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OBA Member David Howley's contribution and best wishes for a Happy Holiday is always well received.



Young Charles & Elaine Collier from "Christmas Past"
send greetings to all OBA members for a very
Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year!


The first Christmas celebrated in Britain is thought to have been in York in 521AD

From: John Holloway, Shrewsbury
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2007 08:39
Subject: Cosford

Hi Tony

Called into Cosford Museum briefly this morning; bright beautiful sunny and clear blue sky but cold.

The Bristol Britannia is still parked outside and is nearly compete in it's repaint The top half is now in the colours of Royal Air Force Air Support Command and is painted as XM497; the bottom half is yet to be completed.

As you probably know the Short Belfast ENCELADUS is now in the Cold War Museum and is the first time that it has been totally under cover since it was manufactured; she's parked alongside the York and Hastings with a DC3 suspended overhead.

There has been talk of repainting the Comet in RAF colours as Cosford represents the RAF but she is at least now undercover but still in BOAC colours.



From: David Power, Lyneham
Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2007 09:35
Subject: Re: UKMAMS OBB #120707

Hi Tony,

I went to the latest top table lunch at Lyneham yesterday and everyone was raving about the OBA site. Keep up the good work.

Merry Christmas to you and all movers worldwide.


Paddy Power

In Greece, Italy, Spain and Germany, workers get a Christmas bonus of one month's salary by law.

From: David Stevens, Bangor 
Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2007 07:26
Subject: OBB #120707

Well Tony,  you out did yourself this time. The research you do - unbelievable. You have blown my cover completely....lol I am now en route for Bangladesh

From: Martin Weir, Melton Mowbray 
Sent: Friday, December 07, 2007 14:43
Subject: RE: Latest newsletter

Dear Tony,

I really like the style of your newsletter and enjoyed reading it tonight. The idea of food parcels for the troops is an excellent one as well and I wasn't aware we could do that. I'll get something in when shopping tomorrow.

I see you are in Ottawa. My cousin normally lives there but is out on UN peacekeeping tour in Southern Sudan with the Canadian Army this Christmas.

Anyway thanks again and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Martin Weir
Nice Airplanes Limited

Christmas pudding was originally a soup made with raisins and wine.

From:  Mal Porter, London
Sent: Friday, December 07, 2007 05:38
Subject: Re: UKMAMS OBB #120707


Given that my recent meeting with Babs Sugg went so well, it seemed that the opportunity for other Old Bods should not be lost. So may I repeat my previous invitation for anyone wishing to attend the CL44 Association re-union in 2008 please do get in touch.

I can 'co-opt' Peter Clayton to arrange a 'Bash' within a 'Bash'


Mal Porter

From: Andrew Kay, Stafford VA 
Sent: Thursday, December 06, 2007 21:15
Subject: RE: UKMAMS OBB #120707

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the latest edition of the Old Bods newsletter, as usual it made for good reading. I just wanted to get my Christmas greetings in to everybody that remembers me, to those who have never heard of me, and to everyone that gets the Old Bods newsletters! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all!

Well we had out first dusting of snow in Virginia yesterday but I have a feeling its nothing compared the amount that Tony had. My sister lives in Toronto and she got 10" of snow so I am betting Tony was somewhere in that area as well. Also just to let you know Tony, I am still searching for those photos you asked for. I know they are here somewhere, but the question is where exactly?

I wanted to also pass along something that may be of interest to all those readers that live in the far flung corners of the world. An old friend of mine from my days in Oman came to stay with me over the Thanksgiving holiday and he brought with him a form for me so I could apply for the UK Armed Forces Veterans Lapel Badge. If you are not familiar with this (like me), it is something that the UK Government has decided to give (award?) to anyone that served in the Armed Forces as a way to identify them as veterans (at least I assume that's what it is for). The form is available online and you just have to provide some basic information on yourself and send it back to the Veterans Agency. My mate took the form back with him and mailed it for me, and today, less than a month later, my lapel badge came in the mail. It's a nice thing and quite honestly it gave me a little pride to receive it. It's not a big deal, but it is a reminder of something that I still look on with a great deal of fondness. Anyway, you can find the form here -


So go and print the thing, fill it out and send it off to the UK (or you can fax or e-mail it). To try and spread the flood of applications a little they have been issuing these lapel badges based on your discharge date, and right now it goes all the way up to December 1994 - so most of us old farts should be good to go!

