Exercise Ferry Boat
Coningsby, UK
Fg Off Mike Thomas, FS Bert Wilford, Sgt Bernhardt, Cpl Gus Cobb, SAC Colin
Pay plus 1. Deployment of 29 Squadron (Phantoms) from UK to Luqa, Malta
UK to McClellan AFB,
CA, USA and return
Sgt Mick Day plus 2. Rotation of Sparrow Missile Rocket Motors
Woomera and
Edinburgh Field, South
Fg Off Dick Leonard plus 2. Handling/support of VC10 Flt 2247 at Woomera and
Edinburgh Field in Australia
Exercise Greentops
Beef Island, Bahamas to
Fg Off Vernon Jones plus 5. Recovery of TCW and 30 Sigs Regt after comms
exercise in the Bahamas
Amoco Cadiz Spill
Exeter to Guernsey
Sgt Bob Turner plus 2. Collection of oil dispersant equipment from Exeter and
delivery to the Channel Islands for use against the oil spillage from the MV Amoco
Lajes, Azores to
Sgt Gerry Meijer, Cpl Hugh Curran plus 2. Recovery of pax and freight of 27
Squadron (Vulcan) from the Azores to Scampton
Luqa, Malta to PAF Base
Masroor, Pakistan
Fg Off Ron Turley, Sgts Gerry Meijer & Bob Turner, Cpl Hugh  Curran, SAC Martin
Gledhill plus 1. Deployment of personnel and freight of 13 Squadron (Canberras)
from Malta to Karachi, Pakistan
Exercise Dedicated
Bruggen, Germany to
Villa Franca, Italy and
Flt Lt Geoff Elliott, FS Keith Davies, Sgt Terry Titterington, Cpl Ivan Vienneu, SACs
Ian Newlands & Bruce Oram. NATO squadron exchange. 28 Gruppo IAF (F104
Starfighter) from Italy to Bruggen and 17 Squadron (Phantom) from Germany to
Kingston, Jamaica to UK
Fg Off Burnell plus 2. Recovery of 1Bn Royal Irish Rangers from Jamaica to UK
Lusaka, Zambia to UK
Flt Lt Geoff Elliott plus 5. Evacuation of UK refugees from the conflict in
neighboring Zaire
Banjul, Gambia to UK
Fg Off Ron Turley, Sgt Gerry Meijer, Cpl Hugh Curran, SAC Chris Dalton plus 2.
Recovery to UK of 2Bn Royal Anglians
Exercise Best Focus
Rygge, Norway to
Germany and UK
Fg Off Rod Elliott plus 5. Recovery of Personnel and Freight of 2 & 41 Squadron
(Jaguars) from Norway to Germany and UK
Tacomex 6
UK to Kingsfield, Cyprus
FS Sam Heaphy plus 3. Deployment of personnel, freight and vehicles of TSW/30
Sigs Regt to Dhekelia, Cyprus for a comms exercise
Binbrook, UK
Fg Off Ron Turley, Sgts Gerry Meijer & Bob Turner. Cpl Hugh Curran, SACs
Martin Gledhill plus 1. Deployment of personnel and equipment of 11 Squadron
(Lightnings) from UK to Malta
Exercises Jetstream and
Sandy Roads
UK to Bermuda and
FS Ken Teasdale plus 2. Recovery of Bermuda Regiment from UK and recovery of
TCW from Bermuda to UK
Squadron Exchange
Coltishall, UK to
Lechveld, Germany and
Flt Lt Len Henry plus 2. Recovery of 32 Squadron GAF (Starfighters) from UK to
Germany and 41 Squadron (Jaguars) from Germany to UK
Unit Exchange
UK to Accra, Ghana and
Flt Lt Len Henry plus 3. Deployment of elements of 1 Bn Irish guards to Ghana
and recovery of elements of Ghanian Army back to UK
Sculthorpe, UK to Malta
and return to
Flt Lt Powling plus 2. Deployment of 100 Squadron (Canberras) to Malta and
recovery of 8 Squadron (Shackleton) to Lossiemouth
Wunstorf,  West
Germany to Berlin
Fg Off Dick Leonard, FS Al Potts, Sgt Speedy Soane, Cpl Stretch Weir, SAC Dick
Bullimore plus 1. No-notice recovery of 1Bn Welsh Guards from West Germany to
Exercise Giant Voice
UK to Barksdale, LA,
Flt Lt McLeman plus 2. Deployment of Vulcan support equipment and personnel
to Louisiana in Support of Bombing Competition hosted by US 8th Air Force
Lebanon Crisis
Fiji to Tel Aviv, Israel
Movement of Fijian troops to Israel for peacekeeping duties in Lebanon
Exercise Bold Guard
Coltishall, UK to
Fg Off Tim Watson plus 11. Deployment of personnel and equipment of 6, 41 & 54
Squadron (Jaguars) from UK to Denmark
Missile Exchange
Sculthorpe, UK to
Bruggen, Germany and
Fg Of Eric Howlett plus 5. Rotation of Bloodhound Missiles of 25 Squadron
between UK and Bruggen
Waddington, UK to Bodo
Sgt Taylor plus 3. Deployment of personnel and freight of 50 Squadron (Vulcans)
from Waddington to Norway
RSAF Ronneby,  Sweden
to UK
Flt Lt McLeman plus 5. Recovery of Bloodhound missiles from Sweden to UK.
