09 November 2007


New members joining this week:

Babbs Sugg, as an honorary member, from Swindon, UK

Karl (Paddy) Watson from Bedford, UK

Jim Rice from Fareham, UK

Dermot Murphy from Wokingham, UK


From: RAF Museum Cosford 
Sent: Sunday, October 21, 2007 22:00
Subject: : General Enquiry

The following enquiry has been sent to RAF Museum Cosford.
Enquiry date: 22 October 2007
Department: General

In March/April of 1973 I was a member of the Mobile Air Movements team that loaded a Sea Walrus fuselage, that had been recovered from the Australian Desert, onto a Shorts Belfast and then flew back with it to the UK where it was to be delivered to the RAF Museum. (I have a detailed account of that around the world trip that I could share with you...) whatever happened to the Sea Walrus?


From: Clare Carr 
Sent: Monday, October 22, 2007 07:21
Cc: Andy Simpson
Subject: Seagull account

Dear Tony

Your email regarding the recovery of the Seagull from Australia was forwarded to me to answer. I in turn forwarded it to my colleagues at the RAF Museum London, since they have the aircraft on display there. However, since we have Belfast XR371 “Enceladus” on display here at Cosford, I would also be interested to obtain a copy of the account. We have been visited by several ex-Belfast aircrew, and have copies of the log books of Graham Humberstone and Dave Carter, who I believe was co-pilot on the Seagull recovery flights.

Kind Regards,

Clare Carr
Assistant Curator
Royal Air Force Museum Cosford
T.(01902) 376200


From: Andy Simpson 
Sent: Monday, October 22, 2007 06:59
Cc: Clare Carr; Nina Burls
Subject: RE: Website Enquiry: Cosford General Enquiry

Dear Mr Gale

As you will see from the attached individual history, the Supermarine Seagull (Walrus) that you were involved in is now a prized exhibit here at Hendon.

I would certainly be interested in receiving a copy of your account of her recovery for the aircraft's history file.

Thank you for contacting us.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Simpson
Curator Department of Aircraft and Exhibits Royal Air Force Museum T:020 8358 4835

Royal Air Force Museum
Grahame Park Way


From: Tony Gale 
Sent: 22 October 2007 13:26
To: Andy Simpson
Subject: RE: Website Enquiry: Cosford General Enquiry

Dear Mr Simpson,

What a fabulous history - and now seeing how it tied in with the delivery of the Spitfire that we made to the Australian museum - that same task saw us delivering a Sabre flight simulator to Iswahjudi in Indonesia - in retrospect we were akin to a flying E-Bay delivery service!

With your permission, I would like to use the history (SUPERMARINE SEAGULL V A2-4/VH-ALB MUSEUM ACCESSION NO.73/A/426) in my association website as an add-on to my own experience with this aircraft

Please find "Around the World in 18 Days" attached, which you may use at your discretion but kindly maintain the posted copyright. I have been requested to also share the document with Clare Carr in Cosford, which I will do under separate cover.

Kind regards



From: Andy Simpson
Sent: Monday, October 22, 2007 08:56
Subject: RE: Website Enquiry: Cosford General Enquiry

Thanks for that, Tony - I will be adding the highly entertaining 'Around the World in 18 days' to the Seagull's individual history file, and extract some (credited) info for the Seagull history.

By all means add the Seagull history to the website - again, with the copyright info and text byline retained.

Thanks for getting back to Clare and I so quickly.

Yours sincerely


Andrew Simpson
Curator Department of Aircraft and Exhibits
Royal Air Force Museum
T:020 8358 4835

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From: Ian Berry 
Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2007 11:50

Hi Tony,

What a brilliant intro to the OBA and the new layout is very impressive. If you had only had these skills whilst serving you would have easily made it to the Sgts Mess!!

Please amend my tour dates to read 1972 - 2003...

Best regards,


[What can I say?  I was a late bloomer!  Thanks for the kind words]


From:  Derek Barron
Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2007 13:04
Subject: Re: UKMAMS OBA - OBB #102507


It's great to see you back in good health.

I still work for the Wiltshire Police, where I'm in charge of all their security systems. (they gave me the job in order to reduce crime on the street!!)

