Storm Relief
Dublin and Aberdeen
1 team collected emergency electricity repair teams from Dublin
and Aberdeen for southern England after severe storms caused
considerable damage
Exercise Toucan Blade
Leeming, UK to Belize
Deployment of 51 Squadron RAF Regt to Belize
Exercise Travenor
March AFB, CA, USA to
Marham, UK
Recovery of 55 Squadron (Victors) from California to Marham
Exercise Armilla
Lossiemouth, Scotland to
Deployment of 208 Sqn (Buccaneers) from Lossiemouth to Gibraltar

Exercise IADS 90
UK to Kuantan, Malaysia
Deployment of  Tactical Communications WIng (TCW) to Malaya
Eilson AFB, AK, USA to UK
Recovery of ITDV from Alaska to UK
Unit Rotation
Deploy Blues & Royals to Australia and Australian 2nd Cavalry to
UK to Cherry Point, NC, USA
Deploy Royal Marines Shooting Team to USA for competition
Exercise Armilla
Lossiemouth, Scotland to
Deployment of 208 Squadron (Bucaneers) to Gibraltar
Exercise Cobb Ring
Pope AFB, NC, USA to UK
Recovery of elements of 5 Airborne Brigade to UK after exercising
with 82nd Airborne
Diego Garcia to UK
Recovery of Hovercraft back to UK
Germany to Kiev, Russia
Deployment of massed bands from Germany to Russia
Puerto Rico to UK
Recovery of Royal Marines from Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico to UK
Red Arrows Support
Red Arrows Support
Operation Granby - On 4th August Squadron Ldr Geoff Montague assumed command of BAMF from Sqn Ldr Howard Martin.  
After a trouble free handover/takeover he was immediately confronted by a huge increase in tasking of the Hercules Fleet  
out of Lyneham with the deployment of RAF and Army Units in support of Operation Granby, the response to Iraq invading  
Kuwait. The first 5 teams were deployed on 9th Aug, three to Dhahran to receive F3 Tornados from Akrotiri and Coningsby  
and two teams to Akrotiri as reforce. On 12 Aug a further two teams deployed to Thumrait to receive 6 Squadron (Jaguars)  
from Coltishall and a further team deployed to Akrotiri so that the local Squadron personnel could use up their leave  

Ian Berry recalled that in early August on one quiet Sunday they had a Royal move outbound when HRH Princess Diana and  
the two Prince’s, William (6) and Harry (4), were due to fly out to Spain for the Summer holidays with the Spanish Royal  
family. The Station Commander had somehow confused his Zulu with Local and was still at church when the Royal Party was  
inbound! Hence Squadron Leader Montague was upgraded to Station Master and Ian to OC UKMAMS... When the party  
arrived Geoff did his best to chat and entertain Diana whilst the two boys went along the line of men in white suits etc and  
shook everyone’s hand... a moment he will never forget.
Operation Granby continued unabated in September with all detachments remaining in operation. Between 9-15 Sep OC  
UKMAMS visited all the airheads in the Gulf region to view first hand the work of all the MAMS Detachments and speak with  
his deployed personnel.

On 6 Sep the commitment at Bahrain reduced from 24 to 8 men. Similarly the Akrotiri reinforcement was lowered to 10,  
including 4 contingency personnel, and remained at this level through to the end of the month. On 24 Sep Sqn Ldr Chris  
Hewat deployed to Tabuk as part of the advance party to the new Tornado GR1 base. He was joined 2 days later by a team of  
6 men in preparation for the GR1 deployment. At Tabuk a joint UKMAMS/5 Mobile Aerial Port Squadron (5 MAPS)  
Movements Detachment was formed. This worked to great effect dealing with all RAF and USAF transport aircraft during the  

Another new base, Al Jubayl, opened on 28 Sep following the decision to send the Seventh Armoured Division to the Gulf.  
Two teams of MAMF and contingency personnel, led by Flt Lt Simon Fletcher were sent to form this detachment working  
alongside 4 MAPS from Germany.

