January Special UK to Montevideo, Uruguay
Wg Cdr Chris Swaithes, Sgt Tony Dunphy & Cpl Al Verth. Delivery of Wasp helicopter to Uruguay for HMS Endurance
January Exercises Magic Carpet  & Rocky Lance Seeb and Thumrait, Oman to UK Fg Off John Buchanan FS Gordon Gray plus 1. Recovery of 57 Squadron (Victors) from Oman to UK
January Rapier Exchange Benbecula, UK to Germany and return Flt Lt Guy Blyth, FS Ian Berry & SAC Jim Rice. Rotation of Rapier units from Germany to RA Hebrides Ranges
February Exercise Gold Sphinx Honington, UK to Gibraltar
PO Joe Joseph plus 5. Deployment of 208 Squadron (Buccaneers) to Gibraltar
February Exercise Green Lance Wyton, UK to Oerland, Norway
FS Syd Avery plus 5. Deployment of 39 Squadron (Canberras) to Oerland in Norway
February Special Coltishall, UK to Jever, Germany
FS Charlie Grant, Sgt Tony Dunphy, SAC Nip Betts plus 3. Deployment of 6 Squadron (Jaguars) to Jever in Germany
February Exercise Short Stretch Wittering, UK Flt Lt Guy Blyth, FG Off John Buchanan plus 26. Field deployment during Lyneham Taceval
February Special Andros Island, Bahamas to UK WO Reg Carey plus 5. Recovery of a Royal Navy Lynx Helicopter from AUTEC back to UK
March Exercise Alloy Express Wittering, UK to Tromso, Norway
Flt Lt Ian Drake plus 11. Deployment of 1 Squadron (Harriers) to Tromso
March Exercise Hardfall Bomoen, Norway FS Dave Wright attached to 50 MC Squadron RCT as Air Advisor in Norway
March Exercise Alloy Express Coltishall, UK to Bardufoss, Norway Flt Lt Guy Blyth plus 10. Deployment of 41 Squadron (Jaguars) to Bardufoss
March Exercise Jude Stay Coltishall, UK FSgt Syd Avery plus 5. Recovery of 54 Squadron (Jaguars) from Sardinia to UK
March Exercise Alloy Express Wittering, UK Flt Lt Ian Drake plus 11. Deployment of personnel and equipment of 1 Squadron (Harriers) from UK to Tromso
April There was a further increase in the workload on the Squadron during April. A total of 1080 man days were spent on Mobile tasks. The principal reason for the high level of activity within both Base and Mobile elements resulted from the decision by HM Government to send a Task Force to the Falkland islands to repel the Argentine invaders which took the islands by military invasion on 1 April. (This task to be known as ‘Operation Corporate’). In support of the Naval Task Force, the RAF commenced an airlift of stores and equipment to Wideawake Airfield, the USAF Air Base on Ascension Island, and initially a Mobile Team led by Flt Lt Jim Stewart with FS Stu Everett, Sgt John McClymont, Cpl Steve Perry, SACs Dave Salmon & Kit Kitson were deployed to the island on 2 April 1982 to set up an Airhead.
April Operation Corporate Far East FS Dave Wright plus 5. Movement of RN personnel and equipment from Far East back to UK
April Operation Corporate Gibraltar FS Ian Berry, Sgt Tony Dunphy and Cpl Chris Thistle. Reforce of Gibraltar Air Movs Flt to handle increased workload
April Operation Corporate Leuchars, UK Plt Off Simon Baxter, FS Ian Berry, SAC Neale Harrison plus 3. Movement of timber for SS Uganda to Gibraltar and missiles for use by the Task Force
April Special UK to Amman, Jordan Sgt Derek Barron plus 2. Delivery of power packs to Jordan
April Operation Corporate Kinloss, Scotland to Ascension Island. Fg Off John Buchanan, FS Gordon Gray, Sgt Tony Searle plus 3. Deployment of personnel and equipment of 120/201 Sqn (Nimrods) from Scotland to Ascension Island
May Boosted by reforce from Suppliers, the squadron had a total of 4 teams operating in Ascension, a half team in Gibraltar and 2 men in Dakar. 16 teams were created and operated during this period with the help of the Base flight. In addition to the plethora of service freight for the South Atlantic the squadron was also tasked to move tons of donated beer and adult magazines amongst others. The teams in Ascension witnessed the reception of POW’s, repatriation of the HMS Sheffield survivors and the Vulcan departing on it’s Black Buck missions
May Operation Corporate Pope AFB, NC, USA to UK FS Ian Berry, Cpls Ian Bell, Paddy Power, Steve Williams, Hammy Thompson & Smudge Smith (MAMS Eng), Uplift of munitions from US Rangers at Fort Bragg for 22 SAS in UK utilising VC10 flat floor freighter.
