14 December 2001


New members joining us this week are:

Paul (Dava) Winberg from St. Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands

Rob Hindes from Darlington, UK

Welcome to the OBA!


From:      David Howley, Melton Mowbray, UK
Date:       07 December 2001 08:16
Subject:   Roll of Honour Addition

Dear Tony,

A couple of additions:-

As you have shown so many of my contemporaries with their last rank, could you "bump" me up to my last also (Warrant Officer)  - it was nice of you to make me a Corporal  in Aden (I was an SAC).

Got made Corporal in Sept 1968, posted to Movements at El Adem but due to internal moves ended up in SCAF (what an awful job that was!).

In 1977 I was one of those "selected" to get an AOC's Commendation on MAMS base.

Will send you the promised photos when I find them - had them - put them down - now missing!



[Ed:  Thanks for that David.  I have added the information as requested.  I don't know of anyone who served in SCAF that enjoyed that posting - except perhaps for Phil Clarke, I seem to remember that was his very first posting at Wittering way back in '65.  Regarding the photographs - I too have a "senior's moment" from time to time - I thinks it's normal!]


From:      Bob Dixon, Dauntsey, UK
Date:       07 December 2001 16:02
Subject:   Roll of Honour Addition

As was forgotten in the book when published, I had the honour of being awarded the OBE for my time as Squadron Commander of UKMAMS

The award was truly a case of "Other Beggars Efforts" and it recognised the key work done by the Squadron in the Ethiopian Airlift for famine relief and the contribution UKMAMS made to the Station's preparedness for TACEVAL -  which went from fairly dismal to highest praise when His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant of Jersey, Air Chief Marshal Sir John Cheshire, as he now is, was the Station Commander.

I set another interesting record - when I was promoted to Group Captain, in 1988, I was the first man who had commanded UKMAMS since its formation in 1966 who was promoted after commanding the Squadron. i.e. all the previous Wing Commanders and Squadron Leaders who were OC never got to Group Captain or Wing Commander respectively.

So ...  command of UKMAMS was the "kiss of death" for future careers!

It was the best job I ever had and even later command of a Station, although great, could not surpass days on UKMAMS

(Incidentally, Sir John is the Patron of the UKMAMS Association. )

All the best

Bob Dixon


From:     David Barton, Kings Lynn, UK
Date:      08 December 2001 10:20
Subject:  Medals

Hi Tony,

I am still having trouble transmitting that photo and awaiting daughter to come to my aid.

You mentioned in the last OBA that you served in Oman for just under a year and failed to get a GSM for your time there. As you know I was on Gulf MAMS,  and later attached to NEAF MAMS in Cyprus and did a couple of stints in Masirah - late fifties, early sixties.  As far as I understand, to qualify for the GSM (Dhofar) one only had to serve 30 days in Dhofar (Salalah) or if aircrew, thirty landings and take-off's from Salalah.

With the aid of my log book I managed to put forward all my periods of time spent in Salalah including flying visits and managed to get the Dhofar GSM (not mentioned in J. Porters book!)

Sorry you dipped out. On MAMS just now I should think one could notch up at least three rows of gongs.

As a matter of interest when I was in the Merchant Navy late 40s early 50s I sailed with a captain who purposely went off course into the territorial waters of Vietnam in order to add to his collection of war medals!

All the best for Christmas and the coming year


[Ed:  Thanks for that Dave - "where there's a will, there's a way" always did come as second nature to you!]


From:     John Belcher, Chippenham, UK
Date:      Sat, 8 Dec 2001 17:38:34 -0000
Subject:  Roll of Honour


A couple of names for you for the RoH page.

Sgt (Now FS) Dale Walker MBE

Cpl (Now Sgt) Paddy McGinn MBE


[Ed: Thanks John - they're now up]


From:      Whaty Campbell, Lyneham, UK
Date:       09 December 2001 09:49
Subject:   Update of Membership info


Could you please update my membership info?

Juliet team 2001-  I'm back at Lyneham Mobile living in AMQ at Lyneham
Tel No 01249 892143

Thanks mate and I'll be back to you soon with a 3 page story on the birth and death of RAF Bruggen complied by none other than Sqn Ldr Jerry (I make everything up) Porter. As you can guess it's a bit of a p*ss-take, but makes a good read.

(Get rid of that German flag please, I'll have a Brit one now if you don't mind)

Thanks mate !!!!!

Carry on the good work,  it's appreciated

Rgds Whaty C

[Ed:  Thanks Whaty - details and flag changed as requested.  I think we'll all enjoy reading Jerry Porter's latest rendition - I am reserving a special spot on the web site for it.]


From:      Dava Winberg, St. Peters Port, Guernsey, UK
Date:       09 December 2001 15:29
Subject:   Roll of Honour Addition

Addition to roll of honour

Paul Winberg (Last 3) 127  General Service Medal Northern Ireland.  Presented December 1994


Dava Winberg

[Ed:  Thanks Dava - your entry has been looked after]


From:    Ian Berry, West Swindon, UK
Date:     10 December 2001 02:45
Subject:  Re: Last three requested.


The OBA newsletter is good as ever but too much content from me - I could be slabbed for that as we now say (a slab is a crate of canned beer).

Last 3 for Jubilee recipients as follows:

896  ME  CORKE
316  AD   LANE

Belgium was very expensive but very nice, brought back lots of wine as this was the main reason for the journey. It is a very small world as I ended up sat next to an ex-Airloadmaster I knew who retired 2 years ago. It transpires he is heavily involved in the Boy Entrant's Association and is carrying out a hunt for 45th Entry!

Cheers for now and have a good Christmas.


[Ed:  Ian - far from being "slabbed" you should be praised for getting involved - you are putting everyone else to shame!   Where do you know Jerry Porter from and can you give me some details on Bill Cater?]