My wife and I have a market stall in Blunsdon, Swindon at the weekends, sometime it's like a MAMS reunion in there

I've just come back from Lanarca, Cyprus  to attend Willie Crossley's wedding. While there the missus and I decided to renew our vows, after 25 years : Palm Beach Hotel, on the beach, at sunset, it was hell and unfortunately the hangover was long and painful!!

I work with Chris Cahill, Dave Allen, and Andy Vickary who can be contacted at [edited - security].

Once again Tony, thank you for taking up the reins


Derek Barron


From: Malcolm Porter 
Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2007 14:54
Subject: Re: UKMAMS OBA - OBB #102507

Hello Tony,

Sterling work - just wish my memory would come on line.

I expect that in line with many other old farts, eye balling photos and articles does fire up the memory banks (I tried firing up Barclays Bank but that didn't work)

Things that come immediately to mind-from the photos - The MAMS 68 foto taken by Monsewer Lightfoot, the guy 2nd from right in the front row is Mick Parker.

The 61 Air Movs course at dear old Kidbrooke - the 'other' Instructor (6th from left with moustache) is Chiefy Waltham - one of the world's nicest gentlemen - he grew tomatoes in the flight deck of the Hastings as I recall.

I guess that whilst most of us over 60's look back at our service, I have been very fortunate in having almost daily reminders of those days. Having formed the CL44 Association 10 years ago-I have managed to retain my association with the era of real airplanes by taking over the one and only CL44 Guppy in 2006. The aircraft has enjoyed a close relationship with the MoD over the years and although it was doomed to dominating the ramp at Smyrna Tennessee, I rescued it and returned it to Hurn (BOH).

Last year, the aircraft was purchased by Heavylift Cargo Airlines (the Ozzie variety) and since then, I with the help of the Association, have ensured the old girl has a fighting chance of seeing more active service in 2008.

Alas, we have not had the same good luck with the Belfast at SEN and I fear we may see the end of her soon-however, our other Belfast has just returned from a respray in Jakarta-looking smart enough to charter. The bad news is that we don't have loadies or loaders - Al Rash, the flight engineer, does the whole thing himself.

We do have an annual re union and the 2008 Bash (our 10th) is lined up for the Royal Air Force Club London for the 31st Oct and 1st Nov.

I would like to extend a welcome to ANY ex Old Sods - just drop me an email for further details - we already have bookings from former Flying Tigers, Transglobe, Tradewinds, TMAC, Cargolux, Slick guys and I see that Pete Clayton and Brian Kent are due to approach the Bar and offer free drinks..........


Malcolm Porter

[Thanks Malcolm - the changes have been made to the photographs - and I note the job vacancies!]


From: David Cromb 
Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2007 17:09
To: Tony Gale
Subject: OBA. 102507

G'day Tony,

Congratulations on the launch of the OBA. It is a most attractive, informative site my friend, well laid out n dead ezy to navigate. I, along with many, if not all other members wish you all the very best with its expansion. Strap in mate, it's going to be one hell of a ride. Me? I'm already strapped in!

To every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction, so they say. The launch of the site hit me squarely between the eyes when I cranked up the confuser this morning. The downside, there's always one somewhere, it cost me an hour of time, it was magnetic mate, it really was. It's Friday here in Brissie, usually I do no more than is required so I get an 'early march ' on the weekend, that plan is torpedoed now. So what!

I take on board some most relevant points made by some members regarding the UKMAMS Assn. It made alarming reading it really did. I don't profess to have any constructive comment at this stage, but I shall certainly give it more thought than I have already done of late.

This weekend is gonna be a wet one from what the met guys forecast so maybes I'll work on an article or something for submission asap.

Again heartiest congratulations mate.

Cheers n beers,



From: Roy Craggs 
Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2007 19:44
Subject: Re: UKMAMS OBA - OBB #102507

Mr. Gale,

Thanks for the email.  Should you need any funds let me know. Although I live in South Carolina, USA, I would like to make an effort that's useful.

I think that I was attached to the original MAMS which was separated from the air movements section. We were also attached to TCAMDU Transport Command Air Movements Developments Unit.  I remember we were always called MAMS boys, and we got to visit many weird places.

I was at Kidbrooke for training in 1960, then on to Abingdon and Hickam AFB in Hawaii between 1963-64. Sad to say Christmas Island was finally closed in '64 and marked the end of a posting to paradise!

I was finally stationed at Lyneham until my discharge in February 1965. I've lived in the USA ever since 1965 in New York, Nevada and finally South Carolina.