The full manpower commitment at each detachment on 30 Sep was:

Dhahran - Flt Lt Simon Hawkins plus 3  

Bahrain - Flt Lt Andy Thompson plus 4

Minhad - Flt Lt Rich Green plus 4

Seeb - Flt Lt Woodward plus 2

Thumrait - Fg Off Jolyn Harrington plus 2  

Tabuk - Sqn Ldr Chris Hewat plus 6  

Al Jubayl - Flt Lt Simon Fletcher plus 11

Sgt Taff Owen was deployed to the British Embassy in Cairo to help with Diplomatic Clearance duties
The operational tasking in support of Operation Granby continued unabated. In addition to maintaining support for existing  
Airheads new deployments were announced. A further Tornado GR1 Squadron was sent to Tabuk and the advance parties of  
7 Armoured Brigade were dispatched to Al Jubayl, a sizeable hospital was also moved to Bahrain
On 5 Oct the Squadron’s commitment at Al Jubayl rose from 12 to 18 men; remaining at this level until 17 Oct when 6 of the  
Contingency team, returned to RAF Lyneham. For the rest of October, most of the other detachments in the Gulf maintained  
the same manning levels as at the end of September.

On 24 Oct, following weeks of rumour, the Thumrait detachment finally closed down. This was the result of the Jaguars of 6  
Sqn  moving forward to Bahrain. This redeployment was achieved using USAF AT, 3 MAPS and further personnel from the  
Contingency teams.  Again this task reflected the particularly close co-operation and liaison between UKMAMS and the  
various MAPS teams that is a feature of movements operations at each of the Gulf Airheads. The Detachment of a SNCO to  
Cairo also came to an end on 30 Oct.

The final major development in Oct came at the end of the month when 10 men were despatched to Riyadh. Their task was to  
set up and co-ordinate the daily KC1 and in-theatre C130 resupply system from King Khalid Airport
A temporary lull was experienced during Operation Granby at the beginning of November as the C130 resupply schedule  
aircraft were replaced by Tristar KC1s from RAF Brize Norton. However the rest was short-lived as a backlog of freight soon  
built up at the Airheads and in the Supply Depots. As the month progressed the tasking rate spiralled, the RAF AT being  
supplemented by civilian charter aircraft. The new resupply policy of KC1s from the UK into Riyadh, followed by the  
redistribution of freight around the Gulf by in-theatre C130s, necessitated MAMF redeploying its personnel accordingly. The  
shortage of palletisation equipment continued as did the unreliability of some of the ACHE used by the detachments. This  
kept the STF staff exceptionally busy as they continued with specialist training and also ran a mobile course.
Paris-Orly to UK
To recover u/s Tornado
Exercise Sea Soldier
Lisbon, Portugal to UK
Recovery of Royal Marines from Portugal
As the deadline for an Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait moved ominously closer so the tempo of the continuing deployment and  
resupply of British Forces increased. Even when the RAF AT force was given a short Christmas break, UKMAMS personnel in  
BAMF, MAMF and STF were fully committed to handling civilian charter aircraft contracted to fly throughout the holiday  
period. The C130 fleet was bolstered by aircraft and crews from Belgium and Spain but despite the extra airlift, the backlog of  
freight in the UK for the Gulf Units continued to grow. Consequently the Base, Mobile and STF personnel were all as busy  
during this month as they were at any time on Operation Granby.

Two normal MAMF tasks took place during the month and one of them to Nairobi as part of Exercise Grand Prix was carried  
out by a scratch team of MAMF and BAMF personnel. The team consisted of Fg Off Simon Hawkins, WO Ian Berry, Cpls Stu  
Whitton and Douggie Russell , and SACs Figgy Fitches and Brummy Overgaard. During the task Stu Whitton, who was on  
his swansong, was offered his promotion to Sgt and extension of service - he accepted and was promptly ‘Slabbed’.
Exercise Grand Prix
UK to Nairobi, Kenya and
Flt Lt Simon Hawkins, WO Ian Berry, Sgt Stu Whitton,  Cpl Doug
Russell, SAC Craig Fitches plus 1. “Scratch Team” of shift personnel
and “Tourex” so as to relieve MAMF. Rotation of Infantry battalion in
(Details are very limited for the majority of scheduled tasking during this period)