An RAF Hastings somewhere down the Gulf

(Photograph - 24 Squadron)

24 Squadron Hastings at Colerne - too nose heavy!

(Photograph - 24 Squadron)

Good Old Bad Old Days - Negombo/Katanayake - Mid 1950's. How to unload a Bristol Freighter-no such thing as roller conveyor, just muscle power in those days!  The aircraft belonged to the RNZAF and used to fly into Negombo on a weekly basis, mainly with freight. Anything that might have been awkward to handle came on this, as it was easier than the Valetta or Hastings to load-straight in through the front and not have to turn it through 90 degrees.

(Photo by David Austin)

de Havilland Comet C Mk 2


An example of a Beverley weight and balance trim sheet.  In those days it was completed without electronic aid as the personal calculator had not yet been invented.  Click on image for full size and use your browser's back button to return.