I have a lot of neat photos of my life in Air Movements with Bevs and Hastings.

Please keep in touch, and if anyone was stationed at the places during the time periods above then I would love to hear from you.

First in, last out,

Roy Craggs

[Thanks Roy - I'm sure everyone would love to see those pictures and there is a PayPal link on the Home page of the website - greatly appreciated!]


From: Basil Hughes 
Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2007 22:22
Subject: Re: UKMAMS OBA - OBB #102507

Dear Tony,

Glad to hear you are fit and well again, I have really missed the news of what has been happening.

OK sign in -- Basil H J Hughes, RAF MAMS Abingdon 1963-5

Presently since my retirement and divorce living in Pattaya Thailand

I tried to get to Singapore on one months' holiday but was offloaded at Bangkok with breathing difficulties -

I have remarried and am teaching English Conversation to Thai people as a volunteer for the Nai Ampur (Chief District Officer) Banglamung.

One of my recent classes was at the Sattahip Naval Base -- I never thought that I would ever eat in a VIP Officers Mess but we did.

Great to read about so many names I recognise.

My best wishes to all but especially the 'old' MAMS crews from Abingdon.



From: John Bell 
Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2007 19:53
Subject: Re: UKMAMS OBA - OBB #102507


Many thanks for the effort you have put into resurrecting the OBA.

It has been many years since I was on UKMAMS (Last tour ended Jan 1978) but some of the memories are still quite vivid. Lots of blasts from the past in your letters and I took a stroll down the photo gallery. (Were you and Hughie Curran ever that young?).

My details in the members list are unchanged. I live with my wife Jean in Cairns in Tropical Far North Queensland, Australia and currently enjoy good health. I am retired but put in two days a week at the Sally Anne families shop and deliver meals on wheels to keep me out of mischief. There are no ex UKMAMS living within a thousand miles of me to my knowledge but I did meet up with Jack Riley at Hervey Bay a year or so back when Jean and I drove down the East coast of Oz to go to a ball. Dancing (Scottish Country Dancing) is one of our big pastimes (Along with being a labourer for Jean's garden initiatives and full on grandparent duties to a teenager and 3 smaller rug rats).

I look forward to receiving more OBA stuff. Never having used Paypal I would appreciate a SIMPLE method of contributing to the OBA costs. (Can I send you a UK bank cheque?)

Fondest regards

John Bell
of Cairns

[Thanks John - If PayPal is not suitable then the best alternative would be a Canadian dollar money order, available from your local bank, made out to Tony Gale.  You can mail it to: 602-60 Rue Cormier, Gatineau, Quebec, J9H 6B4, Canada.]


From: Jack Riley 
Sent: Friday, October 26, 2007 05:02

Greetings Tony,

Now that the dust of the day has settled I felt that I should write a few words to congratulate you on a magnificent job of work. The new site is well up to your award- winning standards and does us proud. You must really have
been burning the midnight oil to have completed our site in so short a time.

On behalf of the bods and bodices ...thank you.


PS And I DO expect you to include this in the next issue !!

[Thanks Jack]


From: David Howley 
Sent: Friday, October 26, 2007 12:40
Subject: RE: UKMAMS OBA - OBB #102507

Hi Tony,

It is brilliant to see the site up and working again – I really missed it. Thanks for all your hard work. More substantial support will be forthcoming.

I read Bob Dixon’s article on 1 AMW with interest and fully support what he says. If Regiment Squadrons deserve to be awarded a Standard then UKMAMS has a 100% claim to be awarded one. Revert the title to UKMAMS Squadron – it fully explains the role and purpose.

I saw an “explanation” recently on a MoD site attempting to justify the Air Expeditionary Wing title and concept and relating it back to the Wings formed both pre, during and post WW2. My first postings were to 24 Wing at Watton and 151 Wing at North Luffenham and there was nothing “Expeditionary” about them.

All this Expeditionary Wing rubbish is pandering to the Yanks. UK senior officers in Iraq and Afghanistan have appeared with American Star insignia – probably more of this “Special Relationship” nonsense --- “Look Brits, we don’t understand your ranks and are not going to try, you work with us, you wear ours”. Blair has an awful lot to answer for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! End of rant.

