The major post-Christmas Roulement was well under way by 10th January. However, at this time, in preparation for 15th January, all
movement of in-theatre MAMS personnel was stopped. Throughout the month all detachments except for Seeb were reinforced, and
two Forward Operating Bases were opened. In addition the Minhad operation moved to Dubai International Airport on 26th January. 
UKMAMS were also tasked to work at Stansted, Heathrow, Gatwick and East Midlands Airports, with up to 11 MAMS on these tasks at
any one time working to clear the backlog of Gulf freight in the UK. However, by the end of the month only the Stansted operation
remained.  More contingency personnel and draftees were moved from Base Air Movements onto Mobile at various stages during the
month, and we were joined by 10 RAuxAF personnel from 4624 Sqn on 28th January following the Sqn’s activation a few days earlier.
This brought the manning strength of Mobile up to 138 by the end of January.
As the war continued the Mobile workload remained very light in the Gulf and also on other tasking. The ban on Roulement remained
in force, and control of in-theatre movements of MAMS personnel was still held by JFMS in HQBFME. Following the start of the land
campaign, however, a 4 man team was tasked to a new FOB known as LZ04. This FOB was North of the original FOB, Qaysumah, and
was run in support of the British 1st Armoured Division from 23rd to 28th February. In addition a 6 man team, led by Flt Lt Steve
Sharpe, was tasked into Kuwait City on 28th February on the first RAF C130 to arrive there after the cessation of hostilities. The final
MAMS detachment remaining at a UK Airport was called back from Stansted on 20th February.
To help the Mobile Teams in the Gulf, 15 Auxilliaries were transferred to MAMF in March 1991. The return of the reforce Q-Sup-LLs
also began on the advice of PMC Innsworth. Following the ceasfire on 28th February, tasking in the Gulf increased considerably as the
job began of returning all the men and equipment to home bases. This month saw the closure of the MAMS Detachment at LZ04 and
Kuwait International Airport, and the opening and subsequent closing of two natural surface FOBs (known as LZ05 and LZ06) within
the Kuwait region. MAMS Roulement was re-established although in-theatre movements control of MAMS personnel still rested with
With the closure of the Gulf Airheads at Riyadh, Dharan and Seeb during April 1991, a significant reduction in Operation GRANBY
tasking resulted. The Mobile Flight continued to man the Airheads at Al Jubayl, Kuwait City, Dubai and Bahrain, the latter of which is
now the nodal point for a much reduced in-theatre C130 resupply operation. MOD tasking for the month of April was quite heavy with
a major portion being devoted to the recovery of equipment loaned for Operation GRANBY to the host nations, principally the USA and
Canada. Additionally tasking in connection with a number of major exercises took place. The latter part of the month saw the Mobile
Flight once again involved in humanitarian action with up to 18 personnel deployed to Diyarbakir and Incirlik in Turkey in support of
the Royal Marines deployed on Operation SAFE Haven.
Sigonella, Sicily to UK
Recovery of a Deltic Marine Engine
UK to Eglin AFB, FL,
Deployment of TCW & 30 Sigs Regt to Florida
On 01 May 1991, UKMAMS celebrated its 25th Anniversary. To mark the occasion a commemorative plaque was unveiled at the Sqn
HQ by the first OC UKMAMS, Sqn Ldr Bill Jacobs in the presence of the Stn Cdr, OC UKMAMS and Sqn personnel. Unfortunately the
25th Anniversary Reunion had to be postponed, due to the commitments in Turkey and the Middle East, but is now planned to take
place 23/24 May 1992.

Op Granby Manpower Summary as at 31 May 1991:

Bahrain - Flt Lt Paul Dolan plus 11

Al Jubayl - Fg Off Rob Hindes plus 5

Dubai - FS Frank Breithaupt plus 1

Kuwait - Flt Lt Thompson plus 1
Operation Safe Haven
UK to Diyarbakir,
Eastern Turkey
Deployment of Royal Marines to Eastern Turkey
Operation Granby
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to
Close down of HQBFME and recovery of personnel to UK
Red Arrows Support
Ronaldsway, Isle of Man
Movements support to the Red Arrows whilst displaying on the Isle of Man.
Exercise Desert Flag
UK to Maguire AFB, NJ,
USA and Nellis AFB, NV
to Germany
Deployment of UK Forces to USA for New York Parade and recovery of equipment
and personnel from Nevada to Germany.
Operation Safe Haven
UK to Diyarbakir,
Eastern Turkey
Sgt Al Randle, Cpls Al Stacey & Stu Whitton plus 4. Ongoing support to the RM
detachment in providing protection to the Kurds
Islamabad, Pakistan to
Al Bateen, UAE
Recovery of elements of Special Forces
UK to Mombasa, Kenya
Deployment of the Royal Marine Band
Exercise Long Look
UK to Brisbane, QLD,
Austalia and return
Rotation of British and Australian Servicemen on exchange tours.
UK to Khamis Mushait,
Saudi Arabia
Deployment of Tornado equipment for MOD Sales Team to Saudi Arabia
Santa Maria, Azores to
Recovery of “Snoopy” Herc W1 support equipment
On 8th August John McCarthy was released from being a hostage in Beirut for the last 5 years and was flown back to Lyneham in a
VC10 where he was met by his family and the World’s Media
Exercise Pond Jump
Germany to Edmonton,
AB, Canada and return
Rotation of Infantry Battle Group between Canada and Germany.
Red Arrows Support
Gothenburg, Sweden
Movements support to the Red Arrows whilst performing displays in Sweden.
Red Arrows Support
UK to Payerne,
Support to red Arrows Display in Switzerland
Exercise Blue Flax
UK to Penang, Malaysia
Deployment of personnel and equipment of 55 Squadron (Victors) to Malaysia
Khamis Mushayt, Saudi
Arabia to UK
Recovery of Tornado support equipment after “Hot and High” Trials in Saudi Arabia
UK to Dubai, UAE
Deployment of personnel and equipment is support of 4 Squadron (Harriers) and
13 Squadron (Tornados) to Dubai International Air Show
Exercise Pegasus Trail
Carlisle, UK
First 5 Airborne Exercise
Andros Island, Bahamas
to Patrick AFB, FL, USA
Recovery of torpedo equipment after trials at AUTEC Andros
Hercules 25th
UK to Dobbins AFB , GA,
WO Ian Berry attended 25th Anniversary celebrations of C130 service with the RAF
at the Lockheed Plant in Marietta, Georgia. A member of each trade at Lyneham
was selected (by ballot) to represent their trade at the event
Moscow, Russia to UK
FSgt Tony Dunphy plus 2. Recovery of band of the Royal Marines after tour of