January Special UK to Freetown, Sierra Leone
Sqn Ldr Jon Faulkner plus 2. Deployment of Geographical Survey Team to Sierra Leone
January Special Corpus Christi, TX, USA to UK
Sgt Steve Williams plus 2. Collection of Chinook engines for UK
January Special Odiham, UK Fg Off Mark Stephenson, FS Don Milburn, Sgt Norman Gage, Cpl Phil Ingham, SACs Dinger Bell & Karl Myers. Offload of a Puma helicopter from Belize
February Exercise Snow Goose Coningsby, UK to Bardufoss, Norway and return to Wittering, UK
FS Brian Goswell plus 3. Deployment of 41 Squadron  (Jaguars) and recovery of 1 Squadron  (Harriers) from Norway
February Special Tancos, Portugal to Gutersloh, Germany
FS Mick McMahon plus 4. Recovery of crashed Puma helicopter from Portugal to Gutersloh
February Exercise Pendulum UK to Evenes, Norway Fg Off Mark Stephenson, Sgt Norman Gage, Cpl Phil Ingham. Royal Marine Winter deployment
February RMWD 87 UK to Trondheim, Norway Flt Lt Mike Stepney, FG Off Mark Stephenson, SAC Bob Roberts. Travelling route with weekly resupply Hercules
March Exercise Curry Trail Hong Kong Fg Off Simon Fletcher plus 2. Movement of elements of UKLF within the Far East
March Special UK to Porto Santo, Madeira and South Atlantic
Fg Off Mark Stephenson, Flt Lt John Baldock, SAC Dix Dixon. Prop change and South Atlantic Lox run
March Exercise Hairy Bear Edinburgh, UK to Berlin, Germany
Flt Lt Mike Stepney plus 2. Deployment of 1 Bn Black Watch from Edinburgh to Germany
March Exercise Night Echo Lisbon, Portugal to Germany Fg Off Simon Fletcher plus 3 (including 2 RAuxAF). Recovery of elements of BAOR back to Germany
March Special UK to Harare, Zimbabwe and Mombasa, Kenya to UK Fg Off McKay plus 2. Delivery of freight to MAT in Zimbabwe and recovery of RN freight from Kenya to UK
April AUTEC UK to Cape Canaveral, FL, USA Wg Cdr Richard Mighall plus 3. Deployment of Royal Navy personnel to Florida as part of torpedo trials
April Exercise Nelson’s Glory Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to UK
Flt Lt Chris Goss plus 3. Recovery of elements of UKLF back to UK
April Exercise Palm Frond UK to Singapore Flt Lt Mike Stepney plus 1. Positioning of 101 Squadron  (VC10) Tanker support equipment in the Far East
April Exercise Pale Flax Patrick AFB, FL, USA to UK Fg Off Dick Page plus 4. Recovery of RN personnel and equipment From Florida to UK who had been involved with torpedo trials in Andros
April Exercises Northern Cross and Southern Star
UK to Sydney, NSW, Australia Fg Off Phillips. Deployment of elements of UKLF to Australia
May Exercise Maple Flag Cold Lake, AB, Canada to Coltishall, UK
Fg Off Harvey plus 2. Recovery of 6 & 41 Squadron  (Jaguars) from Canada to Coltishall
May Puma Rotation Odiham, UK Flt Lt Andy Gell plus 5. Onload and offload of a Puma to/from Belize
May Exercise Bold Guard Vaerlose, Denmark to UK
FS Colin Allen plus 3. Recovery of elements of UKLF from Denmark to UK
May Exercise Bold Guard Sollingen, Germany to UK FS Martyn Skelton plus 5 (inc RAuxAF). Recovery of elements of UKLF from Germany to UK
May Red Arrows Support Valkenburg, Holland FS George Lynes. Movements assistance to deployment and recovery of Red Arrows support equipment and personnel
May Exercise Quicksand Newcastle, UK Fg Off Jones plus 17. Support to 5 Airborne Brigade during a night operation
June Special UK to Bergen and Andoya, Norway
FS Martyn Skelton plus 5. Deployment of 360 Squadron  (Canberras) to Bergen/Andoya, Norway
June Special Stavangar, Norway FS Brian Goswell. Support to Red Arrows
June APC Binbrook, UK to Akrotiri, Cyprus and return
Fg Off Dick Page plus 2. Deployment of 5 Squadron  and recovery of 11 Squadron  (Lightnings) to Akrotiri
June Exercise Nickle Mercury UK to Grand Cayman, Bahamas Fg Off Rich Fogden plus 2. deployment of TCW & 30 Sigs Regt to Bahamas.