Another thing I thought about for the website that I would like to propose to our esteemed webmaster is to maybe have a "Do you know where they are" section. I know we can find all those ex-movers that are actually registered on the website but I sometimes wonder about other people I knew and what they are doing now or if anyone has a clue where they are. When I got out of the mob I was stationed at Brize, and my shift presented me with one of those copper etchings of a VC10 which the shift signed the back of (it hangs now on the wall of my office) and even now I wonder what happened to some those reprobates. So maybe people can throw out a few names and see if anyone knows what happened to them. So here's one. I sometimes wonder what happened to Sharon Frost, my old DAMO from Brize who was, I believe, one of the first female Movements officers in the trade. She put up with a lot of crap from the old hands but was a pretty good DAMO and I also recall that more than one of us young single blokes had the hots for her (I guess you couldn't say that now because of political correctness and the risk of sexual harassment problems!).

OK, that's enough rambling for one night.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!

Andy Kay

Kissing under the mistletoe is thought to originate with Frigga,
the Norse goddess of love, who was associated with the plant.

From: Jack Riley, Hervey Bay Qld. 
Sent: Thursday, December 06, 2007 21:58
Subject: Blighty

Hi Tony

When I was in India about the time Noah was building the ark and Pontius was training to be a pilot, we didn't need service numbers as everyone was on a first name basis and England was always referred to as Blighty

This goes back to pre-World War One days when the regiments were stationed there. The origin of the name is from the Hindustani word bilati which itself was derived from the Arabic/Urdu word wilayat, meaning a kingdom or ministry.

As I'm sure you know the troops in WW1 used to describe a serious wound as a "Blighty" which meant they would have to be sent back home.


From:  Barbara Sugg, Swindon 
Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2007 16:05
Subject: Hi There

Hi Tony,

Good to hear from you again and to see the all responses you keep receiving.

I've heard from Mal Porter again and he is giving us another visit soon, this time to bring a couple of photo's of Gwyn unseen by Mal and myself.   Mal got their pictures from Neville Marshall. Such a small world isn't it?

By the way, just a correction. Mal said he had met my new husband, Ray.  This is wrong, Ray is my new partner.  Who  knows what the future might hold though!



Babs Sugg

There are 13 Santas in Iceland, each leaving a gift for children. They come down from the mountain one by one, starting on December 12 and have names like
Spoon Licker, Door Sniffer and Meat Hook.

From:  Bruce Oram, Alicante  
Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2007 01:52
Subject: Xmas Greetings

Hi Tony,

A Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad to everyone!

It is exactly 4 years since Shirley and I arrived here on the Costa Blanca, and I must admit we are still enjoying life out here.

I was really surprised when you sent that email to me in the studio, but sad when I read the contents, telling me about Dave Barton. I am so pleased that you are back to the rudest of health and have found time and energy to resurrect the website. It really is great to have a vehicle where you can keep in touch with people.

To update you on what I am doing now, and no, I am not spending all my time in the sun drinking beer, well, not all of it. I have been working as a DJ on a local radio station, TKO Gold FM, for a year now and I have to be honest I love it. I worked on hospital radio for 12 years in the UK before coming out here and got the bug. I host the “Nightride” show from 6-9pm our time Monday to Friday and the interaction with the public on the phone is great.

 On a regular basis there are three of us ex movers and wives who get together for a meal and a chat, that is Shirley and myself, Norman Stamper and Gill and Colin Menmuir and Marion (when they are out here). You could say we have our own Costa Blanca Movers Association.

Next year we are hoping for an even larger get together, as Syd Avery is out here now, and Pete and Jean Cowan along with Dougie Murray don’t live too far away.

