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25 October 2007


It's been almost 4 years since the last Briefs were sent out - I regrettably had to curtail my involvement with the OBA because of poor health.  Well, we're back now and it would appear that we might have a mission ahead of us.

As some of you are aware, The United Kingdom Mobile Air Movements Squadron no longer exists as such, so it's up to us to carry the flag and, who knows, maybe bring the squadron status back.  Exactly how we are going to achieve this is not certain at this time, but I'm sure that between us we can probably come up with a few courses of action.  Why not?

I'm reminded of  the immortal words by Margaret Mead, "Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has."

I've thought about a motto, or battle cry that we can stick to, "Keeping the Spirit Alive" sounds somewhat defeatist while "Illegitimi Non Carborundum" might sound too much like a tongue in cheek thing - we're open to suggestions.

Right then, it's good to be back in the saddle - let's get on with it...


From: Andrew Kay
Sent: Friday, September 21, 2007 20:48
Subject: RE: UKMAMS Old Boys Association

Hi Tony,

Great news that you are back to good health and I completely envy that fact you are now retired.

Equally great news is the return of the OBA, something I have missed in my inbox every week.

I am now working for a small company with contracts with (among others) the US Marine Corps tactical aviation community. We specialize in human factors training designed to prevent (or at least reduce) human error. I design and develop the online e-Learning courses. The nice thing is that it is less than a ten minute drive from our house, slightly better than the daily round-trip commute of about 3-4 hours I used to have. Although I work on the Marine contract we also have similar online training for the civilian aviation world and have contracts with various airlines and corporate aviation groups.

OK, that's enough personal crap. Welcome back and long good health to you!

best regards,

Andy Kay


From: Kevin Stanger 
Sent: Friday, September 21, 2007 21:43
Subject: RE: UKMAMS Old Boys Association

 Hi Tony,

Glad you have your health back.  I left the RAF in 2005 at Goose Bay now reside in Calgary Alberta and work as the Safety Officer at the Calgary Stampede.  My revised email is


Regards Geordie


From: Ben Loveridge 
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2007 00:27
Subject: Re: UKMAMS Old Boys Association


Very glad to hear you are still with us. Hopefully, you will get the OBA briefs up and running again, sorry I could not contribute more.

The Gatineau region is beautiful, I did a couple of years at the RAF Mov Unit at Ottawa, spent some time up in those hills, too many sterile lakes from acid rain as I recall. However, down to business...I always thought a weekly newsletter was too much, not enough contributors, myself included.

As I get older, 47 is the next stop, I hanker back more and more to my (UK)MAMS days. I am still a serving Police officer. In my RAF days, we made mistakes, learned from them, and, by and large, never repeated them. These days, not only do we repeat them, we compound them! Six years to retirement, yahoo!.

This November, I am making a trip down to Lyneham for a Sgts Mess top table bash, to dine out some old mates, very much looking forward to it.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Rick "Dibs" Loveridge.


From: Gordon Gourdie 
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2007 04:50
Subject: RE: UKMAMS Old Boys Association

Hi Tony,

Great to hear from you and to learn that you are back to good health. Also good that you intend to get the OBA up and running again.

We learned recently that Fred Kitts passed away about three years ago. I believe Ian Berry has more details. There are one or two others but Ian will bring you up to date. He is still on holiday in Florida at the moment but should be back in a few days. I know that he will be delighted to hear from you.

With just over 8 weeks to retirement it is good to know that I will be able to spend some time on the computer catching up on news of old friends. Thank




From: Peter Brown 
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2007 05:16
Subject: RE: UKMAMS Old Boys Association

Thanks for the email Tony. I am pleased to hear that your are in better health and prepared to pick up the “baton” again.

Thanks to Jack Riley and Jim Aitken, there are a bunch of about eight of us who keep in contact. I use this email address for all RAF contacts and would prefer it if you use the same address, which is


Peter Brown


From: Jack Dunlop 
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2007 07:41
Subject: Re: UKMAMS Old Boys Association


Great news! Sorry you have been sick, been down that road. I really missed your website and if you have to incur a small fee I am sure most of the guys won't mind.

Jack (Jock) Dunlop


From: Chris Clarke 
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2007 08:05
Subject: RE: UKMAMS Old Boys Association

Go for it Tony!

I’m not on the RAFMovs site that often as it’s more a ‘serving members ‘ site. Getting the OBA back would be fun!

Gantineau? Apparently they have good strip clubs!

I’m still doing the cop thing, I’m a Sgt now, had to get 3 stripes sometime in my life!

Keep me in the loop!

Chris J Clarke


From: Scott Innes 
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2007 12:13
Subject: RE: UKMAMS Old Boys Association

Hi Tony

Glad to hear you're doing well. Count me in - same details as previously...but a few pounds heavier - damn that chocolate!

Should be popping across to Vancouver - Calgary - Rockies next year with the family for a couple of weeks.

Missed the OBA stuff too.