Regards to all



From: Gordon Gourdie 
Sent: Friday, October 26, 2007 13:53
Subject: RE: John Moreland

Hi Tony,

I was just looking at the photo Gallery last night and saw the old black and white pic from the Aden days. I had forgotten that had I urged John to join the OBA. Following is the " obituary " that I wrote for John and submitted for inclusion in the Team Brief last year.

John Moreland 1940 – 2006

Many of the older members of the Association will remember John from the Aden days when he served on AFME MAMS between 1965 and 1967. Great days these despite the circumstances and John and I shared a few drinks over the past four or five years reminiscing about the old times.

After Aden John was posted to Medmenham where he met and married Mair. Several postings followed at home and overseas:

1969-1972 Nicosia and Berengaria. In 1971 Mair gave birth to their son Glenn. I visited them a few days after this event when I was down route with UKMAMS, and then regrettably, lost touch for thirty years.

1972-1973 Cranwell

1973-1977 Laarbruch

1977-1979 Brizenorton

1979-1980 St.Athan

1980-1982 AFCENT, Holland

In 1982 John PVR’d and left the RAF as a Flight Sergeant. He then took up a civilian post with the NATO AWACS Squadron at Geilenkirchen where he remained until finally retiring in 2001.

It was just before he retired that I was able to trace him (with the help of Ian Berry ) before he moved to Cyprus to enjoy his retirement in the sun.

My wife and I visited John and Mair a number of times whilst we were on holiday in Cyprus and one thing stands out in my mind, John played the most outrageous game of beach boules [also known as petanque]. I lost count of the number of times that he “accidently” stood on my ball as he shuffled past leaving me digging around in the sand looking for it. I hope Glenn hasn’t inherited his fathers' traits.

Unfortunately a long and happy retirement was not to be, as sadly, John died in hospital in Nicosia on 10th October 2006.

He was laid to rest on 20th October in the cemetery at Erimi near Episkopi.

I’ll always remember John as a generous and considerate person and someone who was a big brother figure to some of the younger airmen in his charge. He was also a first class wind up merchant (in the nicest possible way) and a good mate. I will miss him.

If anyone should wish to send a message to Mair you are welcome to Email me and I will be pleased to pass it on.

Gordon Gourdie

November 2006

Just to update. Joan and I spent some time with Mair when we were on holiday in Cyprus a few weeks ago. She is doing well and receives a lot of moral support from the very close knit ex-pat community. Glenn has now settled in Cyprus so she has her immediate family with her.


From: Brian Spademan 
Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2007 09:16
Subject: OBA

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the information on re-forming OBA, of which I along with many others missed.

A lot has happened since my last contact. In 2002 I took early retirement from the Prison service and moved to Cyprus, where Tina and I are enjoying life. Like an idiot I am still heavily involved in rallying although a big accident on last years' World Rally nearly finished me off completely.  Through good care I am now back in the hot seat (much to Tina’s disgust).

I am always free for a Keo or two should anyone be out this way. E-mail is still the same, phone number is (00357)99857649

Regards to anyone who remembers me and good luck with the OBA!

Brian Spademan

P.S. Just heard the sad news about Dave Barton; I remember some good times with him on India team  - RIP Dave.


From: John Holloway 
Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2007 16:21

Hi Tony

It was great to receive the first of your briefs and how good it was to be fairly intact with how it used to be. Quite a bit has happened since we last had contact; the Mauripur Association is still going strong and it will be our 12th re-union next month held as usual at the Falcon Hotel in Stratford on Avon.

Also a new Association has started up called the NSRAFA which is open to all ex RAF types who had to answer the call whether for 2 or 20 years between 1939 until the end of national service in 1961.

I'm a member of the Cosford Branch and we have a monthly meeting in a pub near Cosford with usually between 60 and 70 attending. There are branches all over the country and each June a parade is held at Cosford with about 400 turning up. The last couple of parades we've had a Spitfire and Hurricane from the Battle of Britain Foundation give a display over the airfield.



Time is precious - waste it wisely!

From: Chris Thistle 
Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2007 11:48
Subject: UKMAMS

Hi Tony

I cannot remember if we ever met, I know I heard lots about you. I was a member of the UK MAMS Association for a long time but seemed to lose touch.  My fault I suppose. I was really pleased to get your email and have enjoyed looking round the site. Some of the names I saw brought old memories floating back and DC has been in touch.