Missile Exchange
UK to Wildenrath,
Germany and return
Fg Off Ian Drake, Sgt Hope Irvine, Cpl Barrie Wilson, SAC Ian Bell plus 2. Rotation
of Bloodhound missiles between UK and Wildenrath
Exercise Giant Voice
Barksdale, LA, USA to
Flt Lt Len Henry plus 5. Recovery of Vulcan ground equipment from Louisiana to
Exercise Medicine Man
UK to Calgary, AB,
Canada and return
FS Alan Soane, Cpl Paul Weir and SAC Dick Bullimore. Rotation of Battle Group
personnel in Alberta
Odiham, UK
Flt Lt Dick Leonard plus 4. Offload Puma helicopter from Belize after rotation
Cyprus APC
Sculthorpe, UK to
Akrotiri, Cyprus and
Turin, Italy to UK
Fg Off Vernon Jones plus 2. Deployment of personnel and equipment of 100
Squadron (Canberras) to Akrotiri and recovery of 2 x RB199 engines from Turin to
Exercise Red Flag
UK to Nellis AFB, NV,
USA and return
FS Charlie Grant, Sgt Tony Dunphy plus 1. Deployment of Adour engines to Nellis
and recovery of same plus a Spey back to UK
McClellan AFB, CA, USA
to UK
Flt Lt Ron Turley, Sgts Gerry Meijer and Bob Turner, Cpl Hugh Curran, SAC
Martin Gledhill plus 1. Collection of sparrow missile motors from California to UK
Exercise Midlink
Kinloss, UK to Karachi,
Wg Cdr David Gamble (OC UKMAMS), FS Stu Everitt plus 1. Deployment of 120
Squadron (Nimrods) from Kinloss to Pakistan
UK to Georgetown,
Guyana and return
Flt Lt Powling plus 2. Deployment of 1 Bn Black Watch to Guyana and positiong of
Guyanan Defence Force to UK on an exchange exercise.
UK to Andros Island,
Sgt George Lynes. Supervision of the offload of a Mk24 Tigerfish Torpedo at Andros
Island in the Bahamas
George Town, Guyana
Flt Lt Guy Blyth plus 2. Recover Guyana Defence Force to Georgetown and 
elements of 1Bn Black Watch regiment from Guyana  to UK
UK to Ankara, Turkey
Flt Lt Dick Leonard, FS Alan Potts, Sgt Alan Soane, Cpl Paul Weir, SAC Dick
Bullimore plus 1. Resupply of British Embassy in Ankara
Finningley, UK to
Akrotiri, Cyprus
Flt Lt Eric Powling, FS Sam Heaphy, Cpl Dave Giles, Sgt Ian Berry (Akt Movs) plus
2. Pick up of Whirlwind Helicopter from UK for delivery to 84 Squadron Akrotiri
Iranian Emergency
Akrotiri, Cyprus
Flt Lt Dick Leonard plus 11. Reforce of Akrotiri Air Movements Squadron during
evacuation of Nationals from Tehran
MOD Special and
Exercise Med Man
UK to Ottawa, ON and
Calagary, AB, Canada
and return
Flt Lt Ron Turley, Sgt Bob Turner, Cpl Hugh Curran, SAC Martin Gledhill plus 2.
Deployment of Lynx helicopter to Ottawa for cold weather trials and recovery of
AAC Beaver aircraft from Calgary to UK