Best wishes



From: Merfyn Phillips 
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2007 13:15
Subject: Re: UKMAMS Old Boys Association


You are looking well in your photo , I hope that you stay that way.

On the weekend of 7th, 8th and 9th I attended The RAF Boy Entrant Association reunion at Telford. I met two other 51st entry boys I had not seen since pass out July 1965

I am looking forward to the return of the UKMAMS Old Boys Site, I have missed it as well


Merfyn Phillips


From: David Wilson 
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2007 13:24
Subject: Re: UKMAMS Old Boys Association


Glad to hear that you are fully recovered ...

This is a good email address for me - I am not sure where I was last time I visited the website - I returned from a 3 year posting at RAFLO Det Hannover in July 2004, went to UKMAMS (on promotion to Sgt) at Lyneham - did 2 years on UKMAMS Mobile (including 3 x 1 month Dets at Baghdad, 6 weeks in Basrah, a task to Bandah Ache .. and 4 month Det to Mazar-E-Sharrif - Northern Afghanistan...amongst others ..) ... I was posted to Marham in August 2006 ... and that is where I am at present ...

Dave Wilson


From: Ian Berry 
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2007 13:34
Subject: RE: UKMAMS Old Boys Association

Hi Tony and welcome back!

I will send in detail later but hope you included Dave Cromb on your missive - he's missed the OBA like hell!

I've quite a list of e-mails of ex-members if you get stuck.

i will have to scratch my head about those who have left the Final departure Lounge but Fred Kitts and Derek Coles come immediately to mind.

Any questions or help please ask.

Best regards,


p.s. now a civvie for the last 4 years and work for a living. I also moonlight as a Voluntary caseworker for SSAFA, have a look at


From: Tony Saw 
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2007 14:52
Subject: RE: UKMAMS Old Boys Association

Hi Tony

See yer alright then, I did my full wack in the mob and was medically discharged in Oct 03, with a knackered back and arthritis in both knees. Sort of a home husband now you know do the hoover and washing, walk the dogs and play with my computer that's about it.

Tony Saw


From: Peter Chappell 
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2007 15:54
Subject: RE: UKMAMS Old Boys Association

Hi Tony,

Glad to hear you are ok, and that you are resurrecting the OBA.

I am still earning a crust covering the operations for a Met research aircraft (Bae 146 G-LUXE). We will be passing through Canada in Feb next year on our way to Fairbanks, but will be staging through St.Johns/Toronto and Edmonton, so no where near you.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Best Regards
Peter Chappell


From: David Cromb 
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2007 18:31
Subject: Re: UKMAMS Old Boys Association

My dear friend Tony,

What a wonderful surprise to hear from you again. Indeed, it has been a while. I tried several avenues to try to ascertain what and where you had gone, all to no avail.

I will keep this mail as it is intended but will revert later with some goz, if you are interested. Suffice it to say for now, all is well with us and life is good.

Not being aware just what info you may still have on myself, or others for that matter, if you need anything at all you only have to ask my friend.

Again, brilliant to hear from you Tony ,take care, and plse keep in touch.

Your friend always,


From: Steve Maunder 
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2007 20:56
Subject: Re: UKMAMS Old Boys Association

Hi Tony,

Good to hear from you after such a long time! Glad to hear you are in good health and enjoying retirement!

I look forward to seeing the new site up and running again. I'm sure you've seen the site which is very successful with serving movers as well as us old 'uns!

Best wishes



From: Murdo Macleod
Sent: Sunday, September 23, 2007 05:22
Subject: Re: UKMAMS Old Boys Association

Good on you Tony I certainly have missed the OBA and the one run by MAMS doesn't seem as good so add me to your list please and I look forward to hearing from you again.

Since our last communication I have become a bus driver no puns please and at the moment it seems ok. It will keep me going till I clear my mortgage then I'll put my feet up.


Murdo Macleod


From: Jimmie Durkin 
Sent: Sunday, September 23, 2007 05:37
Subject: Re: UKMAMS Old Boys Association

Hello again Tony,

Nice to hear and see you again. I hope you are now 'fighting fit and fit to fight' as they were saying to us about 25 plus years ago! I'm pleased to say you found me at my e-mail address. Not exactly fit enough to fight but doing fine.

If you know Stafford, my street overlooks the back of what was 16 MU which has now been civilianised and taken over by the MoD logistics, The depot stocks are slowly being moved to other MoD depots and this is expected to be complete by Christmas 2007. We shall see?

All RAF personnel excepting the TSW element have left and a new army regiment, 22 Signals Regiment (Gurkha), is moving in slowly. They forecast completion by end January 2008. There are a few here now plus a few British army people with their families also some Ghurka families in MQ's.

Well Tony that's about it. I look forward to the new website but take it easy. Get some benefit from retirement and enjoy yourself.

