just received the 20 additional photographs you sent over and will put them on the site during the weekend]


From:           Scott Innes
Subject:        Mystery Photograph Suggestions
Date:            Wed, 05 Sep 2001 09:32:01 +0100

More info on Mystery photo 04 (Unsolved)

The aircraft is a Devon C.2/2 VP960. She flew with the Metropolitan Communications Squadron - Northern C.S - 21 Squadron and the Air Attaché in Saigon and in the 70's went to 5MU at Kemble before getting the chop at the Fire School at Manston in the Mid 80's.

Hope this is all correct.


[Ed: I dunno how you do it Scotty - I doff my cap to you Guv'nor.  She flew from Saigon to Changi where she was stripped down and loaded to the Belfast to be returned to Kemble.  It would have been in the late 60's, but I'm not too sure of the date.   I am gobsmacked that nobody has guessed the current Mystery Photograph - and here I thought it was a "gimme!"]


From:             Jack Riley
Subject:         Gan
Date:              Thu, 6 Sep 2001 15:04:14 +1000

Dear Tony

Having written my party piece on Gan I'm not sure I'm clever enough to send it this way. I'll try but if all else fails there is always snail mail.... Feel free to dump it in the bin won't hurt my feelings



[Ed: Jack - It's a superb piece of history that would otherwise have vanished - and all of those photographs can now be shared with the rest of us - I will get it onto the site on the weekend - Thanks.


New on the site this week?  I have been revamping more of the articles to bring them in line with the new look of the site.  It's a lot of time consuming work - but worth it.  As I mentioned there will be 20 or so more photographs going onto the site this weekend, plus the article about the early days of Gan - and some long overdue humour is also going to be added.


Well - that's it for this week.

Have a great weekend!

Best regards