June Exercise Central Enterprise Coltishall, UK to Tirstrup, Denmark Fg Off Mark Stephenson, FS Ken Morris, Sgts Derek Barron & Norman Gage, SACs Dixie Dixon & Andy Rice. Deployment of 54 Squadron (Jaguars) from Coltishall to Denmark
June Squadron Exchange Coltishall,  UK to Strasbourg, France Flt Lt Andy Gell plus 2. Deployment of personnel and equipment of 6 Sqn (Jaguars) to France from Coltishall
June Exercise Aurora Express UK to Erzerum, Turkey Sqn Ldr David Thomson (OC MAMF) plus 12. NATO IALCE exercise in Turkey
July Exercise Tiger Meet Montijo, Portugal to UK Fg Off Simon Fletcher, FS Mick Mahon, Sgt Dave Roberts, SAC John Belcher & Jed Allan plus 1. Recovery of 74 Squadron  (Phantoms) after Tiger Meet in Portugal
July Tacomex Andros Island, Bahamas to UK Flt Lt Chris Goss plus 5. Recovery of 30 Sigs Regt and TCW from Bahamas to UK
July Red Arrows Kokjside, Belgium Sgt Steve Williams providing Movements support to the Red Arrows during their displays in Belgium, Luxembourg and Liverpool
July Special UK to Harare, Zimbabwe Sgt Taff Owen plus 2. Re-supply of British Military Advisory Team in Harare, Zimbabwe
July Exercise Grand Prix UK to Nairobi, Kenya and return Flt Lt Simon Fletcher, Fg Off John Baldock, Sgt Dave Roberts, SAC John Belcher. Rotation of elements of UKLF in Kenya
July Exercise Armilla UK to Bandirma, Turkey Sgt Barrow plus 2. Deployment of personnel and equipment of 208 Sqn (Buccaneers) from Lossiemouth to Turkey
August Special Gatow/Grafenwohr, Germany Delivery of coffin containing body of Rudolph Hess from Berlin to West German Authorities
August Special Benson, UK to Sigonella, Sicily Delivery of Chinook Engine (Lycoming) from Benson to Sicily utilising a 115 Squadron  Andover
October Exercise Priory Newcastle to Brawdy, UK
Fg Off Mark Stephenson, Cpls Dave Salmon & Andy Vickery, SACs Dixie Dixon, Ian Harvey & Ray Roberts. Recovery of Hawk Training Unit to Brawdy
October Exercise Red Flag UK to Nellis AFB, NV, USA Flt Lt Simon Fletcher, FS Mick Mahon, Sgt Dave Roberts, Cpl Baz Murphy, SAC John Belcher. Deployment of Tornado and Phantom support equipment to USA
November Operation Cimnel and Exercise Malins Glory UK to Fujairah, UAE and Jakarta, Indonesia to UK Fg Off Mark Stephenson, FS Don Milburn, SAC Joe Wilkes. Resupply of RN Minesweepers in the Gulf and recovery of 22 SAS from Indonesia
November Exercise Purple Warrior West Freugh, Scotland Sqn Ldr D Thompson, Fg Off Fletcher, FS Mick Mahon, Cpl Baz Murphy, SAC John Belcher plus 6. Support to 5 Airborne Brigade
December - November 1988 Operations Cimnel & Calendar Dubai, UAE Support for RN mine sweeping operation in Arabian Gulf
December Special Bridgetown, Barbados to UK Flt Lt A Gill plus 2. Recovery of personnel and freight of 1Bn Royal Anglian Band from the Lesser Antilles to UK
December Special Tanagra, Greece to Naples, Italy Fg Off Mark Stephenson, Cpl Tim Pyne & SAC Joe Wilkes. Collection of F4J Phantom spares from Hellenic Aerospace Industries and deliver to Naples