Best Wishes, see you,



From: Mr Radcliffe 
Sent: Sunday, September 23, 2007 07:55
Subject: Re: UKMAMS Old Boys Association


Delighted to hear you are well and once again enjoying life and as a newly retired person, happily removed to Gatineau. Marie and I keep well here in the Isle of Man and like all retired people need an extra day in the week. We seem to have no problem having people fill our week for us.

As you are probably aware the UKMAMS as we knew it no longer exists, I suppose with a contracting service the hierarchy have brought all things under the same umbrella in the Air Movement world. This of course makes your restart of the OBA all the more important as the numbers of UKMAMS personnel by natural selection begins to grow less. The Lyneham contingent continued the fine record of service begun at Abingdon under Gurney Slade and indeed has worked hard to keep the OB organisation together and well informed. Whether the new set up will have the time to carry things on will be of interest to all of us.

In November I will be off to the Movements Officers reunion at the RAF Club and will expect to hear your name mentioned. Keyworth and I continue to meet regularly and Alan Walker recently returned from the sandy country made an appearance last year. I will let you know in due course who is still about and able to take the odd pint. In the meantime carry on getting things up and running I am sure there will be support for the endeavour. Sincere regards to you and your family.

Cheers, aye,

Norrie Radcliffe.


From: Ian Stacey
Sent: Sunday, September 23, 2007 12:05
Subject: Re: UKMAMS Old Boys Association

Hello Tony,

I am glad to hear that you are in the land of the living and in good health!!

I am still here, just outside Chicago, took early retirement about five years ago and my wife, Wendy, and I are running our antiques business (Redcoat Antiques) on a fairly full time basis. We only do shows but get all over the country doing about 25 - 28 shows a year. I don't know about you but I get stir crazy if I do not have something to do!

Anyway, I look forward to the return of the website.

Best Regards


P.S. A suggestion for what its worth - you might want to keep the briefs down to one a month instead of weekly - that way there is less regular time pressure on you with more control on the content and the bulletins would be more meaty!! - anyway, just a suggestion.

Ian Stacey (RAF retired - one time Team Leader Delta Team UKMAMS - and still proud of it)


[The following is reprinted from the official UKMAMS Association website - with permission]


Thoughts from the Chairman about the future of the Association

The UKMAMS Association has had a good run for its money.  Although it has been bigger, the current membership of just over 400 has been stable for the last few years.  The Team Brief has flourished and has been able to overcome not only economic pressures, but also the constraints of time available to the very busy editor, Mick Cocker.  I still do not know how Mick has found the time to produce the Team Brief in between detachments and deployments and I salute him for doing a superb job.  I must add my thanks for the support from Ian Berry (former Editor of course) in his eagerly anticipated ‘from the 540’ and to the support given by Corporal Andy Jones in the distribution of our magazine.  I will return to Team Brief later.

Beavering away quietly, John Belcher has kept the website alive and updated it with short announcements as well as excerpts from other Movements publications.  Sam Heaphy has kept his eye on the welfare of all Movers, not just those in the Association, and kept us informed on their progress.  After an amazingly long run as Treasurer and then Membership Secretary as well, Colin Allen has moved onto the backbenches where he continues to support all aspects of the Association - assisted by his fellow backbenchers, Keith Smith and Chas Cormack.  Chas is standing down from the Council at the AGM.  We all very much appreciate the work that Warrant Officer Steve Beaumont is doing, having taken the Treasurer and Membership duties from Colin.

So far, so good?  So what is the bad news?

If you look at your Council they have all been there too long and they mainly represent the ‘dead’ (ie former UKMAMS and now ex-service personnel!) leaving only Steve and Mick as part of the ‘living’ (ie still serving in the RAF!)  Despite our efforts there have been no takers to come forward and assist in the running of the Association.  The serving members of 1 AMW are not joining the UKMAMS Association and very few joined from UKMAMS over the past 6 years.  The opening of membership to all Movers had virtually no response.  Some will argue that we should have changed the name to the ‘Movements Association’ especially since UKMAMS is no more.   However, at the time of opening up the membership the current Association members voted strongly to retain the old title and there was no indication that volunteer Council members from across the Trade would be forthcoming to organise the wider membership.

Let me return to the Team Brief.  To be effective it depends upon the Editor being a serving member of UKMAMS, now 1 AMW.  Mick Cocker will produce his last Team Brief at the end of this year apart from a ‘special’ being discussed in Council (and they would kill me if I said any more!)  The prospects of finding an Editor to replace him look bleak.  We need a SNCO who wants to do the job, not for the glory of a demanding secondary duty (for which it certainly qualifies) but also because he is committed to the Association itself.  The job needs a belief in the Trade, Squadron (and Wing) ethos.  Losing our Editor is not the only challenge: the generous and much appreciated support from Jim Gallagher in providing free distribution of the Team Brief has, after a long run, had to come to a close.  That means that we will have to find between £450 and £800 a year to pay postage on the magazine that currently costs us about £500 an issue to have printed.   Do we raise the Membership fees to pay for it?

