09 November 2001


Joining us this week are:

Brummie Overgaard from Bromsgrove, UK

Brian Harper ( "Big B") from Wootton Bassett, UK

David Powell from Princes Risborough, UK

Duncan Andrews from Wroughton, UK

Welcome to the OBA!

In the last issue of the OBB (110201), Phil Clarke issued a challenge, with rewards, to the first person who could recognise the RAF Clerk Secretary who remustered as an Air Loadmaster, then eventually ended up as a Flight Manager in civilian life.

There follows a brief run-down of the responses and issuance of prizes:

From:      Charles Cormack, Swindon,
Subject:   Re: Who Is He
Date:        Friday, 02. November 2001 20:41

At a guess I think Pete Scott who also worked for Exel in Swindon.


[Phil:    Correct Chas,   there were 3 replies - with 2 correct answers as of 1230Z today, but yours was the first so e mail me your address and your Lauda cap will be on the way.]

From:        Tim Pyne, Northwood,
Subject:     AN124 LOADIE
Date:         Sun, 4 Nov 2001 13:34:00 +0100


The loadie is Pete Scott, EX 47(SF) and S&D MALM.


Tim Pyne
PJHQ Northwood.

[Phil:  Good one Tim, but Chas Cormack got there 15hrs before you.  Consolation prize of a selection of Lauda Air stickers so you can zap all the cars at Northwood that are festooned  already with stars and flags.  E mail me your address and they'll be on their way.]


From:       Martin Liggett,  Swindon,
Subject:    Antonov Flt Manager
Date:         Sun, 4 Nov 2001 13:29:08 +0100

Was it by any chance Cliff (first name?) Clifford ?

Rgds Martin

[Phil:  Sorreeeeeee - incorrect.  Pete Scott is your man.  Chas Cormack is the winner.  Runner up was Tim Pyne.]

[Ed:  Many thanks Phil - that was good of you]


From:            Pete Hopkins, Swindon,
Subject:         OBA
Date:             Sun, 4 Nov 2001 15:01:08 EST

Hi to all, great site. Good to see so many familiar names.

Now working as Warehouse Manager with Mailing company here in Swindon

Keep up the good work!


[Ed:  Thanks Pete - I see that you're not a member of the OBA yet...]


From:           Phil Clarke, Vienna,
Subject:        Guess the Name Game
Date:            Mon, 5 Nov 2001 12:29:23 +0100

Hi Mate,

Glad you liked the guess the name game.  Got the idea from an American friend who has just returned to the states from Vienna.  Had a family and friends web site and set monthly competitions based on weird German Language advertising hoardings.  I'll try to spot something else based on aircraft etc.

Next Monday I'm on my way to Dubai for a couple of weeks - we have a B777 on check - I'll take the digi camera and visit Sharjah.  I think there are still some old buildings from the camp still standing.  I know for sure the runway is part of a main road.  Might see a few military movers around the airport, but the Arabs are a bit sensitive about airport photography so will have to take care.

Speak to you soon.


[Ed:  Phil - you take care now - us old 'uns are not as spry as the younger chaps any more.  Have a good trip.]


From:        Ian Stacey, Chicago, 
Subject:     Roger Who?
Date:          Mon, 5 Nov 2001 17:54:36 -0500

Hi Tony,

Ian Stacey in Chicago here. Yes I am recovering very well thanks. In fact I have been back at work with my company since July 1st. Now they have announced that they are going to reduce the workforce by 3000 in the last quarter this year and have offered me an early retirement incentive. I'm trying to decide what to do at the moment but I figure I will probably take it so that I can work full time in our Antiques business with my wife Wendy.

Now about that question you asked - do I remember Roger Blow?    No, I don't, but could it be Roger Bullows who was on my team in 66 and 67?  If it is him I would be interested in getting his address. Roger was known as "The Belly Hold King" on our team because of his agility in squirming around on his stomach inside that uncomfortable compartment. Especially on the Britannia's when we were in Nairobi and Lusaka, with the temperature well above 100 degrees the belly hold was like an oven and Roger would emerge from 15 minutes in that hell hole, strip off his flying suit/overalls and stand there in his Y-Fronts wringing the sweat out of that garment! Thank goodness the RAF pan was out of sight from the passenger terminal!

Cheers  Ian

Ian V Stacey
Global Operations Support
Service Delivery Operations
Phone (847) 593-4483
(N544) FAX 4766

[Ed:  Glad to hear you're on the mend Ian.  It was definately Roger Blow - he was on the squadron during the early days.  Thanks for the story about Roger Bullows though - sounds like quite the character!]


From:           Ian Newlands, Didcot,
Subject:        Change of E-Mail Address
Date:            Tue, 6 Nov 2001 12:04:05 EST

Hi Tony,

Just to let you know that I have changed my E-Mail address  Nice to browse through the old photos and steep myself in nostalgia.

Thanks for your efforts

Rgds Foddy N

[Ed:  Thanks Foddy - I've ammended your details.]


From:       David Powell, Princes Risborough,
Subject:    Screwed up application form
Date:        Tue, 6 Nov 2001 15:45:29 -0500


Please add me to the payload:

David Powell
F Team UKMAMS Abingdon 1967-69 (Team Leader)
OC Gulf MAMS Muharraq/Sharjah 1971 (The last)
Princes Risborough, UK   (note the three'Ls')


Many beers ago, about 1965, on a forward strip in Thailand,  an RAF Beverley was parked next to a USAF Globemaster.

USAF Loadmaster: "Say, that's a cute little plane - what is it?"

MAMS Corporal:  "That's a Beverley - mind you you should have seen the aircract that flew it in!".