I left the RAF in 1985 after a 2 year stint at 2MT Stafford, which I found rather depressing. After a few civilian adventures I ended up here  in 1990 and became the General Manager in 2000. So life is treating me ok.

Keep up the good work, I will be glad to pay some subs whenever.

Kind regards

Chris Thistle


From: Newsletter 
Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2007 16:41
Subject: Owen Connell Top Table January 10

Steve Gelder is organising a Top Table Luncheon for WO Owen Connell.

Yes he is finally leaving the RAF after over 42 years. We cannot let this pass without some sort of fond farewell. Steve has therefore undertaken to organise a function on January 10th at Brize Norton Sgts Mess. The format will be a Top Table for approximately 50-60 guests followed by an evening in the bar starting at about 1700hrs, unfortunately this is only open to SNCO's and invited guests. Owen would like the Trade SNCO's to be aware that he is limited by the Mess as to how many guests can attend the afternoon function but that the bar will be open to all Seniors after 1700hrs and that he would like to see as many as can make it for this.

Steve’s work e-mail address is bzn-ams-sqn-wo please let him know if you wish to attend so that he can make any arrangements required. Also if you know of people who do not use or read this site, please pass this on.


From: Andrew Kay 
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2007 09:08
Subject: RE: UKMAMS OBA - OBB #102507

Hi Tony -

Thanks very much for the first new edition of the UKMAMS OBB, it was great to read all of the updates from your loyal readers and I will spend some time in the winter evenings re-reading the old OBA Briefs.

Not really keeping up with the news from the RAF, I must admit I was totally gobsmacked by the news about UKMAMS and its "replacement" organization. I guess nothing stays the same forever, but it does seem that tradition and history counts for very little in this day and age. Unfortunately knowing the way these things work I am pretty sure that there is little likelihood anything will revert to the way it originally was as that would be the equivalent to someone admitting they made the wrong decision - and that's not very likely to happen!

Through the the next brief I would like to maybe get a quick Hi out to a few people that got a mention in Mike Rowan's note that he said were working for him - namely Phil Vicary, Hughie Curran and last but not least Steve Biggs. It's hard for me to get my head round the fact it is probably 30 (30!!!) freaking years since I worked with these guys. Ask Steve Biggs if he remembers that time he and I hopped a ride on a Dutch Air Force F-27 from Northolt and went to Amsterdam for a few days, running out of money while we were there. I seem to recall that by the time we got back to Victoria station we barely had the tube fare between us to get to Northolt.

Also hi to Martin Ligget, another name from my past. One more favor, if you can pass my e-mail address on to Nigel Clewley I would appreciate it. I don't know him personally, but I see he is working in Oman and as I spent almost 8 years there (left 20-something years ago) I would like to drop him a line and find out what it is like there now and how much it has changed from when I was there (when it was something like living in the Wild West).

I am still trying to locate the photos you asked me for, and when they finally come to light I will get copies made for you. Talking of photos, someone mentioned the  website which I had never seen before. so I went there and was amazed to see a picture of my MovOps course (Number 25, Aug 73, so please note again this is 34 years ago!!!) under the 1970's pictures and I am hoping someone out there can name all of the wide-eyed and innocent young movers in the picture - because I ashamed to say I can only remember a few of them (Andy Tesch, Al Verth (sp?). Martin Ligget, Neil McCloud, Ash Jenkins among others I think).

Thanks again Tony, you are doing a great job.


Andy Kay


From: Michael Green 
Sent: Friday, November 02, 2007 06:57
Subject: RE: UKMAMS Old Boys Association

Hi Tony!

Delighted to hear that you are back in good health and have started the Association up again. Although I am well known as the world's worst correspondent I too have missed its content.

Looking at Ian Stacey's potted biography brings back my own memories of the little draughty room in the hangar at Abingdon which served as our HQ in the days of good old Gordon Spiers (the only guy I ever met who required the total area of whatever bar he was in to tell a joke!). Like Ian, I was a team leader (Charlie) from 64 to 67 and I am still in touch with two other members of the team from those days - Pete Underwood over in Canada and Derek Clayton who lives just outside Stafford. Derek was not on your mailing list so I sent him a copy of your email which prompted him to reply "on my behalf", an expression which had Stacey frantically reaching for the phone all the way from Chicago to reassure himself that I wasn't dead!