How could we communicate effectively without a Team Brief?  How will new members be recruited when, in a few years time, they may not know what MAMS was?  I am involved in several veterans’ organisations, from 624 Squadron to the Typhoon veterans and the RAF ex-POW Association to name but a few.  Only in late May I was helping with a reunion of veterans who were being joined by French friends at the Army Air Corps Museum at Middle Wallop – a day that was attended by the current C-in-C Air Command and finished with a  modern 3 (F) Sqn Typhoon display.  It is therefore sad to reflect that the UKMAMS Association is comparatively dormant and, with the lack of enthusiastic support that other Associations get from their members, committees and connections with the Regulars, the UKMAMS Association has – in my opinion – not long to go before a 40-year continuous tradition of Service, recently thrown away by the RAF, is no longer sustainable by the ‘old comrades’ of that Association.

I do not want to have the duty of winding up a connection that has had my unswerving support for many more years than my appointment as Chairman.  The current serving ‘Movers’ need support and encouragement as never before in their history as they face tremendous challenges of too frequent overseas service, exhausting work patterns on deployment and overstretch in all departments.  Low experience levels and high physical and mental demands upon the Trade have made life especially difficult for them at present.  An all-too-small number of Movements Officers struggle to meet the operational task, train and look after their personnel.  Whilst my views on some aspects of the modern RAF probably deserve censorship, the one area that is not contentious is my view that the people within the ‘Movements World’ are a tremendous asset to the RAF and doing amazing jobs - despite the odds stacked against them.  They need our encouragement and we should try and find ways of letting them know they have our support.  Perhaps a way of doing so would be to sustain the UKMAMS Association and make a positive contribution to enable it to continue?  Are you up for it?  Will you respond to this challenge?   ........ or are you going to see it all fade away?

Please take a few moments to consider the short and long term future of your Association in the next few weeks.  Remember that the greater dangers often come from ‘benign neglect’ than a frontal attack and that inaction leads to stagnation and decay. 

Very best wishes to you all

Bob Dixon


From: Tony Gale 
Sent: 11 October 2007 12:34
Subject: The End of an Era?

 Dear Bob,

 I read your announcement on the UKMAMS Association website indicating the possible demise of the Association – it appeared very disquieting and I sense a lot of frustration and anguish. 

 There is a phoenix on the horizon in the form of the OBA (renamed to the Old Bods Association in order to accommodate the anticipated female contingent).  

 I am planning to re-launch the OBA website on 31 October – most appropriate for Hallowe’en or Samhain, since by your account, I, along with my peers, am no longer at room temperature - Boo!

 All jesting aside, please feel free to utilize my humble organization as a resource for contingency planning.


Tony Gale


From: Bob Dixon 
Sent: Sunday, October 14, 2007 09:14
Subject: RE: The End of an Era?

Hi Tony

Congratulations on your intention to re-float the OBA site at the end of the month. I wish you well with it and I am sure that many Movers, especially those in dusty places, will welcome it.

My notes of warning in the Team Brief were sent to try and battle the mantle of apathy that threatens the future of the UKMAMS Association. Hopefully a few will come forward and help us for the future. We have a big ‘shindig’ now being planned for September 2008 and the turn out for the AGM and AMW families day in early June was better than expected. Those who came were supportive for the future.

We could, however, still be in some difficulties if the Squadron – now renamed 1 AMW as you will know - does not provide strong links and input to our Team Brief magazine. From a few months time, our Editor leave the RAF and we have nobody on the Wing volunteering to take on the job; without a regular input from the Wing the Team Brief will lack current operational news that is of interest to those who have left.

I make no secret of the fact that I believe that the RAF unnecessarily threw away 40 continuous years of tradition when they changed from UKMAMS to AMW and the latter was organised on unsustainable lines which will make it vulnerable to change in the future. Current refusals of promotions to Flight Sergeant by SNCOs not wanting to join AMW and the general PVR rate in the Movements Trade all give cause for concern but, increasingly, there are also less officers in higher authority who understand the needs of a Mover and are willing to do something about it. It would be a terrible shame if the current creeping civilianisation of Movements posts at home and abroad continues to erode the Trade and leads to further losses of ‘blue suits’ in the coming years.

The battle is not just for UKMAMS; it is for the future wellbeing and viability of the whole Movements Trade.

I think it is important that we ensure that our publicity shows that your website and our Association (which is open to all Movers but is nearly all ex-MAMS) are working together to be a voice and support for the whole Movements Trade, albeit using a name in our case that is recognised for excellence over 40 years and is commemorated by a Welsh slate badge in the floor of the RAF Church of St Clement Danes as well as in the memories of many serving and retired Movers.

As always with many organisations, a minimum of money needs to be found to maintain and sustain them. I recently had a boost when a member of the Association volunteered to give us an annual sum to pay postage for the Team Brief which, until recently, had been posted out free of charge by another stalwart in Birmingham. The £1000 pledged for this and future years, plus continued membership payments, should keep us going for the next few years. How are you funding the expenses you will undoubtedly incur to pay the costs of the website? Do you need support? Once you are ‘up and running’ I may be able to help with a modest sum if you need it.

