Operation Deliberate Guard
Gioia Del Colle, Italy
Air support for Peacekeeping in former Republic of
Operation Lodestar
Split, Croatia
Air support for Peacekeeping in former Republic of
Exercise Atap Hurdle
UK to Brunei
FS Martin Jones, Sgt Hoss Wall & SAC Chris Quirk.
Deployment of Royal Marines on Jungle Warfare Training
UK to Albuquerque, NM, USA
Flt Lt Beach, FS Steve Beaumont, Cpl Chris Hoskison &
SAC Mann. Deploy and recover MODPE freight
UK to Hyeres, France
Flt Lt Fiona Morgan-Frise, Sgt Dave Salmon & SAC Simon
Clarke Collection of personnel and delivery of stores for
HMS Invincible
Exercise Quadruped
Odiham, UK to Fagernes, Norway
Flt Lt Arnold, FS Floyd Paterson, Cpl Tony Fowler & SAC
Andy Waite. Deployment of personnel and equipment of 7
Squadron (Chinook) from Odiham to Norway
Operation Lodestar
Sarajevo, Bosnia to UK
Fg Off Roofe, FS Mick Mylchreest, Sgt Taff Wood, Cpl Tony
Fowler, Cpl Pidge Thomson & SAC Dax Mellor. Recovery of
comms equipment from Bosnia to UK
Operation Deliberate Forge
Gioia Del Colle, Italy
Air support for peacekeeping in former Republic of
Operation Bathroom
Phillips AFB, MD, USA to UK
Fg Off John Fairgreaves, FS Nigel Robinson plus 1.
Recovery of explosives from Aberdeen Proving Ground via
Phillips AFB
Exercises Green River and Game
UK to Kuantan, Malaysia
Flt Lt Roy Curry, FS Al Salisbury, Sgt Al Randle, Cpls Phil
Armitage & Stu Beange, SAC Dax Mellor. Deployment of
SBS and 2 x LRICs to Malayasia
Exercise Trumpet Dance
UK to Tacoma, WA, USA and return
to UK
Fg Off Paul Connor, WO Ian Berry, FS Steve Walke, Sgt Tim
Pyne, Cpl Ian Robinson, SACs Paul Crake & Andy Waite.
Deployment of 1 Bn KOSB and recovery of 1 Bn RRW from
Exercise Sailfish
Belize to UK
Wg Cdr David Blore, Flt Lt Damien Alexander, Sgt Martyn
Southall, Flt Lt Tim Etches, SAC Rich Collins. Recovery 10
Para from Belize to UK.
Operation Helvin
Non-combatant evacuation operation
Exercise Rum Punch
Kinloss to Jacksonville, FL, USA
WO Ian Berry, Sgt Neil Paylor (Squadron  Clk), Cpl Mick
Cocker & SAC Dave Wilson. Deployment of pax and freight
from 201 Squadron  (Nimrods) Kinloss to Florida
UK to Brazzaville, Congo
Flt Lt Dave Jarvis, Sgt Taff Wood & Cpl Mal Paton.
Deployment of comms equipment to Congo in advance of
potential operation to rescue ex-Pats from Kinshasa, Zaire
Dakar, Senegal to Farnborough, UK
Flt Lt Roofe, Cpl Malia. Recovery of components of a
crashed HS748 from Senegal back to UK for investigation
by Farnborough
Brazzaville, Congo
Sgt ‘Hoss’ Wall, Cpls Phil Armitage & Kev Skinner.
Resupply of British troops and evacuation of British
nationals from the Congo civil war
Exercises Setia Kewan and
Nyanga Stone
UK to Brunei and return
Flt Lt Arnold, FS Martin Turner, Cpl Craig Fitches, SACs
Owen, Brooks and Lucy Crafts. Rotation of troops and
equipment in Brunei for Jungle Warfare training
Exercise Distant Thunder
Marham UK to Bandirma, Turkey
Flt Lt Dave Jarvis, FS Martyn Jones, Cpls ‘Pidge’ Thomson
& Dave Clancy. Deployment of 9 Squadron  (Tornados) to
Exercise Nyanga Stone
UK to Harare, Zimbabwe
Flt Lt Roofe, FS Al Salisbury, Cpl Gareth Beynon & SAC
Thomson. Deployment of elements of UK Land forces to
UK to Libreville, Gabon
FS Dave Williams & Cpl Steve Bell. Resupply of RM
Detachment in Gabon, West Africa
Exercises Setia Kewan and
Nyanga Stone
Brunei to Harare, Zimbabwe
Flt Lt Arnold, FSgt Martyn Turner, Cpl Craig Fitches, SACs
Owen, Brookes & Crafts. Recovery of Royal Marines from
Brunei and redeployment to Zimbabwe
Exercise Ardent Ground
Corlu, Turkey to UK
Flt Lt Rich Pratley, Sgt Taff Isaac, Cpl Craig Fitches, SACs
Andy Waite, Pennington & Harrison. Recovery of elements
of AMF to UK
Exercise Distant Thunder
Bandirma, Turkey to Marham, UK
Flt Lt Damien Alexander, FS Dave Williams, Sgt Martyn
Southall, Cpl Dinger Bell, SACs Craig Heath & Fraz Tobin.