If it all comes off I will send you the photos.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year

Bruce Oram

From: Charles Cormack, Lyneham 
Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2007 12:31
Subject: Mover Moved

Hi Tony

I have recently moved but have been on the site and got the updates so am reasonably up to date with everything.

I now live just off the flight path to Lyneham next to the post office in Lyneham Village and get woken up every Thursday morning bright and early by the old DC8 freighter coming in from Basra.

We are still settling in and have a few things to sort out still but I did contact Baz Hughes in Thailand and also Mike Green about the oil lift.

Currently minus 4 here at nights and the old bones are feeling the cold more nowadays.

Bye for now



From:  Basil Hughes, Pattaya
Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2007 19:16
Subject: OBA Christmas Newsletter

Dear Tony and all ex MAMS personnel,

Firstly Tony, thank you very much for all your hard work getting everyone back together. You have given me a lot of pleasure and brought back many memories.

Here in Thailand it is going to be a very dry run up to the holiday as no alcohol is allowed to be sold from 6 pm on Friday evening until midnight on Sunday on the two weekends before Christmas.

I shall be thinking about you all and will raise a a glass to you  (maybe my wife, Neeanne, will let me have a beer that day). We had some very good times and good friends.

My wife's name is actually Khong Lomnak but the nickname by which she is known is Neeanne. She is Thai but comes from part of Thailand near the border with Cambodia so her native language is Camin.

I have five step-children and one step-grandson so they, along with the teaching, keep me very busy indeed.

Have you ever seen how one computer can amuse so many?

May I take this opportunity to wish all ex-Movers a very Happy Christmas and may we all have a Peaceful New Year.

Every Blessing

Bas Hughes
(Ex Cpl UKMAMS 1963-5)

Here's a dark horse for you - Bas is a recognised authority on the history of Pembrokeshire and has published 11 books on the subject. Read more here: http://www.cenquest.co.uk/Basil.htm


New members recently joined are:

Andy Zimmer from Haverfordwest, Wales

Roger Gough from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Welcome to the OBA!

From: Hugh Thompson, Swindon 
Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2007 19:50
Subject: OBA Christmas Newsletter

Hello Tony

Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year to all those who knew me.

Lyneham Base Air Movs Sqn 1967-70, Brize Norton Base Air Movs Sqn 1970-73, prior to that Bahrain, Malaysia and Northern Ireland.


Hughie Thompson


Although now mostly vegetarian, in Victorian times, mince pies were made with beef and spices.

From:  William Nangle, Kingston ON 
Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2007 22:01
Subject: OBA Christmas Newsletter


Greetings from a very cold and snowy Kingston!! I've been sitting back reading the Briefs since you so kindly resurrected them; it's great to see names of guys I served with pop up on the screen, the old memories really do flood back.

I clearly remember near the end of our course at the Movements School being told that we had no chance of going to Lyneham or UKMAMS, we had to do penance somewhere else first (I think it was Colin Allan who told us that). So, you can imagine the big surprise seven of us had when we found out we were posted not only to Lyneham, but to UKMAMS.

You know, even after I transfered back to the Canadian Air Force in 1981, and all the units I have subsequently served with in this Air Force, none of them were quite like UKMAMS. The training was second to none, and the people were second to none.

Serving with the likes of Derek Pilkington, Tam McDonald, Dave Cromb, "Big" Bob Fishwick, John Rowbottom and Nev Whitham... I loved every bloody minute of it, and I'd do it all again in a heart beat.

A very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2008 to all of us Muppets.




From: Kevin Stanger, Calgary AB 
Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2007 23:16
Subject: OBA Christmas Newsletter
Tony, thanks for your hard work in revitalizing a great forum.

Merry Christmas to the old and bold, you were a part of history. I am disappointed at the demise of UKMAMS. Just remember, Movers are like your parents, you take them for granted until they are gone.

Safe Trails from the "Heart of the New West"

Kev Stanger
Safety Coordinator Calgary Stampede - from one cowboy outfit to another!
Calgary Alberta.