Stay in touch.



R Dixon

Gp Capt (Retd)


United kingdom Mobile Air Movements Squadron Association


4624 (County of Oxford) Movements Squadron Old Comrades Association


From: Tony Gale
Sent: 18 October 2007 15:03
To: 'Bob Dixon'
Subject: RE: The End of an Era?

Hi Bob,

Many thanks for your thoughtful reply.

I totally agree with you regarding working together – rather than being in competition, I had always thought that we complemented each other.

Regarding monetary support for the OBA – it’s always been a major consideration – I really didn’t want to restrict the potential membership by putting up barriers (member's fee), but from 1999 to 2003 on average I was paying several hundred dollars a month for the bandwidth download fees. I will be placing a link to PayPal on the Home page suggesting voluntary donations to help with the operating costs – that way there's no pressure and it would probably work for everyone.

There’s an Old Bods Brief newsletter in the works to coincide with the launch of the site – would you have any objections to my publishing both your announcement from the Association website and our recent exchange of e-mails concerning same?

Best regards



From: Bob Dixon
Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2007 12:18
Subject: RE: The End of an Era?

Hi Tony

Please go ahead and publish.

There could be a spluttering from the AMW when they see what I have said but it comes as absolutely no surprise to them because I stood in the other camp, more or less alone, when “Mad dog” Maddox first came up with the AMW proposal and demanded loyalty to him be shown by supporting the project because he was convinced it was the ‘way ahead’. I don’t want to be misunderstood here: I think that “Mad dog” has done many good things for the Movers in his time and his unflinching enthusiasm should rightly be admired. However, the lack of deep staff work to study the implications of his proposal led its adoption; the whole Trade will have to take the ‘sick and unavailable’ burden if AMW is to sustain its planned, punishing schedule of rotation of personnel and provide all DWE deployment personnel and Exchange posts from its ranks. Already the AMW has challenges in filling posts and completing some tasks and the leave and rest times for some personnel have inevitably had to be eroded. It is also understandable that some SNCOs are reluctant to be posted to AMW when they must adopt the ‘AMW lifestyle’ at a time when their family commitments are growing.

It was made clear at the time and for some time afterwards, that criticism of the AMW organisation would be most unwelcome because it could ‘affect the morale of those who served in it, especially the younger personnel’. Although a seductive argument, I reject such an approach as being one of using perceived threats to morale as a means of trying to avoid or deflect criticism. Morale is the responsibility of those who command the men and women who serve; including all ranks of NCOs and Officers. It is also the responsibility of those who direct the tasking of the Wing to recognise the needs of the personnel and support the requirements to sustain it, or they will have no Wing to deploy in support of the RAF. Moreover, they will have forfeited their authority by neglecting the morale of the many hard hit, hard working support elements in the RAF that keep the RAF flying.

Movers morale could have been enhanced, for example, by continuing to press for the award of a Standard which the Queen has previously only given to flying squadrons, and later Regiment squadrons who have served for a minimum of 25 years. However, getting the honour extended to other Squadrons has been under more active consideration, particularly in recent years, and steady progress was being made in that direction. Getting it awarded to a Wing is another mountain to climb as Standards have always gone to Squadrons, not Wings. UKMAMS was a Squadron with a 40 year heritage and its Unit badge was authorised by the Sovereign; AMW has no such claim to make (at least for another 24 years!) If 4624 Movements Squadron RAuxAF were to get their Standard after 25 years of service they would deserve it, having been mobilised for the 1st Gulf War and almost continuously since 1998. Nevertheless, what would that do for the regular former UKMAMS personnel? This is another example of the hurried thinking and the lure of the attractiveness of a mighty ‘Wing’ in the title rather than holding on to a great Squadron tradition and modifying the Squadron to meet new challenges. Indeed, I recall being offered Wing status at Lyneham when I commanded UKMAMS myself some 27 years ago – a suggestion I firmly rejected at the time with the full understanding of MOD Movements staff and my AOC!

Times are not getting easier for the Movements Trade but there are still many former Movers who are keen to sustain the morale of those serving and support those who have done their bit. In so doing, we will not always be popular, but since when has popularity been the way to win a war?




From: David Cromb
Sent: Sunday, October 14, 2007 16:14
Subject: Re: The Association.....

G'day Tony,

Thks for update mate. Exciting times init, great. With the demise of UKMAMS as we knew it I think interest in the Assn is waning, but no one is saying it out loud. Your resurrection of the site will give an enormous boost to some morals. Despite numerous questions being asked about various goings on there has been very little feedback. It must be said tho' that the dedicated few on the committee have done well. I believe Mick Cocker, the editor is upping stumps at the end of the year.