Recovery of 9 Squadron  (Tornados) from Turkey to Marham
Exercise Typhoon Dart
Brunei to UK
WO Ian Berry, Sgt Martin Hughes, Cpls Blue Hughes, Ed
McDowell & Dinger Bell. SACs Scoggy Scoggins & Karen
Cunningham. Recovery of 22 SAS, SBS and 657 Squadron 
AAC from Brunei to UK
Exercise Cope Thunder
Eielson AFB, AK, USA
Sgt Taff Wood, Cpls Cam Patterson & Adie Tew. Route
support for the GR1 (Tornado) trail to Alaska
Exercise Snow Goose
Bardufoss, Norway to Coltishall, UK
Flt Lt John Fairgieve, FS Nigel Robinson, Sgt Hoss Wall, Cpl
Charlie Warden, SACs Alsitair Cheesewright and Andy
Waite. Recovery of 41 Squadron  (Jaguars) from Norway to
Exercise Lion Sun
Glasgow, UK to Akrotiri, Cyprus
FS Jim Buchanan, Cpl Phil Armitage & SAC Lucy Crafts.
Deployment of TAVR from Scotland to Cyprus
Operation Lodestar
Banja Luka, Bosnia to UK
Flt Lt Morgan-Frise, Cpl Kev Skinner, SAC Scoggins.
Recovery of Royal Scots Dragoon Guards from Bosnia to UK.
Exercise Pond Jump West
UK to Edmonton, AB, Canada
Fg Off Connor, FS Martin Jones, Sgt Martyn Southall, Cpl
Dave Clancy, SACs Spara Brooksby & Westgate.
Deployment of 1Bn Royal Irish to Canada.
Exercise Ocean Wave
UK to Diego Garcia
Fg Off Paul Connor, Sgt Mick Cocker, Cpls Blue Hughes &
Eddy McDowell. Resupply of Task Force and roulement of
ships crews
Exercise Xenon Mercury
Doha, Qatar to UK
Flt Lt Fiona Morgan-Frise, FS Floyd Patterson, Cpl Sandy
Sanderson, SAC Clare Marshall. Recovery of 30 Sigs Regt
from Gulf to UK
Exercises Cope Thunder and
Distant Frontier
Eielson AFB, AK, USA to Germany
and UK
Wg Cdr David Blore, Fg Off John Fairgrieves, FS Ray
Beastall, Sgt Ian Noakes, Cpl Charlie Warden, SACs Matt
Rayner & Baker. Recovery of F3 and GR1 equipment and
personnel back to UK and Germany from Alaska
Exercise Ocean Wave
UK to Diego Garcia, Bahrain to
Perth, Western Australia and
Singapore to UK
FS Martin Turner, Sgt Ian Noakes, Cpls Blythe & Tew, SACs
Mellor & Whitworth. Deployment of Sonar Buoys to Diego,
redeployment of 801 NAS (Sea Harriers) from Bahrain to
Perth. Recovery of RN & RM personnel from Singapore to
Exercise Eastern Harrier
Pardubice, Czech Republic to
FS Paddy Power, Sgt Steve Burke, Cpl Kev Skinner & SAC
Greg Saunders. Movement of ammunition from Czech
Republic to Bosnia.
Exercise Cape Griffin
Louis Trichardt, South Africa to UK
Fg Off Andy Crabtree, FS Jim Buchanan, Cpls Sean Blythe
& Kev Skinner, SACs Rich Collins & Bob Whitworth.
Recovery of Special Forces personnel, equipment and
helicopters from South Africa to UK
UK to Key West, FL, USA and
WO Ian Berry, Cpls Ian Robinson & Craig Fitches.