May Exercise Maple Flag Cold Lake, AB, Canada to Wittering UK Flt Lt Ian Drake plus 2. Recovery of 1 & 3 Squadron (Harriers) from Canada to Wittering.
May Exercise Tardy Spectre Leuchars, UK to Rygge, Norway Fg Off Joe Joseph plus 5. Deployment of 43 Squadron (Phantoms) from Scotland to Rygge in Norway
May Exercise Glade Jaunt Bruggen, Germany to Decimomannu, Sardinia Sgt Ian Newlands plus 2. Deployment of Jaguars from Germany to Sardinia
May Exercise Pond Jump West UK to Namao, AB, Canada Fg Off Joe Joseph plus 5. Deployment of 1 & 3 Sqn (Harriers) from UK to Canada
May Exercise Tardy Spectre Leuchars, Scotland to Rygge, Norway Flt Lt Hugh Raynor plus 5. Deployment of personnel and equipment of 43 Sqn (Phantoms) from Scotland to Norway
May Exercise Best Focus Coltishall, UK to Denmark Fg Off John Buchanan plus 5 . Deployment of 41 Sqn (Jaguars) to Denmark
May Nimrod Trials Kinloss, Scotland to Yuma, AZ, USA Flt Lt Peter Burch plus 2. Deployment of freight and personnel from Kinloss to USA
June This month saw the final assault on Stanley and surrender of the Argentines. The first MAMS team to deploy to Port Stanley post-surrender were Flt Lt Andy Holliday, FS Dave Wright and Cpl Steve Munday. They were quickly followed by Fg Off Kettell, Sgt Taff Price, Cpls Jim Rice & Smith, SACs Neale Harrison, Brian McVeigh and Alan Kilpatrick
June The surrender of the Argentinian Forces on the Falkland Islands enabled Long Range C-130s to land at Port Stanley Airfield, carrying vital equipment down from Ascension Island on the last leg of the long supply chain.

The UKMAMS Det Cdr, Flt Lt Holliday, is working along with the Transport and Movements Staff at HQLF Falkland Islands, running the Joint Services Air Booking Centre.  Five miles away at the airport, Fg Off Kettell and his team handle the incoming and outgoing aircraft, using all their skills to turn round the aircraft as quickly as possible with minimal handling aids and in severely cold climatic conditions.
June Work on the Airport Terminal Building is commencing, but it is still unusable, so the MAMS Team are living under canvas even though high winds have uprooted them several times. The set up is basic, and in addition there still remains the problem of mines and unexploded bombs in the vicinity.

However, the use of initiative has enabled them to acquire two ISO Containers to use as storage areas for V&A etc and bartering for food has eased conditions a little.
June The length of the Detachment is not yet known, but it is generally assumed to be 6 months, with the present sortie rate of 2 aircraft per day from Ascension, being reviewed as conditions at the Airfield gradually improve.

Throughout Operation Corporate, whatever the location, there can be no denying that UKMAMS have lived up to their motto in being “Swift to Move”.
June Exercise Fleet Buoy UK to Pisa, Italy and Souda Bay, Crete
FS Jim Cunningham plus 2. Deployment of 5 Squadron (Lightnings) to Italy and Crete
June Special UK to Cairns AAF, AL, USA & return FS Roy Armstrong plus 2. Delivery of an Auster aircraft to Cairns Museum and recovery of a Cessna L19 back to UK
June Special Dover AFB, DE, USA to UK WO Merv Corke plus 5. Collection of RHAG equipment from USA to UK utilising 10 aircraft
July The confrontation with Argentina over the Falkland Islands is over, and the British military presence, both there and in Ascension Island is to be maintained until further notice. The situation now affecting the squadron is an increased workload in manning a Movements organisation on Ascension Island involving a total of 4 officers 7 SNCOs and 24 junior ranks and providing 2 movements personnel at Dakar. In addition, the squadron is to fully man a Movements Flight at RAF Stanley, Falkland Islands with 1 officer, 2 SNCOs and 7 junior ranks (this flight drawn entirely from Mobile trained personnel). As the global establishment of Movements officers and airmen has not increased, and lack of recruiting has not provided any surplus manpower for the task, the commitments create an additional workload on the 38 Gp units providing Movements manpower. Initially, UKMAMS will provide the greater proportion of Movements manpower for Ascension Island, and the total Movements tradesmen requirement at Port Stanley airfield. For the present, we shall continue to provide personnel from MAMF for Ascension Island, Dakar and Stanley, but envisage the need to detach some personnel from BAMF to Ascension Island to allow MAMF to meet other tasking commitments. Everyone is now feeling the strain of longer hours of duty at base because of the absence of so many personnel at these overseas posts.
