January Operation Silkman UK to Freetown, Sierra Leone Flt Lt Clulo, Sgt Steve Burke, Cpl Catchpole and SAC Higgins. Deployment of Field Hospital to Sierra Leone
January Operation Agricola UK to Thessaloniki, Greece Flt Lt Knight, FSgt Tim Pyne, Cpl Paul Crake and SAC Grant. Deployment of 3 Tank Transporter Squadron RLC to Greece
January Operation Fingal Afghanistan Support to the International Stabilisation Force in Afghanistan
Indian Earthquake Ahmadabad, India Flt Lt Mark Clulo, FS Paul Sykes, Sgt Pete McHenry, Cpl John Best, SACs Simon Hammond and Sean Walker. Delivery of emergency response teams and relief supplies following earthquake
February Exercise Torpedo Focus UK to Hill AFB, UT, USA Sgt Alec Ross, Cpls Don,(MAMS Eng) Baldy and Osbourne (4624 RAuxAF). Deployment of 617 Squadron (Tornados) from Lossiemouth to USA
February Exercise Torpedo Focus UK to Hill AFB, UT, and North Island NAS, CA, USA to UK FS John Purkis, Cpls Booth, Nixon and Heath (MSF). Deployment of 1 Squadron (Harriers) to Hill AFB and recovery of 1 PTS from San Diego
February Air Shows UK to Bangalore, India and Melbourne, VIC, Australia Sgts Gary Pym and Gareth Beynon, Cpls Gus Turney and Richardson (Lossiemouth MSF). Movements support to 12 Squadron (Tornados) at Indian and Australian Air Shows
February Exercise Magic Carpet Thumrait, Oman to Akrotiri, Cyprus Fg Off Tribble, Sgt Dave Clancy, SAC Higgins. Redeployment of 25 Squadron (F3 Tornado) from Oman to Akrotiri
March Exercise Quadruped Banak, Norway to UK Flt Lt Symons, FS Bob Simmons, Sgt Gary Pym, Cpls Booth and Bell, SAC Stubbs. Recovery of 2 Lynx Helicopters from Norway
March Exercise Joint Winter Evenes, Norway to Bruggen, Germany Sgt Dave Drake, SACs Haggerstone & Moore. Recovery of 37 Squadron RAF Regt from Norway to Bruggen
March Operation Agricola Skopje, Macedonia to UK Sgt Alec Ross, Cpl Brown, SACs Fitzpatrick & Sansome. Recovery of 45 Commando from Macedonia
April Special Eindhoven, Holland to Sarajevo, Bosnia Sgt Viv Neary-Phillips, SACs Hammond & Hicks. Deployment of Dutch forces from Holland to Sarajevo
April Operation Silkman Nairobi, Kenya to Freetown, Sierra Leone and Freetown to UK Flt Lt Leon Reece, Cpl Thomson. Redeployment of 1Bn LI from Kenya to Sierra Leone and recovery of 1Bn RGJ from Freetown to UK
April Exercise Argenic Waddington, UK to Bahrain Sgt Alec Ross, SACs Newell & Wakefield. Deployment of 51 Squadron (R1 Nimrod) from Waddington
April Operation Palatine Zagreb, Bosnia to UK Flt Lt Symons, FSgt Ken Holmes, Cpls Andrews & Blundon. Recovery of 1 Bn PWRR from Bosnia to UK
May Exercise Long Look UK to Brisbane, QLD and Sydney, NSW, Australia and return Flt Lt Harris, WO Keith Smith, Cpls Morrison & Hudson. Rotation of Tri-Service personnel between Australia and UK.
May Operation Silkman UK to Freetown, Sierra Leone and return Flt Lt Leon Reece, Cpls Lishman & Wiseman. Rotation of personnel and freight of 2LI between UK and Sierra Leone.
May Exercise Blue Game Aalborg, Denmark to UK Sgt McHenry, Cpl Steph Morrison, SAC Saunders. Recovery of 700, 849 & 815 NAS from Denmark to UK
May Operation Agenic/Exercise Saif Sareea II UK to Salalah, Oman and return Flt Lt Reece, SACs Disotto & Walker. Deployment of forward party for Saif Sareea II and recovery of passengers and freight of 51 Sqn (R1 Nimrods) from Oman to UK
June Exercise Pacific Gauntlet Nairobi, Kenya to UK Sgt Viv Neary-Phillips, Cpl Hudson, SAC Cross, Sgt James & Cpl Tobin (JHSU), Cpl Sparra Brooksby (Odiham MSF). Deployment of 657 Squadron AAC and recovery of Lynx Helicopter from Kenya to UK.