Collection of Spey engine from Kinloss for u/s Nimrod in
Florida and return
Exercise Eastern Climb
UK to Sibiu, Romania
Flt Lt Dave Jarvis, SACs Andy Westgate, Lee Martin &
Charlie Rance. Deployment of Royal Marines to Romania
Operation Overstudy
Paris, France to UK
Recovery of the body of Diana, Princess of Wales
Exercise Dynamic Mix
UK to Tanagra AFB, Greece
Flt Lt Graham Langfield, Cpl Adie Tew and SAC Thompson.
Deployment of TSW, 17 Squadron  (Tornado GR1) and 43
Squadron  (Tornado F3) to Greece
Exercise Damsel Fair
Aalborg, Denmark to Bandirma,
Flt Lt Beach, FS Martin Jones, Sgt Tim Pyne, Cpls Charlie
Warden & Craig Fitches, SAC Spara Brooksby. Recovery of
Fleet Clearance Diving Team from Denmark and positioning
in Turkey
Exercise Lavender Hill
Salalah, Oman to UK
Flt Lt Roy Curry, Cpl Mark Lishman, SACs Paul Crake and
Hartley. Recovery of 22 SAS from Oman to UK
Operation Hind Site
Andros, Bahamas to UK
Flt Lt Rich Pratley, FS Floyd Paterson, Cpls Simon Clarke &
Eddy McDowell. Recovery of Stingray torpedoes from AUTEC
back to UK
Exercises Grand Prix and
Suman Warrior
UK to Nairobi, Kenya then
Christchurch, New Zealand to UK
Deployment of freight to Kenya for Exercise Grand Prix and
recovery of pax and freight from Christchurch, New Zealand
Exercise Desert Cat
UK to Jordan
Fg Off Andy Crabtree, FS Jim Buchanan, Cpl Kev Skinner.
Deployment of 6 Squadron  (Jaguars) and MCSU to Jordan
Exercise Bass Rock
UK to Quebec City, QC, Canada
and return
FS Floyd Patterson, SACs Owen and Griffin. Army Unit
exchange between Royal Signals and Canadian Signals
RAL Training
Honington to Watton UK
Flt Lts Damien Alexander & Beach, FS Martin Jones, Cpls
Gus Turney, Malia, Mal Paton, SACs Cunningham, Davies
and Andy Westgate. Rapid Air Landing Training with 1Bn
Irish Guards
Operations Bolton and Resinate
Kuwait and Saudi Arabia
Support for No-Fly Zone over Southern Iraq
UK to Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico
Flt Lt Donna Wilkins, FS Doug Betambeau, Cpls Gareth
Beynon and Ramsbotham. Deployment of personnel and
freight of 8 Squadron  (AWACS) to Puerto Rico from UK
Exercise Snow Goose
UK to Bardufoss, Norway and
return to Honington, UK
Flt Lts Dave Jarvis & Gary Norman, FS Floyd Patterson,
SACs Eddie Hewitt & Charlie Rance. Rotation of 3 & 4
Squadron  (Harriers) in Norway and recovery of 41
Squadron  (Jaguars) to Honington
Operation Bolton
Gibraltar to Wittering, UK
Flt Lt Curry, FS Jim Buchanan, Sgt Neil Baldock, Cpl Mal
Paton, SACs Paul Crake & Matt Rayner. Recovery of 1
Squadron  (Harriers) to UK after disembarkation from HMS
Exercise Gobi Dust
UK to Altus AFB, OK, USA and
Exercise Gobi Dust. Fs Mick Maybery, Sgt Mick Cocker,
SACs Whitworth and Bru Brunell. Deploy elements of 39
Regt RA to Oklahoma and recover elements of US Army
Artillery Regt to UK
Exercise Guides Gallop
Georgetown Guyana to UK
Flt Lt Dave Jarvis, Sgt Eddy Sunderajoo & Bob Simmons,
SACs Mellor, Jupp, Martin & Cheesewright. Recovery of 22
SAS plus a Lynx helicopter
Exercise Quadraped
UK to Fagernes, Norway
FS Paddy Power, Cpls Blue Hughes, Mark Butcher & Taff
Williams. SACs Chris Quirk, Jane Bevan and Green.
Deployment of personnel and equipment of 7 Squadron 
(Chinooks) to Norway
Exercises Hammer Fist and
Native Trail
Yuma, AZ, USA to UK
Flt Lt Beach, FS Tony Geerah, Cpls Phil Armitage & Craig
Fitches. Deployment of 3 Squadron  (Harriers) to USA and
recovery of 1Bn Royal Ghurka Regiment to UK
Marrakech, Morroco to UK
Flt Lt Beach, FS Paddy Power, SAC Andy Waite. Recovery of
Virgin Challenger balloon from Marrakech to UK after
abortive flight