What of yourself my friend, how are you finding retirement? I have heard it said by many that being in retirement is busier than going to work. I can believe that. Only recently I had to have a chat n a beer with myself because I simply had too much on my plate for my own good, I was constantly playing catch up on just about everything.

Organised chaos here, as per usual on Mondays, on most daze really I suppose, you know how the transport business can be. I saddle up early every day, about 0430--0500 ish, and try to hose down about 1100, generally it goes well and I am happy with how things have gone, and hopefully will continue. I have total control of my inner self, and most importantly , my destiny, If I don’t feel like doing it, I simply don’t , end of story. Shut up Crombie!!

Will keep in touch my friend, if you need a hand simply ask ok. Take care mate.



From: Charles Collier 
Sent: Sunday, September 23, 2007 12:53
Subject: Re: UKMAMS Old Boys Association

 Hello Tony.

 Glad that you have recovered from whatever you were saddled with but thank heavens it's finished. I was in the 90th Entry of the RAF Apprentices and we have a newsletter now published by our secretary so a lot of the stories I sent you in the past are now in his newsletter!

 Anyway, I look forward to your next attempt

 Kind regards



From: Reg Tudor
Sent: Sunday, September 23, 2007 14:26
Subject: RE: UKMAMS Old Boys Association

Hi Tony,

It has been a few years and I am so pleased to hear that you have overcome your problems health wise. Things have been awful here in that I lost my grandson age 4 who died in his sleep while we were in New Jersey on holiday. I have a disability now in that my L-5 disc is bulging which gives me severe pain and I can only walk a few yards before I have to rest. I will be treated soon. I normally spend a while at my house in Barbados and some here in England. I have been retired for four years now and putting the weight on

Tony I have lost track of a friend called Dave Mcclean who served with me at Lyneham, Last I heard from Dick Webb was he married a German girl and resided there, if anyone knows of his address perhaps this can be forwarded to myself.

Please keep in touch.


Reg Tudor


From: Andrew Cookson 
Sent: Sunday, September 23, 2007 14:30
Subject: RE: UKMAMS Old Boys Association


Thanks for the email.

You can use this email address for me. I've had it a long time so I might as well carry on using it.

I am about leave the RAF after 23 years in Feb 08 and have started my resettlement leave etc, so I will contact you when I have finally settled down.

Do keep in touch.

Jai Cookson

Mike / November Team 1991 - 1996


From: Peter Simpson 
Sent: Sunday, September 23, 2007 15:28
To: Tony Gale
Subject: RE: UKMAMS Old Boys Association

Hi Tony!

Good to see you are back and well again.

Just to let you know I would be interested in the reformation, and my email is as you see here.

I'm still working in Direct Sales, and live with my wife Pat in Devon.

Will talk more at some future opportunity

Best Regards

Pete Simpson

From: Martin Liggett
Sent: Monday, September 24, 2007 14:35
Subject: OBA

Hi Tony

Glad to hear that you are still well and looking forward to reading up on the OBA again.

Seen a lot of movers recently as we have been operating the DC8 on behalf of the RAF from Brize to Basra for the past couple of years.

Rgds Martin


From: Peter Underwood 
Sent: Monday, September 24, 2007 15:22
Subject: Re: UKMAMS Old Boys Association


Glad to hear from you! and to hear that you are well.  I am certainly interested in being a member. Let me know what the dues will be. Hope you have enough replies to justify a fresh start.

You might be interested to know that while in the UK in January, I was able to meet with Derek Clayton, retired F.Sgt ex MAMS (Abingdon 1964-6) and Mike Green, ex Flg.Off MAMS (Abingdon 1965-67).

Hoping to hear from you again in the near future.



From: Ken Davie 
Sent: Monday, September 24, 2007 16:39
Subject: Welcome home!

Tony! You're back!

When everything went pear shaped I really feared for you. I'm so delighted that you have reappeared and want to start the site again. I miss it! You look very prosperous and healthy.

We had a player at the Sands Casino in Atlantic City years ago. His name was Claude Berard and he was from Gatineau. He used to come in with an entourage including the then-Mayor of Gatineau and a crazy restaurant owner. His name was Danny but I can't remember his last name. This was around 1991-92. They were a wild and crazy bunch and we had a lot of fun with them. Claude was quite wealthy and a huge player. They brought their wives and girlfriends with them and they came to party!

I'm now at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut as VP of Table Games. We built a house near a lovely little town called Mystic, right on the Long Island Sound. Good living. My daughter Alix is a senior at college. She goes to Smith in Northampton Massachusetts, about 100 miles from here.

Anyhow it's great to hear from you. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance in setting up the website again. It really is good to see you back my friend. All the very best,


From: David Powell 
Sent: Monday, September 24, 2007 17:12
Subject: UKMAMS Old Boys Association

Hi Tony

Delighted to pick up on your e-mail.

Count me in!

Latest news - I now appear to morphed into a university lecturer, albeit part time, at the local Uni Business School. Great fun, keeps the grey cells going and working with young people.

Also on the Reiki front have recently completed my 3rd stage - Reiki Master.