Give me a shout if you're heading to Stampede 2008
Carols began as an old English custom called wassailing, toasting neighbours to a long life.
From:  David Powell, Princes Risborough
Sent: Friday, December 14, 2007 03:29
Subject: OBA Christmas Newsletter

Hi Tony,

To all UK Bags animals old and new, Seasons Greetings from here at Princes Risborough in the shadow of the rolling Chilterns, and a special thought for the fabulous F team, Abingdon, 1967-69: Flt Sgt Les Mather, Sgt Eric Batty, worker bees Taff Price and Jack Murray and a big one for Bob Turner, then our corporal who as many of you probably know saved my life in Malta in 1968 with a pint of milk when I drank CTC (used for cleaning the Ops Board) in mistake for my bottle of lemonade (well I had just been run over by a helicopter courtesy of runaway winch). And, to those who shared with me the final fling of Gulf MAMF in 1971.

Meanwhile, life goes on: starting to prep next semester’s lectures (operations management, corporate change and project management) at Bucks New Uni Business School; another railway video to voice over next week, and Christmas heading towards us far too fast.

I am really enjoying the revived Old Bods Briefs. One thought for getting some cash across to Tony: one of us to collect say, £10 cheques in the UK by a cut off date which could be converted into a bulk Canadian money transfer order. Anybody had any experience of these things, cost etc?

Anyway, all the best to all of you and all of yours, and especially to you Tony.

David Powell

David was my team leader when I first arrived on UKMAMS back in 1968,  he was extremely prone to accidents and unfortunate misadventure.

One tale I can relate, the memory of which is probably lost to the sands of time for many. He had been in Nairobi and David had purchased a pair of 'Bondu Boots' from a street vendor just prior to their departure.  I can imagine him proudly walking up and down the aisle of the aircraft with just one boot on, trying it out for comfort and telling all what a fabulous deal he had.   Alas, there was a problem when our David tried on the other boot - 'twas two sizes too small!

So, having read that, we might come to the conclusion that sometimes things are not as they may first appear...   David has a Bio that literally left me gobsmacked...  

Click here to get the rest of the story.

From:  Malcolm Porter, London 
Sent: Friday, December 14, 2007 05:20
Subject: OBA Christmas Newsletter

Seems that those I would wish to know the whereabouts of have all gone to ground (Do I owe them money?).   In the hope that someone out there knows someone on the following list, please convey my best wishes:

John Dennis (NEAF MAMS - with us at Nairobi on Beira Fiasco)

Jim Brett (last heard of at BZN)

Bob Turner (Known to be around Swindon somewhere)

Malcolm Porter
CL44 Association


London sweetmaker Tom Smith created the first Christmas crackers in 1847, based on the sweet wrapper design.
From:  John Bell, Cairns, Qld. 
Sent: Friday, December 14, 2007 17:19
Subject: OBA Christmas Newsletter


Yours truly, with spouse Jean, dressed as a couple of cans of 4X ready to go to a fancy dress party in Canberra.

We will be in Europe and UK next year and hope to catch up with a few ex Muppets.

Here in Cairns, Tropical Queensland, it is hot (33), and dry. We are waiting for the rains (The Wet).

Hope you all have a great Xmas and Santa is very good to you.

Nil Illegitimus Carborundem.


Updated 20th December...

In a couple of hours Jean and I will be over-run with 4 rugrats. Tomorrow our son, his wife and another rugrat arrive from the UK for Xmas and the New Year. This is probably the last opportunity I will have to relax and think about those Jean & I know around Australia and beyond. We have had a very good 2007 and are looking forward to all the fun of the next couple of weeks (and then looking forward to the rest we will have when they have all gone.)

We hope your year has been a good one and your festive season is most enjoyable. We wish you all a healthy and happy 2008 and beyond.

John & Jean Bell

Cairns (Tropical Far North Queensland)

Where the temperature is 34 today and has been for the past week.

Where the sun is hot and humid and cold beer is worth its weight in gold.

Where we await the start of the “Wet” whilst floating in the pool holding (and supping)said cold drink.

From: Chris Clarke, Burlington, ON 
Sent: Saturday, December 15, 2007 06:28
Subject: OBA Christmas Newsletter

Hiya Tone!

