30 November 2001


New members joining us this week are:

Taff (Brian) Jenkins from Weymouth, UK

Roger Blow from Crown Point, Indiana, USA (finally!)

Paul Amies from Swindon, UK

John Wall from Wootten Bassett, UK

Welcome to the OBA!


From:     Thumrait Traffic Management, Oman
Subject:   Bob Turner
Date:       23 November 2001 01:14


One of the guys last week was looking for Bob Turner. He is at present a Loadmaster with The Sultan of Oman's "Royal Flight" which is, although modest old Bob wouldn't tell you, rather a large cut above being a loadmaster for RAFO.  Anyway you can contact him on, (and this really does sum up Bob),  He still is a great guy and a good mate, our paths cross from time to time both professionally and socially, the latter giving me a very sore head the next day.

By the way Tony we have some new additions to our swelling ranks of ex RAF Movers thanks to you advertising for us, the latest to arrive are John Conduit, Bob Whitworth and Tony Cornett, also soon to arrive is "Big Brian" Harper.  At this rate we will have to set up a Middle East Branch of the OB's, Oh well better get back to work, war is hell you know !!!

Best Regards

Keith Parker
DynCorp Traffic Management
Thumrait, Oman

[Ed:  Thanks Keith for that news on Bob.  As Ken Davie remarked last week anyone who ever worked with him greatly appreciated his capabilities.  The news about the ex RAF Movers finding gainful employment with you as a result of the advertising through the OBA is wonderful.  Whichever way you cut it, once a Mover, always a Mover, and to be able to help someone else out after all these years, albeit remotely, is very satisfying.]


From:     Ian Hopkins
Subject:  Re: Old Boys Briefs 112301
Date:      23 November 2001 06:26


Thank you so much for including my letter in your newsletter, it is an intriguing read even for me an ex Telegraphist.  I am taking the liberty of forwarding this to our Boy Entrant group in the hope that our new Moderator who, among others, is an avid
reader of such material and a student of all flying thingies will consider a Link to your site and if not possible perhaps some of the Beachat Members will wish to subscribe to your Membership list.


[Ed: You're very welcome Ian and thanks for the kind words.  Perhaps there's some ex-Movers among those in your group that will read the Old Boy's Briefs and hopefully we will be able to snag 'em.  I'm happy to see that your enquiry regarding the Vulcan crash in Akrotiri did get a response from Ian Berry, as the following message will attest.]


From:     Ian Berry, West Swindon, UK
Subject:  Vulcan Crash RAF Akrotiri 1963
Date:       24 November 2001 08:07

Dear Ian,

I can't give you a complete answer at the moment but am waiting for a reply from a Vulcan Buff! I think the aircraft would have come from Cottesmore as it was then a V Bomber base whereas Coltishall was Lightnings. In the meanwhile I suggest you look here where you will find a complete list all Vulcans produced. When I get the correct answer I'll advise.


Ian Berry

[Ed:  Thanks Ian - I wonder where Scottie is as this sort of thing would be right up his alley.]


From:     Peter Underwood, Nova Scotia
Subject:  50th Anniversary
Date:      23 November 2001 16:25


Many thanks for your kind message, and for putting our website in the Bulletin. I have been meaning to drop you a line and tell you what a great job you are doing with the O.B.A website.

Keep up the good work,

Peter Underwood

[Ed:  Thanks Peter,  much appreciated]


From:     Roger Blow, Crown Point, IN, USA
Subject:  Membership
Date:      24 November 2001 21:45

Great web site. You've obviously put in a lot of time to keep this going so well - good job.  I've already gotten in touch with an old friend from 30+ years ago and look forward to hearing from more. Thanks

[Ed:  Great to have you on board Roger!]


From:       John Holloway, Shrewsbury, UK
Subject:   Websites
Date        25 November 2001 04:04

Hi Tony

For your information.

The website for The Mauripur Association is

The Webmaster is Eric Manton, and his E mail is

Also you might like to make contact with the RAF Habbaniya website. The webmaster is Doctor Chris Morris and like you is very enthusiastic in making contacts. He attends our reunions each year and has a vast collection of old photos of the RAF in Iraq from the 1920’s onwards which he makes into slides and at each meeting gives us a slide show of his latest aquisitions. This year it was from the early 20’s.  His Website is

Along with the Habbaniya Association we have dedicated a tree at the Alrewas Arboretum Memorial Village near Lichfield which will eventually grow with all the other dedications into a mini forest.

Trust that the foregoing will be of interest to you.

Cheers for now

John Holloway

[Ed:  That's great  John.  I did have the chance to pop into those web sites, and although it's a wee bit before my time they are still very interesting.]


From:     Robbie Taylor, Doncaster, UK
Subject:  Old Friends
Date:       25 November 2001 08:37

Hi Tony,

I wonder through your excellent OBA could you please ask if anybody knows where the following persons can be located or any possible leads, they are all ex 46th Boy Entry U/T Supplier 2  "D" Flight No 3 Sqn of RAF Hereford, we all joined up together in May 1962 and there is a reunion in May 2002.

At the present time we have located 30 ( who are still with us) out of 53. We would dearly like to make contact with:

John Bridges,
Peter Herring,
David Hill (317)
Gerry Muffett,
Rod Wade,
John Barrie,
Chris Berry,
Bunny Hair,
Peter Howard,
????  Irving,
Paul Jarvis,
???? Kerr,
Jeff Norman,
Dave Parsons,
Peter Pendall,
Ian Reakes,
Dave Roach,
???? (possibly Allan) Rockey,
Calvin Shreves,
???? Terry,
Joe Underhill,
???? Walker,
Snowy White.
All our service numbers start with 1947*** .