Best wishes



From: Chris Kirby 
Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2007 07:57
Subject: Re: UKMAMS Old Boys Association

Hi Tony.....

Absolutely splendid to hear from you, and that you are in better health, plus the good news about re-launching the OBA.

I would be delighted to participate, and can put together a wee brief about what's new in my world if you like.

My normal e mail address is now

Best regards,

Rip Kirby


From: Nigel Clewley 
Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2007 08:03
Subject: RE: UKMAMS Old Boys Association


Glad to see you are back to full health again, and settled in the best place to be in Canada.

Yes I have also missed the OBA's and all, would be lovely to have that all back again under your guidance.

I'm still working in the Gulf with DynCorp Int'l in Muscat Oman, Snail mail address is, C/O DynCorp Int, P.O.Box 634, Al Khuwair, PC 133, Sultanate of Oman.

I know there are a few OB's down in Thumrait that will also be responding I trust.

Hope to hear more in the near future from you


From: Roger Blow 
Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2007 08:47
Subject: Re: UKMAMS Old Boys Association

Hi Tony,

Great news to hear you're starting up the old UKMAMS site again. I look forward to hearing from and about old friends again.

Retired eh! Lucky man. I have a few years to go yet to be able to afford to retire having put 2 kids through college although I think I may be a little older (63) than you. Enjoy it my friend!

All the best



From: Paul Weir 
Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2007 04:28
Subject: Re: UKMAMS Old Boys Association

Hi Tony,

How are you these days?

Myself and Di run our own business now. I make traditional English willow baskets and Di makes garden wigwams and hand twisted willow. She also does all the admin and market research. It was a hobby I took up about 6 years before I retired from the RAF and then I started the business. It has been very successful, plenty of hard work for both of us but we have never been shy of that.

I am the chief basket maker and I make baskets to commission, especially for kitchen companies, television, vintage car associations etc. Also private commissions for any type of bespoke baskets i.e. coffins, hanging baskets, large ottomans etc etc. We also exhibit at shows at Sandringham, Blenheim Palace, Broadlands and Wrest Park, but I am winding down on exhibitions now as I am getting enough work as it is

Anyway must go, got some baskets to make.

Take care

Paul (Stretch) Weir


From: John Tudor
Sent: Monday, October 01, 2007 04:58
Subject: OBA

Hi Tony,

Nice to hear you are back to health and enjoying your retirement. Great idea to start the OBA again, I have missed hearing and seeing what people are up to. Gordon Woods has not been too well recently and is undergoing tests.

Look forward to hearing from you,


From: Roger Whittington 
Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2007 05:40
Subject: Re: UKMAMS Old Boys Association

Dear Tony,

Nice to see you back to full fitness again and thanks for all the sterling work you have done so far. I am delighted that you are set to reform the OBA in all its glory and I would be happy to make a donation towards its running costs if you need it.

On y va!



From: David Stephens 
Sent: Saturday, October 06, 2007 13:58
Subject: RE: UKMAMS Old Boys Association

Well well well Tony

So good to hear from you. I have been in Uganda with the Red Cross since 22 Sep hence the delay replying. I am here till 22 October and then I return to the UK.

I was with UK MAMS from 1963-66 when first Gordon Spiers was OC and then Sqn Ldr Jacobs - Jack Hobbs to his friend I believe. Gordon died a few years back of course.

Keep well and good luck

David Stevens


From: Dave Yeoman. 
Sent: Sunday, October 07, 2007 15:54
Subject: Re: UKMAMS Old Boys Association

Hi Tony,

It's great to read that you are now restarting the UKMAMS OBA again. Although I am an ex-mover did not have the opportunity to work on Mobile MAMS though I did spend some 5 years on Air Movements in the UK and in the Gulf. I was an 'Honorary Member' of the Association and enjoyed reading the news from you. Even knew a number of the members mentioned. I would like to continue if that is okay, bit long in the tooth now but I still keep in touch with some of the lads. Please add me to the list.

My details are as follows : Dave Yeoman ex Sgt Sup2QEQMovA 4172770, in Movements at RAF Lyneham Wilts from late 1966 to mid 69 then at RAF Muharraq Bahrain from Mid 1969 until July 71 on C Shift Cargo and Pax. Now living in Suffolk


Dave Yeoman

From: Mark Stephenson 
Sent: Monday, October 08, 2007 12:57
Subject: RE: UKMAMS Old Boys Association


Greetings from New Brunswick.

Currently working for Exxon Mobil in Saint John New Brunswick as a supervisor for the Chemical Customer Service (these days my movs experience is applied to working with product shipped around the US in railcars & trucks). I emigrated here to Moncton NB in 1991 after leaving HQ 1 Group in Upavon as a loggie. Served 4 years on UKMAMS as a team leader during 1985-1989


Mark Stephenson


From: Peter Clayton 
Sent: Tuesday, October 09, 2007 06:47
Subject: Re: UKMAMS OBA Website Address


Still working for Thames Water in the customer centre dealing with corporate accounts. In my spare time go cycling most weekends with the odd 100-miler thrown in to keep the knees going. Also do offshore sailing, in the process of raising funds to buy a new club boat after the new owners of Thames sold our previous Halberg Rassy, how mean can you get.

