January Exercise Joint Spear Coltishall, UK to Norway Fg Off Geoff Elliott plus 5. Deployment of 54 Squadron (Jaguars) to Norway
January Special UK to Muharraq, Bahrain and return Flt Lt Jerry Babington, Sgt Nicholson (JATE) plus 1. Rotation of Conway engine at Bahrain
January Special Odiham, UK FS Arthur Coles plus 5. Loading a Puma helicopter for Belize
February Special UK to Moffett NAS, USA Sqn Ldr John Maling plus 2. Deployment of classified freight to San Francisco
February Special St Mawgan, UK to Bardufoss, Norway
FS Terry Hoy, Cpl Ian Bell & SAC Alan Webb. Deployment of Royal Marines to Norway
February Exercise Spring Train Gibraltar to UK Fg Off Forbes-Patterson, FS Terry Hoy, Cpl Ian Bell, SAC Alan Webb plus 2. Recovery of Buccaneer squadron to UK
February Exercise Katherine Wheel Coltishall, UK to Bodo, Norway Fg Off Forbes Paterson, FSgt Terry Hoy, Sgt Trev Edwards, Cpl Lionel Earnden plus 2. Deployment of 41 Squadron (Jaguars) from Coltishall to Norway
February Exercise Locked Gate Gibraltar to UK FSgt Bert Wilford, Sgt Mac Bernhardt, Cpl Guss Cobb, SAC Colin Pay plus 1. Recovery of elements of UKLF to UK
March Special Prestwick, UK to Maguire AFB, USA Fg Off Andy Spinks plus 5. Collection of Royal Navy freight from Prestwick for delivery to USA
March Exercise Hardfall UK to Oslo, Norway Sgt Terry Titterington plus 1. Delivery of UKLF freight to Oslo
March Special Leuchars, UK to Wittmundhafen, Germany
FG Off Rod Elliott plus 5. Deployment of 111 Squadron (Phantoms) from Leuchars to Germany
March Special Masirah, Oman and Karachi, Pakistan Fg Off Rod Elliott plus 5. Reforce of Air Movs Masirah and delivery of Red Cross supplies to Pakistan
March Special Athens, Greece Sgt Terry Mulqueen plus 2. Transfer of load during airframe change at Athens
April Special Yumdum, Gambia to UK Sgt Mick Day plus 2. Recovery of 1Bn QLR (Queens Lancashire Regiment) and 20 Field Squadron RE from Gambia to UK
April Operation Tansor Leuchars, UK to Marham, UK Sgt Dave Wilkin plus 2. Recovery of 57 Squadron (Victors) from Leuchars to Marham
April Squadron Exchange Lossiemouth, UK to Coningsby, UK Fg Off Forbes Patterson, FS Terry Hoy, Cpl Dinger Bell, SAC Alan Webb plus 2. Deployment of 8 Squadron (Shackletons) from Scotland to Coningsby
April RA Ranges Germany to Benbecula, Scotland Sgt Terry Mulqueen, Cpl Brian Kingdom plus 1. Delivery of Rapier Missiles from 1BAOR Germany stocks for use on the RA Ranges in the Hebrides
April TAVR Exchange UK to Norfolk NAS, VA, USA Flt Lt Barry Shevlin plus 5. Deployment of elements of UKLF to USA
May The beginning of May was very busy for the squadron. The reinforcement of Northern Ireland occurred over the period 29 April - 02 May and involved 4 teams at Aldergrove and all base personnel at Lyneham. The airlift went very smoothly with approx 80 aircraft involved with an average turnround time of 20 mins.