We realize it's been a long time but some of us are still here so maybe the rest are as well, a lot would have stayed with the Supply Trade and the rest might have changed over to Air Movs.

On a personal note does anybody know of a Jonah Johnson?  I last saw him at RAF Kuching in 1964/65. He had to stay on out there for a very good reason (?) but I lost contact with him,  I believe he possibly went on to become a Loadie?

Many thanks.

Robbie Taylor

[Ed:  The 46th eh?  You lot were the Senior Entry when I was a Sprog in the 50th.  Apart from pushing your way to the head of the queue in the dining hall and  having us do menial tasks such as cleaning your billets etc., the most downright caddish thing your shower ever did was to take the greatest of pleasure in smashing our beautiful ceramic pint sized tea mugs (issued with initial kit).  Those were beautiful pieces of gear, and after having been smashed we had to drink out of nasty green plastic replacements - the tea never quite tasted the same!]


From:     David Wilding
Subject:  Neck Ties
Date:      25 November 2001 08:40

Dear sir

Could you please let me know where, if possible, I can buy an Air Traffic Controller's neck tie for an old friend?   He was in the Royal Air Force many years ago as a Controller and worked at Uxbridge which was then part of 11 Group. If not perhaps you would be good enough to point me in the right direction to assist him.

Yours faithfully.

Dave Wilding

[Ed:  Visit the "Home of Air Traffic Controllers" at or better yet send an e-mail to Webmaster Richard Gerstner in Dubai: ]


From:     John M Philps, Bexhill on Sea, UK
Subject:  Re: Old Boys Briefs 112301
Date:      25 November 2001 10:10

Hi Tony,

Yep, I am still alive, sorry I haven't been in touch lately, most of what is reported on these pages is after my time in the mob (makes one feel old!)

I just looked up our passout photo of C Flt 50th Entry, the other Irishman that you describe is Mr. Cussack!! does his name come back to you?  It's nice to see some of the old names occasionally appearing on the web site. Regards to any of those that remember me

Cheers for now

John Philps

[Ed:  Thanks John - Bobby Atcheson also sent me that same name - Bobby had the pleasure of occupying the bed next to Mr. Cussack.]


From:     Robbie Taylor, Doncaster, UK
Subject:  Re: Old Friends
Date:      25 November 2001 17:37

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the very quick response. Oops! What can of worms have I opened?  Did we really break that many mugs?  If only we could have realized what they might be worth now, like you said they were a wonderful bit of kit.  Please don't blame me for all of them as there are still thirty of us still around, maybe more I hope, so watch out for your mugs (ha ha ha).  Anyway, I bet you took your revenge when your lot became Senior Entry?

By the way if you're interested, the following are the guys that have been traced, perhaps somebody else might be looking for them ( to take revenge for the mug bashing).

The list:
Geoff Banwell.
Mike Brundle.
Alan Bully.
Angus Cobb.
Danny Davies.
Neil Edmondson.
Colin Fennell.
Barry Fisher.
Jack Gracie.
Paul Hignett.
Di (Taff) Hill.
Bob Hodder.
Alan Howe.
Rob Kingston.
Rick Kirk.
Bill Lamb.
Dave MacInlay.
Jim Martin.
Bob Maskell.
Dougie Mathews.
Ian McIntyre.
Gerry McMichael.
Bill Neill.
Peter Pierce.
Geff Pittard.
Jim Taylor.
Mike Tookey.
Paul Wyatt.
Mick Mayberry
And myself  Rob Taylor.

Just a thought, can any other Entry beat this number of old guys still around after nearly 40 years???

Cheers       Robbie

[Ed:  I really don't want to turn this into a Boy Entrant's forum - but since most of 'em probably ended up as Movers I guess it's okay.  You'll have to let us know about the venue for the reunion and we'll be sure to come on over and break your beer mugs!]


From:     David Howley, Melton Mowbray, UK
Subject:  Pictures
Date:      26 November 2001 05:54

Dear Tony,

A couple of items:

1. New address:  Windrush,  2 Main Street, Harby, Melton Mowbray, Leics. LE14  4BN

Tel: 01949 869062

2. Photographs.
I "came across" a couple of shots the OBA may be interested in. One of the first advanced movers course in '72 and one of 105's Argosy's at K'sar in 65.

What size/format do you want them in?  I don't want to send you files that take you all day to download.



[Ed: Thanks Dave - I've changed your details on the site. I'm glad you asked about the sending of photographs.   The best format to send photographs in is JPEG or .jpg (same thing).  As far as picture size is concerned, a memory size not exceeding 50kb would be preferable.  Of course it will all depend on the resolution, or detail, of the picture you're sending.

When scanning into your computer a setting of 300 d.p.i. (dots per inch) is perfect for most photographs.  Please bear in mind that the UKMAMS Hotmail account is limited to 2MB capacity, so receiving a lot of larger files into that account in a short period of time will quickly fill it. ]


From:     Dava Winberg, Guernsey, UK
Subject:  Dava Winberg Update
Date:       29 November 2001 14:49

Howdee folks

Well it's over seven years now since I left the Air Force, my first posting as a civvy was to Douglas in the Isle of Man.  Jo and I lived there for five years.   Jo continued to work as a dental nurse and I worked for my parents as a salesman in their paper merchant's business.  During our time there we accumulated three children: Luke (6), Leah (4) and Lewis (2).

After spending five years behind a desk it was time to move on, so I applied to the Guernsey Police Force and was accepted. We moved over to Guernsey in February 2000 and have only just moved into our own home.

Jo now works as a swimming teacher and fitness instructor at the local leisure centre and I'm enjoying my change in career.

That's it in a nutshell




Well, that's it for this week.

Have a great weekend!

Best regards