Keep up the good work and looking forward to the new website and brief.

Peter Clayton


From: John R McGrath
Sent: Tuesday, October 09, 2007 15:02
Subject: Old Bods Association

Welcome back Tony

I hope the new OBA takes off. If I can I will try to correspond on a regular basis but I think most people don't like to hear about life as a prison officer.  However I have plenty of old photos from my time in the trade.

Good luck with the new web site.


John R McGrath (AKA -A Reg)

From: Derek Clayton 
Sent: Friday, October 12, 2007 05:28
Subject: UK MAMS

Hello Tony,

I am responding to an Email you sent to Mike Green re the setting up of an OBA for UK MAMS.

I served as a Sgt with UK MAMS at RAF Abingdon from 1963-66 with Mike Green, Pat Shrimpton, Peter Underwood and Gordon Jacob.

I have lots of memories and would like to correspond.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Regards. Derek Clayton


Here's a couple of firsts....  First female member, Jayne King - and first member from the People's Republic of China, Don Hunter - who would have thunk!


From: Mike Rowan 
Sent: Sunday, October 14, 2007 09:34
Subject: Re: Info Requested

Hi Tony,

Thanks for your mail, I really must get round to renewing my subscription...... I think I'm a bit out of date.

To be honest I can't remember which team I was on, Neil Mackey was the boss and Speedy Sloane the Flt Sgt. Although I was at Lyneham for about 6 years I was only on MAMS a comparatively short time early 86 - late 87, I got promoted out before I was ready to go..... such is life.

I am still living in Swindon, currently working as Chief Loadmaster on DC10 F's, I've managed to get quite a few ex movers working for me, Hugh Curran, Steve Biggs, Ian (Wigan) Johnson, Deano Dawson, Paul (Sandy) Sanderson, Phil Vicary and another couple of guys who only did a short time as movers - Steve Lewis and Kieth Nibblett.

We are expanding fairly quickly so I'm always on the look out for good guys.

Good luck with the OBA website I'll have a look at it in the future.


Mike Rowan

From: Norman W.Munslow
Sent: Friday, October 19, 2007 08:43
Subject: re MAMS


I was informed by Joe Colbert of the re-launch of MAMS OBA, as an ex member of air movements ( 1959-63 - Lyneham - Nicosia - El Adem - Lyneham ) I'd be interested in receiving details from you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Norman W.Munslow.


From: Steve Tomlinson 
Sent: Monday, October 22, 2007 21:47

Hi Tony

Dave Cromb said you’d be calling, it’s been a while since I saw you’re name in lights!

It’s a small world, Dave lives 10 mins down the road from me! I’ve been working at DGM for about 7 years which involves working with the full range of Dangerous Goods (DAC) by Air, Sea & Road. I’m also instructing and I get the odd “off-base tasking”.

As I mentioned to Mr Cromb, I’ve just got back from Newcastle (NSW) where we had to off-load/load 25 containers of Ground Support Equipment for the Singapore Air Force. I know it sounds a bit naff but I found it very nostalgic actually restraining some military equipment after 15 years in civi street!

Anyway, I’m glad to hear that you are back in the seat, I probably don’t have as much history as Dave but what I’ve got is yours. Will try and scan what photos I’ve got and most probably post to you rather than chew into your internet download allotment. Just let me have your postal address and I will give it a go. I have to head off to Manila for a job on Saturday so it will probably be towards the end of Nov. Keep smiling.

Best regards



From: Kumar Mohindra 
Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2007 04:35
Subject: Re: UKMAMS OBA

Hello Tony

Nice to hear from you. I have got to go and teach in a few moments,  but as soon as get some time I will pen a bio sheet and update my picture.

I left the Movers in December 2004 at age 55 as a Warrant Officer, having served man and boy for 37 years. I then went to the Canadian High Commission in the UK and become a civil servant handling Canadian military aircraft to Brize Norton and Lyneham and so extended my association with the trade for another 3 years. That helped me get over the trauma of having to hand my 1250 in and not wearing the resplendent blue ever again!

In April 2007 I changed again and now I am at the Qatar Aeronautical College in Doha teaching dangerous goods, air security and mass and balance to aircrew working for the Gulf airlines, the majority being Qatar Airways staff.

I have young Ricky (Taff) Howell here as well and hopefully soon Taff Woods will be joining us.

Take care mate,


Uncle Mo - ciao for now!

Well that's it for this first week back.   The website is now operational - just click on the Pen & Ink icon or the Globe at the top of the page and that will take you into a navigational area.  Now go and have some fun!

Please let me know if you experience any issues with the site.  Feedback and suggestions are also always welcomed.