May Operation Banner Lyneham, UK to Belfast, UK
General strike in Northern Ireland - Deployment of specialists to maintain essential services and airlift of bread from Liverpool
May Special UK to Vancouver, BC, Canada Sgts Al Potts & Alan Soane plus 1. Delivery of ships propellers to Vancouver for an LCT which had run aground
May Exercise Bold Guard Honington, UK to Karup, Denmark Flt Lt Don Fell, FS Terry Alfonso plus 1. Deployment of personnel and eqpt from 12 Squadron (Buccaneers) from Honington to Denmark
May Squadron Rotation Bruggen, Germany to Decimomannu, Sardinia and return to UK FS Dave Barton plus 5. Recovery of 41 Squadron (Jaguars) to UK and deployment of 15 Squadron (Jaguars) from Bruggen to Sardinia
May RA Range Exchange Benbecula, Hebrides Ranges to Germany FS Terry Hoy, Cpl Ian Bell & SAC Alan Webb. Recovery of rapier equipment of 12 AD Regt RA from Hebrides Ranges to Germany
May Squadron Rotation Waddington, UK to Goose Bay, NL, Canada and return Sgt Mick Day plus 2. Deployment of 9 Squadron (Vulcans) to Goose Bay and recovery of 208 Squadron (Bucaneers) from Goose to Honington
May Special Wake Island to UK Sgt Terry Titterington, Cpl Bruce Oram, SAC Phil Smith plus a Supplier. Recovery of RAF elements and equipment from Wake Island on the close down of the RAF Detachment
May Exercise Bold Guard Lossiemouth, Scotland  to Aalborg, Denmark Sgt Jerry Meijer plus 2. Deployment of personnel and equipment of 849 RNAS (Fairey Gannets) from Lossiemouth to Denmark
June Special Lyneham, UK to Machrihanish, UK Cpls George Lynes & Paul Weir. Offload Allison engine and change kit for u/s Herc in Scotland
June Special Sola/Stavanger, Norway to Prestwick, UK
Flt Lt Len Henry plus 5. Recovery of 819 NAS (Sea Kings) from Norway to Prestwick
June Missile Exchange Benbecula, UK to Germany and return FS Karl Graffham plus 5. Recovery of 50 Missile Regt (Lance) from the Hebrides Ranges to Germany and the deployment of 37 Squadron (Rapiers) in reverse
June Exercise Cellulose Wyton, UK FS Gwyn Sugg Plus 2 Recovery of personnel and equipment of 39 Squadron (Canberras) from Oerland to UK.
June Special Upavon, UK Sgt Terry Titterington, Cpl Foddy Newland, SAC Smith plus 1. Recovery of 38 Gp Field Hospital from Deptford Downs to Odiham
June Paris Air Show Le Bourget, Paris, France Flt Lt Chris Hicks, FS Taff Davies, Sgt Terry Titterington, Cpl Ian Newlands, SACs Bruce Oram & Ivan Viennau . Providing Movements support to Air Show
June Paris Air Show Coningsby, UK to Le Bourget, Paris, France Sgt Bob Satterley plus 3. Deployment of support personnel and equipment from the Battle of Britain Flight from Coningsby to France for the Paris Air Show
June Squadron Rotation Wethersfield, UK to Aalborg, Denmark and return FS John Rowbottom plus 2. Recovery of 56 Squadron (Phantoms) from Aalborg to UK and recovery of 723 Squadron RDAF (Starfighters) from UK to Denmark
June Special Leuchars, Scotland to Aalborg, Denmark then Bodo Norway and return to UK FS Karl Grafham plus 6. Deployment of 111 Sqn (Phantoms) from Leuchars to Norway, delivery of Skackleton spares at Aalborg on the way out and recovery of 22 SAS from Norway to UK
July Belize was the focal point of the Squadron’s attention this month. Early on the squadron was on standby to deploy to Belize to support the Hercules and VC10 fleets. Although tasking carried on normally at this stage only consisted of the usual NW Europe exchanges and Missex’s. On the 4-5 July, UKMAMS Teams were ordered to various locations around the world in readiness for the Belize reinforcement. Fg Off Burnell and Sgt Al Potts were sent to Bermuda while Fg Off Dick Leonard and two men were despatched to Nassau. Fg Off Glew who was in Belize at the time was reinforced by Flt Lt’s Len Henry and Don Fell and their teams. Some 80 aircraft sorties were sent out to Belize through Bermuda and coming back through Nassau.
