January Operation Garron Far East Aid relief flights following the tsunami
January Operation Harmala UK to Curacao, Netherlands Antilles FSgt Steve Burke, Cpl Woods & SAC Duffy. Royal Navy support
January Humanitarian Spec UK to Penang and Banda Aceh, Malaysia Flt Lt Hale, Sgt K Eccles, Cpl Atkins, SACs Baker, Pursglove & Needham. Onmove of humanitarian freight in support of post-tsunami
February Exercise Tropical Storm UK to Belize and Redstone Field, AL, USA Flt Lt M Clark & Cpl Pickles Plowman. Deployment of 1Bn Green Howards to Belize and delivery of freight to Redstone, Alabama
February Exercise High Rider Coningsby, UK to China Lake NAS, CA, USA and Goose Bay, NL, Canada to UK
FSgt M Rochester, SACs M Irving & C Gilburt. Deployment of Coningsby OEU freight to USA and recovery of Weapons Loaders from Goose Bay to UK
March Exercise Emerald Mercury Hyderabad, India to UK Flt Lt A Blackwood, Sgt Tony Douglas & SAC J Baker. Recovery of 30 Sigs Regt from India utilising 1 x C130J, 1 x VC10 and 1 x Charter DC8
March Operation Calicle Pristina, Kosovo to UK Flt Lt M Clark, Sgt Whatty Campbell, Cpl C Henderson, SACs M Collins, D Prewatt, B Chandler & Anderson. Recovery of Royal Ghurka Regiment from Kosovo to UK
April Operation Herrick Kandahar, Afghanistan. Bucharest, Romania and  Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Sgt Whatty Campbell, SACs Brown & Harrison. Rotation of 1 & 4 Squadron (Harriers) between Kandahar and UK. Task also included transferring freight from a VC10 to 2 French Air Force C160 Transalls in Tajikistan
April Exercise Devils Topper UK to Freetown, Sierra Leone and Malda, West Bengal to UK Sgt S Hughes, Cpl Paul Douse, SAC Hendy. Recovery of 14 Sigs Regiment from India and Deployment of vehicles to Sierra Leone
May ADEX Enschede, Holland to Tampere, Finland FS Mal Rochester, SACs Martin Brownhill & Prewett. Move of a Dutch F16 engine from Holland to Finland in support of RNLAF
May Exercise Diamond Cutter Maun, Botswana to Jonannesburg, South Africa Sgt Kev Skinner, SACs Woods & Glanville. Recovery of 2 Para from Botswana on C130J aircraft to South Africa to transfer to a Tristar
June Exercise Dragons Nest Leuchars, Scotland to Kecskemet, Hungary Flt Lt Fletcher, SAC Woods & Baker. Deployment of personnel and freight of 111 Squadron (F3 Tornadoes) from Leuchars to Hungary
June UAV Special Melsbroek AB, Belgium to Tuzla, Bosnia FS Tony Stock, Cpl Wright, SACs Anderson & Temple. Deployment of 80 Squadron (UAV) of Belgium Army to Tuzla in Bosnia utilising a C17 Globemaster
June Operations Herrick / Telic UK to Bagram, Afgfhanistan FSgt Ian Dixon, Cpl Pickles Plowman, SAC Pursglove & Bonner. Afghanistan resupply.
June Exercise Roman Devil UK to Belize and return Sgt Chris Blythe, Cpl McNair, SACs Johnston & Glanville (BAMF). Rotation of Infantry Company in Belize for jungle training
July Operation Herrick UK to Kandahar, Afghanistan & return via Dushanbe,  Tajikistan Flt Lt Jones, SACs Carter & Smith. Deployment of 3 Squadron (Harriers) and recovery of 4 Squadron (Harriers) from Afghanistan via Tajikistan
July Operation Finbar Siauliai, Lithuania and Minsk, Russia to UK Sgt Eccles, Cpl Marshall, SAC Collins. Recovery of Sea King rotor blades from Lithuania and passengers from Russia to UK
July Operation Oculas UK to Banja Luka, Bosnia and return Flt Lt Wheatley, Cpl Baker, SACs Ainley, Brownhill, Geering & Talbott (BAMF). Rotation of Lynx Mk 7 helicopter in Bosnia.
August Operation Submarine Rescue Prestwick, Scotland to Yelizova, Eastern Russia FS Tony Stock, Cpl Morgan, SACs Bristow & Muir. To collect and deploy the UK Submarine Rescue Service from Prestwick to Yelizova, Eastern Russia
August Operation Crighton UK to Balad, Iraq FS Armitage, Cpl East, SACs Travers & Harrison. Deployment of SF Chinook, personnel and equipment to Iraq
August QiNetiQ Task Rock Springs, WY, USA to Boscombe Down, UK FSgt Mal Rochester, Cpl Musson, SACs Buist, Carter, Smith & Talbot. Recovery of a Sea King helicopter from USA to Boscombe Down in a C17
August Special Keeskemet, Hungary to UK Fg Off Hamilton, SAC Woods & Winter. Recovery of personnel and freight of 43 Sqn (Tornadoes) from Hungary to UK
September Hurricane Katrina New Orleans, USA Movement of over 500,000 rations packs to New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina
September Exercise Jebel Sahara UK to Marrakech, Morocco Flt Lt Hale, Cpl Powell, SAC Sinden. Deployment of Royal Gibraltar regiment to Morocco
September ARIB Roulement UK to Dushanbe, Tajikstan FS Ian Robinson, Cpl Wright, SAC Tilston. Deployment of 1Bn Royal Gloucs Berks & Wilts to Tajikstan for onmove to Kabul with French Air Force
September Exercise Bersama Lima UK to Singapore Sgt Kev Skinner, SACs Becket & Jarrett. Deployment of RN Fleet Clearance diving Team to Far East
September Exercise Grand Prix UK to La Reunion and Nairobi, Kenya to UK FSgt Tony Stock, Cpl Powell, SACs Ainley & Winter. Delivery of Royal Navy diving platform and freight to La Reunion in the Indian Ocean and recovery of 2 x Mk9 Lynx helicopters from Nairobi to UK
October Exercise Torpedo Focus Davis Monthan AFB, AZ, USA to UK Sgt Kev Skinner, Cpl Wright, SACs Harris & Robinson, FS Viv Neary-Phillips (Route Checker) Deployment to Davis Monthan AFB to facilitate the recovery of the North American PEP using Tristar KC1 Config 2, 2 x C17. FS Neary-Phillips utilised this task to conduct a route check on Sgt Skinner
October RN Crew Change Prestwick, Scotland to Dubai, UAE and return FS Baz Murphy, Cpl Douse, SAC Temple. Change over of HMS Spartan Submarine crew in Dubai. Task also included deployment of a serviceable periscope for same vessel
October Operation Maturin Turkey / Pakistan Aid relief flights to Incirlik and Islamabad following earthquake