Here I am in snowy Burlington, Ontario!  Bleeding weather! I am now a real Canadian as I just bought a snow blower, no more digging!

All I can say to the troops is “Merry Christmas!”

Those Stacker Rodney’s stole our Squadron but I have no doubt we will be back. The Crest is at St Clement Danes, thanks to Bob Dixon et al, so the phoenix will rise again, in better times!

To those still in, don’t buy a telly, don’t buy a car...  To those of us who are proud muppets, we will always be UKMAMS, they can’t take away our esprit-de-corps by a name change, Movers will always be Movers.

Ask yourselves why do we still converse/e-mail/ call each other when we have been out for years?

(1) Because we are the closest thing the RAF has to a Regiment besides the rockapes.

(2) We have been everywhere, seen it, sweated our balls off and dealt with the crap.

(3) We have met and loved the odd few of our leaders, but have been used to being sold out as a trade.

(4) We have stuck together and prospered despite the leadership we have endured.

(5) We are MOVERS!

Merry Christmas and Swift to Move!

Chris J Clarke
p.s. I can’t believe Gid Wych is a pongo! He is about as tactical as my poodle. (Actually it’s the wife’s!)

Updated on Monday 17 December, after a massive snowstorm hit Southern Ontario and Quebec:

The snowblower got a good work-out!

Here’s a picture of my family and I when I got presented to the Police Services Board as a newly promoted Staff Sgt ( same as a UK Inspector) on 13th December 2007. Some of my muppet mates might like a giggle !



Hanging stockings out comes from the Dutch custom of leaving shoes packed with food for St Nicholas's donkeys. He would leave small gifts in return.

From:  Ian Berry, West Swindon 
Sent: Saturday, December 15, 2007 08:43
Subject: Christmas Tribute

Christine joins me in sending Seasons Greetings to Movers everywhere, be they serving or retired.

The memory of this unique squadron, UKMAMS, will forever continue through the memories and continued input from all those who served on it. I am still discovering what a privilege it was to work with so many genuine good guys and I feel I am still part of the family we seem to have created.

We hope 2008 becomes a good year for one and all, especially those still serving and in hostile climes.

Stay safe,

Ian Berry


They may date back to Pagan traditions, but the earliest known reference to a Christmas tree is in a German pamphlet from 1570.
From: Don Stewart, Lincoln 
Sent: Saturday, December 15, 2007 15:19
Subject: OBA Christmas Newsletter

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

After signing into the OBA a couple of weeks ago, I received a phone call with a voice I hadn't heard for more years than I care to remember (35) and it was instantly recognisable as Norrie Radcliffe. I still had the tendency, even after all these years, to say, "Yes Boss." It must have been all the Gin & Tonics!

For those of us in the food industry we'll be glad when it's all over as it is almost the most difficult time of the year trying to work out who's going to buy what and more significantly when. Rocket science is much easier than trying to predict what supermarkets are going to do next.

I think we're going to have a Polish Christmas, as that seems to be where most of the work force is from these days. The good thing is they do a good line in Polish Vodka and the toasts go on for hours.

Once again, best wishes to all, good health and a wee dram for a toast to the future, especially to all those stll serving in the far flung corners of what used to be the Empire.

Don Stewart

From:  Barrie Wilson, Weymouth
Sent: Sunday, December 16, 2007 06:11
Subject: OBA Christmas Newsletter


A very merry Christmas to all current and ex UKMAMS.  I will always refer to us as UKMAMS,  just can't get used to the new handle.

Have a great festive season and brilliant new year.

The very best regards.

Barrie Wilson ( Tug )


Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer was invented for
a US firm's Christmas promotion in 1938.

From: Bob Dixon, Dauntsey 
Sent: Sunday, December 16, 2007 11:31
Subject: UKMAMS OBA - Christmas message and memories

Hi Tony

As the year moves to its end, may I use your columns to send a greeting to all Movers, past and present, Regular and ‘Oggie’, for a fine Christmas and a great New Year of 2008.