July 2nd Belize Emergency
Wittering, UK to Belize, British Honduras
Flt Lt Powling, Fg Offs Kay and Macleman plus 22. Deployment of 1 Squadron (Harriers) to Belize
July 13 Squadron Recovery Villa Franca, Italy to Luqa, Malta
Fg Off Geoff Eliott plus 6. Recovery of 13 Squadron (Canberras) from Italy to Luqa, Malta
July Special Odiham, UK FS John Bell plus 5. Offload of Puma helicopter after rotation in Belize
July Trooping Edinburgh, Scotland Sgt Derek Coles. Deployment of 1Bn RRF from Scotland to Norway and receiving elements of the Norwegian Army
July Reforce Luqa, Malta Fg Off Rod Elliott plus 5. Reforce of RAF Luqa Movements Squadron and deployment  of 13 Squadron (Canberras) from Malta to Villa Franca
July Exercise Pond Jump West Leuchars, Scotland to Namao, AB, Canada FS Sam Heaphy, Cpl Brian Kingdom plus 2. Deployment of RM Cdo from Scotland to Namao
July Special Thule AFB, Greenland to UK Fg Off Macleman plus 2. Recovery of Expedition SnoCats and freight to bulkout from Greenland to UK
July Royal UK to Gutersloh, Germany and return Sgt Dave Wilkin plus 2. Deployment and recovery of Royal cars to and from Germany
July Special UK to Cape Canaveral, FL, USA Fg Off Geoff Elliott plus 2. Delivery of classified material for onmove to HM Ships
August Exercise Red Flag Honington, UK to Nellis AFB, NV, USA Flt Lt Jerry Babington plus 5. Deployment of 208 Squadron (Buccaneers) from Honington to USA
August Troop Rotation UK to Timehri, Guyana and return Fg Off Andy Spinks plus 2. Rotation of Guyana Defence Force and 1Bn Anglian Regiment between UK and Guyana
August Exercise Giant Voice Waddington, UK to Barksdale AFB, LA, USA Flt Lt Barry Shevlin, FS Tony Harris plus 4. Deployment of 35 Squadron (Vulcans) to Barksdale AFB for US Bombing Competition
August Squadron Exchange Wildenrath, Germany to Dijon France and return Deployment of 92 Squadron (Phantoms) from Wildenrath to France and redeployment of FAF Mirage Squadron to Germany
September Exercise Fork Barge Coningsby, UK to Luqa, Malta Fg Off Tim Watson plus 2. Deployment of ground support equipment to Luqa
September Missile Exchange Marham, UK to Laarbruch, Germany and return
Sgt Terry Mulqueen plus 6. Rotation of 25 Squadron (Bloodhound) missiles between UK and Laarbruch
September Special Midway Island to Scampton, UK
FS Jack Jones plus 2. Recovery of Vulcan support equipment from Pacific to Scampton
October Armament Practice Camp Wethersfield, UK to Luqa, Malta
FS John Bell plus 5. deployment of 56 Squadron (Phantoms) from UK to Malta
October Missile Exchange Marham, UK to Bruggen, Germany and return
FS Bert Wilford, Sgt Dave Bernhard, Cpl Colin Pay, SAC Gus Cobb plus 2. Rotation of Bloodhound missiles between UK and Bruggen
October Squadron Exchange Gutersloh, Germany to Rygge, Norway and return
Squadron Exchange. Flt Lt Geoff Elliott, Sgt Terry Titterington, Cpl Bruce Oram, SAC Ian Newlands plus 2. Deployment of 4 Squadron (Harriers) from Gutersloh to Norway and deployment of 336 Squadron RNoAF (Starfighters) from Norway to Germany
October Armament Practice Camp Wethersfield, UK FS John Bell plus 5. Deployment of personnel and equipment of 56 Squadron (Phantoms) from UK to Luqa for Armament Practice Camp
November Special Luqa, Malta to Bushehr, Iran FS Bob Satterley plus 2. Deployment of 13 Squadron (Canberras) and 203 Squadron (Nimrods) from Malta to Iran
November Exercise Fork Barge Luqa, Malta to Wattisham, UK
FS Gwynn Sugg plus 4. Recovery of 56 Squadron (Phantoms) from Luqa to UK
November Special Hamilton, Bermuda to UK
Fg Off Andy Spinks plus 5. Recovery of a historic aircraft from Bermuda to UK
November Belize Reforce Wittering, UK to Belize Flt Lt Mike Thomas, FS Bert Wilford, Cpl Gus Cobb, SAC Colin Pay and Keith Jevons. Deployment of 1 Squadron (Harrier) aircraft from Wittering to 1417 Flight in Belize
November Exercise Grand Prix UK to Nairobi, Kenya and return Flt Lt Don Fell plus 8. Deployment of 1Bn KOSB to Kenya and recovery of 39 Squadron RE from Kenya to UK
December Indian Disaster Relief
UK to Bombay, India
1 team deliver Red Cross vehicles to Bombay during India disaster relief programmes
December Special Tengah, Singapore to UK
FS Stu Everitt plus 2. Recovery of Royal Navy freight from Singapore to UK
December Exercise Arrow Express Fairford, UK to Lyneham, UK
Cpls Ian Newlands & George Lynes, JT Stamp. Recovery of Condec from Fairford to Lyneham
December Exercise Long Stride Nairobi, Kenya to UK FS Jack Jones plus 3 Recovery of elements of UKLF from Kenya to UK
December Special Melsbroek, Belgium to UK Sgt Ian Thomson plus 2. Recovery of 7k Transformer from Belgian Air Force Base to UK