Alive and well I certainly am, despite having spent 24 years in primary education, the last 15 of which as head of a school in Coventry, where I now live. Unfortunately, not all the other chaps I remember from those days at Abingdon have lasted the course. Nigel (Tub) Healey died about 5 years ago, having bought his historic house and country estate that he always aspired to. Tragically he didn't live long enough to see through all the developments he planned.

I note, however, that other team leaders from the same era are still above ground: besides Ian (Babyface) Stacey I still see Dave Stevens' name mentioned and I remember reading a despatch to the UK MAMS magazine from John Furney, with accompanying photo. But what I wonder, became of Graham (Hacker) Morgan, Ted Worsley alias the Sultan of Smooth and Nigel (Noddy) Sanders? Good lads, all of them.

I see I've rambled on a bit, an unerring sign of old age! But if I ever get my photos sorted out I'll get some to you - pictures are better than words for entertainment value - and when I do Stacey's claim to have run the Zambian Oil Lift single-handed from start to finish will be nailed as the gross calumny it certainly is!

Keep up the good work

Mike Green


From: Charles Collier 
Sent: Saturday, November 03, 2007 13:26
Subject: American Life!

Hello Tony, Once per year my wife and I travel to Ft Lauderdale Florida to visit what remains of the US clan of my family that remain in one piece. My cousin George died a couple of years ago and his widow Edwina is fairing well as can be expected for an 80 year old gal!

What I'm coming to is a story she told about her good friend from childhood days - Doris, who is also a widow but 4 times over. Doris enjoys the company of men and has had a number of male companions since she became a permanent widow.

Her present companion is Earle, a retired ships engineer. When they decided to move in together they drew up a mutual understanding agreement about who would be responsible for what. i.e. cooking/ cleaning, in fact every item of work that has to be performed in any household.

This list included sex. Whereupon Earle responded: "Doris I think that would be infrequently".

Doris asked: "Earl, was that one word or two!

I leave you with that for now

All the best



From: James Aitken 
Sent: Sunday, November 04, 2007 23:47

G'day Tony from 'downunder".

Good to see the Briefs are again in full swing!! Can't believe it's four years since the last one hit my in-box.

Those of us who felt the loss, took solace in forming a small group of eight or so Ex Movers and kept the OBA flag flying in the interim. After four years of "intimacy" we could all use an injection of new blood and this will be supplied by the new "Ould Bods Assn" !

You have obviously managed to save a lot of the data from the old group and that is great. You don't have to start from scratch again. When I lost my first website, I didn't have the heart to do it all again, but over time I was persuaded to make the effort by many friends I had made. Which leads me to ask if there is a possibility of having a link on your site..........

Tony.....for those who may not have been in the loop.......the PJM (Pingat Jasa Malaysia medal) is now being distributed to those who served in Malaya during the Emergency and the Indonesian confrontation over Borneo. I have just received my medal from the Brit High Commission in Canberra after a wait of two years from first applying. Jack has also just received his.

If anyone was not aware or wishes to check their entitlement to this award, full details can be found at the National Malaya and Borneo Veterans Association website........




Number 10 Downing Street has approved a petition that was launched requesting a new public holiday falling on the Monday after Remembrance Sunday in November of each year.

To be known as the "National Remembrance Holiday" the purpose is threefold:

1. To emphasise the remembrance of those servicemen and women who have given, and continue to give, their lives for Britain

2. To remind the people of the importance of protecting our Nation and what it stands for

3. To break that 3 month period between the August Public Holiday and Christmas when there are currently no long weekends, especially as the UK has fewer public holidays than most European Countries.

If you are in agreement, please sign the petition - it only takes a few moments - and it would be great if you could forward the link to other people as well.


From: Ian Berry 
Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2007 03:09
Cc: John Moir
Subject: Graham Dodds

Hi Tony,

Just spotted this in the latest RAF News:

Dodd - Graham, Sgt (Ret'd) 1962-1984 Serving at El Adem, Mountbatten, Lyneham, Gutersloh, St Mawgan, Lyneham, UKMAMS and finally St Mawgan. To all his friends and colleagues it is with regret his family inform you of his passing from Motor Neurone Disease on October 11.

Graham was a gen tech by trade and was SNCO i/c MAMS Eng in the late 70s.

John, I never knew till I read this that Graham actually served in El Adem.

And time marches on....

Regards to All,



This issue is dedicated to the memory of Dave Barton