Towards the end of September 2008 we are holding the ‘big weekend’ Reunion at RAF Lyneham with events running though from Friday evening to Sunday morning. The highlight will be the Dinner in the Sergeants Mess on the Saturday evening when we hope to have as many Movers and their partners as possible to celebrate with a memorable night! Anyone privileged to have attended the WO and SNCO ‘Top Table Lunches’ in the Sergeants Mess each November will know what a great atmosphere it generates in that Mess and this will be the first time we have been able to use their facilities for a Reunion. We can only do this every 4 or 5 years and I do hope that we will get a high turnout to show that we still care about keeping up the traditions of UKMAMS and supporting those currently serving in No 1 AMW. Apart from that, what better excuse for a jar or 5 to catch up with old friends and put the world to rights? There will be more info in the near future after the publication of the next Team Brief in early January and you kindly said that we could put full details on the OBA Website in the near future.

As I look back to UKMAMS days between 1983-5 when I had the privilege of commanding the Squadron, I am reminded of the two New Year celebrations I enjoyed on task. Each year I insisted that Jimmy Stewart, the legendary Mobile Ops Officer, stood down the standby Team Leader so that I could take his place (thus allowing the junior officer to go home and celebrate!). Instinct told me that there is always a ‘panic’ task that comes up between Boxing Day and the New Year and, sure enough, the task arose to take spares for the RN (bless them) to Singapore arriving on December 29th following the usual route stops outbound. All went well and then I suggested to the crew that they could volunteer to go on to Hong Kong to sweep up any outstanding cargo ‘as we were already nearly there.’ Unfortunately, 38 Group were not impressed by this fine offer and ordered us to stay on schedule, thus having to celebrate New Year’s eve in Colombo rather than the Far East.

However, on start up, a divine unserviceability intervened which led eventually to a 24 hour delay - and we returned to our top hotel in Singapore to celebrate the New Year by drinking the toast to “Auntie Betty” at 3 different times: at midnight in Singapore itself, as the most easterly MAMS Team on the planet. Next, 8 hours later sitting down for the full English breakfast to coincide with New Year in the UK (see the picture at right – missing is FS Last who was taking the picture. Hats are in position but ties have yet to be put on by some).  We celebrated start of the New Year in Lyneham and, finally, by running up and down the Hercules en route to Colombo (to the distress of the front deck crew) we celebrated the arrival of the New Year in Las Vegas (Nellis) where our most westerly MAMS Team was on task! At least, I think that was the order, but I cannot for some reason recall clearly what the exact sequence should have been!!

There was a rumour that a couple of blokes decided to volunteer for the standby team duty for the following New Year period in case the boss found another great place to be .... and the story of the last minute task to Nellis, that got us there on December 30th, in time for the American stand-down for the New Year which we then celebrated via San Diego, Los Angeles and the Las Vegas Old Strip is a story for another day! So do stories of visits, in later years, as ‘Chief Blanket Stacker’ (Stafford) and ‘Chief Oggie’ (Brize) to regulars and reservists serving in Northern Ireland, Split, Bosnia, Kuwait and Pristina ....

My thanks again to you all for your hard work, spirit, bloody-mindedness, lunatic pranks, sobriety and great company over the years – it makes one proud, if battered, to have been a ‘Mover’!



R Dixon
Gp Capt (Retd)

United Kingdom Mobile Air Movements Squadron Association

4624 (County of Oxford) Movements Squadron Old Comrades Association

01666510389 (Office)
07884110631 (Mobile)

From:  Kumar Mohindra, Doha 
Sent: Sunday, December 16, 2007 13:45
Subject: OBA Christmas Newsletter

Hello Tony

Best wishes for the season to you and yours from me and mine and also to the wider friends and families of the 'OBA Network'

Merry Christmas and heartiest wish for a healthy, proserpous and Happy New Year to all!

Regards from Kumar (Mo) & Christine Mohindra


James Pierpont's 1857 song Jingle Bells was first called
One Horse Open Sleigh and was written for Thanksgiving.

From:  Reg Tudor, Bridgetown
Sent: Monday, December 17, 2007 13:47
Subject: OBA Christmas Newsletter

Just to say to all movers and shakers, have a peaceful and safe Xmas wherever you are.