June Exercise Cossack Express Lvov,  Ukraine to UK Flt Lt Brooks, Cpl Wiseman, SACs French, Morgan, Becket & Duncan. Recovery of elements of UKLF after exercising in the Ukraine.
June TALO Londonderry, Northern Ireland Flt Lt Gregory, Cpl Cameron, SACs Walker, Gasgoine & Rubio. TALO Display at Londonderry Air Show
June Exercise Carpathian Express UK to Bucharest, Romania Sgt Brown, Cpl Cameron, SACs Lewis & Moore.  Deployment of TA Units to Romania.
June Exercise Rum Punch Homestead AFB, FL, USA to Kinloss, UK FSgt Rip Kirby, Cpl Paul Crake & SAC Graham.  Recovery of Nimrod detachment from USA to Kinloss
July Exercise Cope Thunder UK to Eielson AFB, AK, USA Sgt Gary Beynon, Cpl Muff Mufford, SAC Brown, SAC Jones  (RAuxAF). Deployment of 11 Sqn (F3 Tornado), 6 & 54 Sqn (Jaguars) from UK to Alaska
July C17 Trainer Curacao, Netherlands Antilles  and Dover AFB, DE, USA to UK Sgt McHenry, SACs Bidwell & Graham. Recovery of 2 x Navy Olympus engines from the Netherlands Antilles and the recovery of a RB211 engine from Dover AFB.
July Exercises Distant Frontier and Cope Thunder Lajes, Azores Flt Lt Clulo, FSgt Rip Kirby. RAFLO duties in the Azores to assist with Trail/Recovery from Alaska.
August Exercise Saif Sareea II UK to Thumrait, Oman Flt Lt Gregory, Cpl Lishman, SAC Acott. Activation phase of exercise involving deployment of units from UK.
August Exercise Pinden Adana, Italy to Waddington, UK
Fg Off Watson, Cpl Stu Latham, SACs Al Brown & Clough. Recovery of personnel and equipment of 51 Squadron (Nimrod R1) from Italy to Waddington
September Special UK to Crete Sgt Kinghorn, SAC Graham. Delivery of spare to Royal Navy Submarine HMS Triumph
September Operation Bessemer UK to Skopje, Macedonia and Pristina, Kosovo
Skopje/Pristina - . Sgt Gary Beynon, Cpl Yorky Booth, SACs Acott & Bowman. Reforce of Detachments in Macedonia and Kosovo.
October Operation Veritas Afghanistan / Arabian Gulf UK contribution to US Operation Enduring Freedom
October Operation Abalate UK to Banja Luka, Bosnia and return FSgt Duncan Andrews, Cpl Booth, SAC Wright. Rotation of AAC Gazelle helicopters in Bosnia.
October Operation Cosmo Prestwick, Scotland to Norfolk NAS, VA, USA and return Sgt Mick Cocker, Cpls Craig Fitches & Thompson, SAC Knight. Rotation of Tomahawk Cruise missiles between Prestwick and USA.
November Special Tenerife, Canary Islands and Luqa, Malta to UK Sgt Al Stacey, Cpl Ginger & LAC Hickan (Both 4624 RAuxAf). Recovery of passengers and freight of 801 NAS (Sea Kings) from HMS Ocean in Malta and Canary Islands.
November Special UK to Decimomannu Sardinia Sgt Burke, Cpl Williams, SAC Hicks. Deployment of ASRAAM Missiles to Sardinia for trials with the Euro fighter.
December Operation Silkman UK to Lungi, Sierra Leone and return Sgt Taff Kelly, Cpl Baker, SAC Bowman. Rotation of Troops in Sierra Leone.
December Exercise Panther Cub Belize to UK FSgt Rip Kirby, Cpl Cameron, SAC Musson. Recovery of Infantry Company from Belize to UK.