David Powell

[Ed:  Thanks and welcome David - it has been 32 years since you were my first team leader at Abingdon!]


From:        Brummie Overgaard, Bromsgrove,
Subject:     Re: Membership
Date:         Wed, 7 Nov 2001 13:26:40 EST

Thanks Tony,

I saw my pictures on the Web and they brought back a few memories. Am now in contact with Pig Clarke.

Thanks again and maybe I'll get round to sending in few photo's and the odd article..


[Ed:  That's great that you're in touch with Pig Clarke again - the system works!]


From:             Jim Aitken, Brisbane,
Subject:          In search of....
Date:              Thu, 8 Nov 2001 07:55:25 +1000

Hi Tony,

I have enclosed a copy of an e-mail received today which is self explanatory. For your info S/Ldr Luck DFC  (IIRC) was SAMO at Lyneham during my time, 1953-1956. The story was that he was an ex Pathfinder fromWW2 and I believe he was a Navigator.

A gentleman of the old school, 'Lucky' was highly thought of by his team. I don't personally recall the vehicle but I think it's great that a small part of Air Movements history is being restored.

Perhaps Jack Riley, who is a mine of information on that era, may have known him or known of him. John Holloway too, may have some input. I have done some searching on the net but did not turn up anything directly connected.

Cheers from downunder!



From:      John Clarke, Saffron Walden,
Subject:   Sqn Ldr Douglas H. Luck

Dear Sir,

I came across your website while attempting to find some information about the above named RAF Officer. I am currently restoring a 1934 car. It is a rare Humber sports tourer, registration number ANF14. The car was registered to Squadron
Leader Douglas H. Luck, Officers Mess, RAF Lyneham, Chippenham, Wiltshire. on the 15th of January 1953. I realise that enquiring into the background of a person is a sensitive subject , but I would like to obtain photographs and or a background story about S/L Luck to include in a brief history of the car. If you can provide me with any information, I would be extremely grateful.

Yours faithfully,

John Clarke.
Saffron Walden


From:         Jim Aitken, Brisbane,
Subject:      Re: In search of...
Date:          Thu, 8 Nov 2001 15:50:43 +1000


I have already had a response from John Clarke and I have appended this for your info.  I truly hope we can find some more stuff on S/L Luck - not only a war hero but a Mover to boot.



copy of John's response, ain't this better than Signals Traffic ??

Wotcha James,

Thanks for the prompt reply to my enquiry. At last you've given me a breakthrough or at least a thumbnail sketch of the man. I'll certainly pass on any information that I uncover concerning Sqn/Ldr. Luck.

An 'as found' photo of the car will follow shortly. Incidentally we live 5 miles South East of the "Imperial War Museum" at Duxford. We have attended many rallies at 'DUX' with one or other of our elderly vehicles. We live in the small market town of Saffron Walden in North West Essex, on the edge of the town is Audley End airfield (a privately owned strip). A few small companies operate aircraft restoration businesses around the edge of this 'field. One of them totally restores Spitfires. I was privileged to be there when they fired up the Merlin in a Mk 9 for the first time in 54 years,  the work that they carry out is remarkable. Thanks once again for such a quick response, I will be in touch shortly.

Cheers for now,

John Clarke

[Ed:  It would be really great if we can find out some information here - does anyone have anything?]


guess I can let the cat of of the bag now.   For the past several months John Belcher, who, as we know, is Webmaster for the UKMAMS Association website, and also a member of the UKMAMS Association committee, has been exchanging correspondance with me regarding the future of the Association, the OBA, and the two respective web sites.

Sadly, the UKMAMS Association has experienced a dwindling in membership over the past few years, and something has to be done to re-kindle the flame.

My own involvement has been discussing the merging of the two websites into one.  A personal viewpoint on this is that, regardless of the various organisations that currently exist, we're all family - in a manner of speaking.

The final decisions regarding the future plans for revitalization rest, in true democratic fashion, with you.   Please read on...

From:        John Belcher
Subject:     Web site
Date:          Mon, 5 Nov 2001 06:09:48 -0000


At the last Association meeting, I tabled what we had discussed regarding amalgamating the sites. Everyone agreed that it was  probably  the way forward. But they felt that we should hold off actually joining up until we had sent out a questionnaire regarding the future of  the Association.

The questionnaire is being sent out with the December edition of Team Brief. Copies are also being sent to SAMOs asking that they pass the questionnaire to all Movers.

We are canvassing all current and ex-Movers for their views on the future of the UKMAMS Association.

The main questions being: "Do they want the UKMAMS Association to continue as it is or should the Association membership be opened to all Movers and reform as the Movements Association?"

I have created a web version of the questionnaire for those with Internet access available at either the UKMAMS web site or direct at No longer active

The questionnaire is open to all Movers, still serving or ex as well as Movers from other Air Forces.


[Ed:  Thanks John.  Just a tip - because the site utilized for the questionnaire is free, there are a number of misleading advertisements scattered about.  Just click in the blocks with your responses to the questions and then press the "Next" button for the next page of questions.   A summary of  all responses thus far will be available for you to see at the end.

The results of the questionnaire will influence the future course of the Associations - please take a few moments to complete it]


Still on the subject of John Belcher - he's a very busy man.  He has created websites for First World War Memorials in the local Chippenham area, along with comprehensive details about the brave chaps that are listed therein.  John said: "All in all it represents about 6 years work researching the names. I started on the memorial in the local village church and it sort of grew from there to the Chippenham memorial. I'm now working on the memorials around Chippenham and hope eventually to start a new site for the memorials in North Wiltshire - well that is the plan!!"
The sites can be found at: No longer active


Well, that's it for this week - lots to think about here.

Have a great weekend

Best regards