July Special UK to Kathmandu, Nepal and Hong Kong to Brunei and return
Fg Off Joe Joseph, FS Ian Berry, Cpl Hammy Thompson. Delivery of medical supplies to Nepal and Scout helicopter changeover between Hong Kong and Brunei
July Exercise Mallet Blow Marham, UK to Bruggen, Germany FS Alan Roper, SAC Paul Newman plus 1. Recovery of 14 Squadron (Jaguars) from Marham to Germany
July Special Dover AFB, DE, USA to UK
WO Liam Devlin plus 2. Uplift of RHAG equipment in Delaware, USA for UK
July Operation Corporate Eastleigh/Leuchars Fg Of Gavin Richardson plus 13. Onmove of 42 Commando RM from Southampton to Arbroath on their disembarkation from SS Canberra
July Lyneham - Three Airmen took part in recording a scene for the new BBC TV series “Squadron”, unloading a goat mascot (suitably kennelled) from a C130 but, regrettably having to let it escape onto a ceremonial parade ground during the AOCs Inspection.
July RA Ranges Germany to Benbecula, the Outer Hebrides, Scotland Flt Lt Peter Burch plus 5. Rotation of 15 & 36 Bty RA and 31 Sqn RAF Regt (All Rapier Batteries) between Germany and the Outer Hebrides
August Exercises Frosty Broad and Pink Barge Akrotiri, Cyprus to Wattisham, UK FS Gordon Gray, Sgt Tony Searle plus 4. Deployment of 56 Squadron (Phantoms F4J) and recovery of 11 Squadron (Lightnings) from APC in Cyprus
August Exercise Jude Stay Sculthorpe, UK to Coltishall, UK
Fg Off John Buchanan plus 2. Recovery of 6 Squadron (Jaguars) to Coltishall
August Special Offutt AFB, NE, USA to UK Fg Off Steve Heaton plus 2. Withdrawal of RAF Detachment from Offutt AFB, Omaha, Nebraska with reduction of Vulcan forces
September Tasking continued to be very heavy and in order to cope with the Mobile commitment ‘D’ Shift of BAMF was disbanded from 01 September and its 29 personnel of all ranks were employed on Mobile tasks, the other three shifts working without full stand-down to cover the 24 hours, 7 days a week station Movements commitment. This pattern will continue until 06 October.
9 September Lebanon Peacekeeping Force
Lebanon 1 team deploy with Buccaneers as peace keeping force
September Exercises Flush Bean and Fort Barge Wattisham, UK to Akrotiri, Cyprus and return
Fg Off Kettell plus 5. Deployment of 23 Squadron (F4G Phantoms) and recovery of 56 Squadron (F4J Phantoms) to and from Cyprus
September Special UK to Kathmandu, Nepal
FS Syd Avery plus 2. Deployment of RE Topographical squadron to Nepal from UK
September Exercise Trial Gabriel UK to Homestead AFB, FL, USA and rotation to Andros Island, Bahamas
Fg Off Simon Baxter, FS Ian Berry, Cpl Steve Perry, SAC Kit Kitson plus 2. Deployment of Nimrod support equipment to Florida and rotation of Stingray Torpedoes to/from Andros Island
October Exercise Fincastle UK to Whenuapi, New Zealand OC UKMAMS (Wg Cdr Chris Swaithes) plus 2. Deployment of Nimrod equipment to New Zealand for anti-submarine competition
October Special Diego Garcia to Brunei and Fiji Fg Off Bob Parker plus 2. Movement of material between Diego Garcia, Brunei and Nandi
October Special UK to Puerto Rico Plt Off Simon Baxter plus 2. Delivery of urgent freight to MV Cunard Countess and HMS Illustrious
November Exercise Storm Trail UK to Palermo, Sicily Fg Off Andy Towler plus 5. Positioning of personnel and equipment from 55 Squadron (Victors) from UK to Sicily
November Special Oerland, Norway to Wyton, UK
Fg Off Bob Parker plus 2. recovery of 1 PRU to Wyton from Norway
November Special UK to Nellis AFB, NV, USA Sqn Ldr Chas Cruse plus 2. Delivery and collection of MoD (PE) freight between UK and USA
November Exercises Ponte Vecchio and Tower Bridge UK to Ciampiano, Italy and return Sgt Dave Roberts plus 2. Exchange of units between the British and Italian Armies
November Exercise Hawkeye Laarbruch, Germany to Coltishall, UK  
December Exercise Medman Calgary, AB, Canada to UK
Fg Off Jerry Allen plus 2. Recovery of elements of UKLF from Canada to UK
December Exercise Sandy Wanderer UK to Seeb, Oman Fg Off John Buchanan, FS Gordon Gray, Sgt Tony Searle plus 3. Deployment of 39 Squadron (Canberras) from UK to Oman
December Exercise Furbelow UK to Gibraltar FS Dixie Dean plus 5. Deployment of 12 Squadron (Bucaneers) from Lossiemouth, UK to Gibraltar