From:    Ian Berry, West Swindon, UK
Date:     10 December 2001 08:35
Subject:  Re: Last three requested.


Thanks for that - yes, shame on them! You wouldn't believe how many people 'bend my ear' when they see me saying this was wrong and that was wrong but they will never burst into print themselves. I've had the same problem now for over 10 years with Team Brief trying to get stories...

Jerry and I worked for 2 years together as DAMOs on C Shift. He's a very funny man, a dry sense of humour, a "closet SAS" chap, has a degree in medicine and has gained the wrath of the hierarchy on many occasions but will still speak his mind. Dirt on him? I have a lot!

As for Bill Cater, details are:

300  CW  CATER

Sadly Bill passed away in 1993 after a long battle with MS, I attended his funeral in Eastbourne along with Colin Allen. Believe it or not when talking to the vicar afterwards we discovered he was an ex-mover! Until recently Bill's widow Betty subscribed to Team Brief.

Back onto the subject of Jubilee Medals. When I arrived in Akrotiri in late 1977 everyone gave me strange looks when they spotted the medal ribbon. On asking why? I was told that in Cyprus only Officers were awarded the medal. It transpires that each unit were given their own option as how to award their quota - obviously in Cyprus the hierarchy looked after themselves!
More info later.




From:        Bob Dixon, Dauntsey, UK
Date:        10 December 2001 15:17
Subject:     New site


You might want to look at new site called

I dont know anything about them, but it might be of interest



[Ed:  Thanks Bob - they are now on the website Links page.]


From:       Ian Berry, West Swindon, UK
Date:        11 December 2001 05:34
Subject:    Mystery Photograph Suggestions

Hazarding a guess,  is this Thessaloniki? It's obviously the recovery of an IALCE. The aircraft behind is a C141 Starlifter otherwise known as a "Lizard."  The photo is probably taken from within another C141. The item being loaded is a M113 APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier). The guy right side is Bob Thacker and the one on the left looks like Tony Pyne. Circa 1971?

[Ed:  Correct!  That would have been during Exercise Olympic Express - that's definately Bob Thacker on the right, but I thought the chap on the left was John Evans....?   I have reached the bottom of the barrell as far as Mystery Photographs are concerned - start digging through those shoe boxes again!]


From:      James Gallagher, Nottingham UK
Date:      12 December 2001 07:39
Subject:   Greetings

Hi Tony,

Once again sorry for not being in touch more. Life is pretty full at present. Have just come back from a business trip to Dubai where I met with Frank Kennedy. As you know Frank is researching for a book on RAF Sharjah.  He is very keen to get hold of any photographs or stories for the book.  If anybody out there has any contributions Frank would be highly grateful.  Please send to:

Frank Kennedy
PO Box 5203,
Deira, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
His e-mail address
Fax 0097143353107...

Have a very merry xmas and new year

Rgds James Gallagher

[Ed:  Thanks James - I know Frank will appreciate this.]


From:     Ian Berry, West Swindon, UK
To:         Gordon Gourdie, Euxton, UK
Date:      Thu, 13 Dec 2001 09:36:00 -0000
Subject:   Roll of Honour


Your chance to correct history! Either forward to me your GSM details with clasps and last 3 or send direct to Tony Gale for inclusion on the medal list.



From:     Gordon Gourdie, Euxton, UK
Date:      Thursday, December 13, 2001 10:40 AM
Subject:   Re: Roll of Honour

141 Gourdie - GSM with clasp South Arabia.  Funny thing - I was looking at the roll of honour and I know for sure that of all those that have the Radfan clasp only two actually served there.Whereby of those who have the South Arabia clasp at least 14 had served in the Radfan.  Is that British justice or what?  Further, I,  along with Tony Searle (I think), were the last MAMS people to leave the Radfan and the air was still full of lead!



Jack Riley,  down-under in Queensland, came across some funny newspaper headlines that he thought we all might enjoy:

Actual Newspaper Headlines

Safety Experts Say School Bus Passengers Should Be Belted

Drunk Gets Nine Months In Violin Case

Survivor Of Siamese Twins Joins Parents

Iraqi Head Seeks Arms

Prostitutes Appeal To Pope

Panda Mating Fails;  Veterinarian Takes Over

Eye Drops Off Shelf

Plane Too Close To Ground, Crash Probe Told

Miners Refuse To Work After Death

Juvenile Court To Try Shooting Defendant

Two Sisters Reunited After 18 Years In Checkout Counter

Killer Sentenced To Die For Second Time In 10 Years

Cold Wave Linked To Temperatures

Enfield Couple Slain;  Police Suspect Murder

Red Tape Holds Up New Bridge

Typhoon Rips Through Cemetery, Hundreds Dead

Man Struck By Lightning Faces Battery Charge

British Unions Find Dwarfs In Short Supply

Ban On Soliciting Dead In Trotwood

Local High School Dropouts Cut In Half

Steals Clock, Faces Time

Sex Education Delayed, Teachers Request Training

Include Your Children When Baking Biscuits


New on the site this week?   I have been busy updating the Roll of Honour page - that particular item seems to have sparked a lot of interest - and I have a lot more names to add from Kosovo, the Former Yugoslavia and Southern Turkey/Northern Iraq.

There are two new photographs, the one in Images 2000 is a group shot taken at a medal presentation last year, and the other in Images 1980 is of the War Memorial at Stanley in the Falklands along with a close-up of the RAF participants which includes the Mobile Air Movements Squadron.

With the Christmas holidays just around the corner you have only 6 days left to get your greetings into me for publication in the last issue of the Old Boys Briefs for this year (cut-off date is the 21st December).  Send to:'s Greetings!"


Well that's it for this week.

Have a great weekend

Best regards