My wife and I will be in New Jersey and will raise a glass to everyone.

Long live the Hercules and bring back the Belfast, Argosy and Beverley!

Merry Xmas

Reg Tudor

From: Ian Sloan, Aberlour, Banffshire
Sent: Monday, December 17, 2007 15:49
Subject: OBA Christmas Newsletter

Thanks for the Briefs, they are well recieved.

It's a pity there are not more ex FEAF MAMS joining, but maybe next year will see some come out of the woodwork.

Anyway a very Happy Christmas to everyone and I hope the new year bodes well for all.

Thanks Tony, keep up the good work.

Ian Sloan

Robins on cards were a joke 150 years ago when
postmen wore red tunics and were named after them.

From:  David Eggleton, Abingdon 
Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2007 13:51
Subject: OBA Christmas Newsletter

Hi Tony,

"Very Happy Christmas" to all the many friends I made whilst on UKMAMS at Abingdon and Lyneham.

May I mention from our Abingdon days, Sandy Percival Sandiford who has Alzheimers, and is in a specialist home near Bicester. Sandy will spend the rest of his days in the home, he is very well looked after. Terry, his wife, is doing very well under the circumstances. Should any old friends wish to phone her, the number in Abingdon is 01235-529887.  If you prefer to send an e-mail to me for Terry, I will pass it on.  I plan to visit him in the new year.

Kindest Regards,


From: James Marchant, Carterton  
Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2007 05:28
Subject: Christmas Greetings

Wishing you and all your readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Jim and Mary Marchant

The donkey has the loudest fart in the animal kingdom.
From:  Paul Newman, Peterborough 
Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2007 13:26
Subject: Seasons Greetings

Hi Tony,

To all members that made Air Movements & particularly UKMAMS the best posting there was, have a Brilliant Christmas and a Great 2008!

Paul Newman

From:  Paul Amies, Swindon
Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2007 17:15
Subject: Photo Request

Hi Tony,

The Movements School is collecting photo's of movers at work for a display to be put on the wall of the schools main corridor and would welcome any photo's that members could send in. We are looking at mounting 3 x large boards covering the period 1944 to present day, featuring all aspects of the trade. The project deadline is end of Jan 08.

If you have any pics please send them to me at the following address:  paulamies@hotmail.co.uk 

Many thanks and a Merry Christmas to all,



Upside-down artificial Christmas trees are sold to
allow more gifts to be piled underneath them.

From:  Ken Browne, Aylsbury  
Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2007 06:22
Subject: OBA Christmas Newsletter


Best of health and wealth to all the Old Bods and their families, that includes you, and thanks for all your efforts with the Old Bods Briefs.

Ken Browne

('E' Team - early 70's)
From:  Peter Clayton, Wroughton
Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2007 09:03
Subject: OBA Christmas Newsletter


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all 'Old Bods'.

For the Swindon area 'locals', how about a drinks meet & greet somewhere over the holidays? I will be off work so cannot read my e-mails but if anyone fancies a drink call me on my mobile 07962-778899 and I will get the bike out!

Keep up the good work Tony.

One for thought, how about an ex-Movers, ex-Heavylift re-union, any takers?

Cheers for now



The Greeks celebrate Christmas on January 7, according to the old Julian calendar, while
Xmas presents are opened on New Year's Day.

From:  David Cromb, Brisbane, Qld. 
Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2007 15:02
Subject: Xmas 2007

G' day Tony,

Thanks for the last brief mate, as always most enjoyable reading. Nice to see some names of the past popping up, ie; Dave Moss. Dave & I were on Lima team for a few years together. I shall of course contact Dave directly asap.

Dunno if this will make the deadline for cutoff mate, but just wanted to wish everybody & their families a safe and happy New Year. As always, we all wish for a better year next year.

To those away from their wives, lovers, girlfriends, friends & families serving their country, stay safe, and we hope your homecoming is not too far away.

To you my friend a big thank you for time & effort, and costs, putting together such a great site, thank you.

We hope you stay well mate, have a good safe Xmas & New Year.

Cheers for now everybody,