FEAF MAMS Loading a Sioux Helicopter into a Beverley. This picture was taken by Rab Devlin, somewhere in the Far East in the early 1960s. The picture was converted to black and white and brightened to show the team members more clearly. Prior to the conversion a red "Kiwi" could be seen in the roundel on the side of the Sioux indicating the helicopter was of New Zealand origin.

(Photograph courtesy of Ian Berry)
Beverley at Labuan, Borneo in the early 1960's. I don't know if any FEAF MAMS are in this shot but 55 Air Despatch personnel are. It was taken at Labuan Airport obviously during the Borneo troubles. Note the Pembroke to the left.

(Photograph courtesy of Ian Berry)
Muharraq 1966 - The Beverley Flight Line at night

(Photo by David Gale)
September 1967. The end of an era as the last remaining Beverley in the Middle East returns to the UK

(Photograph by David Gale)
Abingdon 1965 - Emplaning paratroopers on a 47 Squadron Beverley with engines running.

  (Photo by Ian Stacey)
Twin Pin asymmetric landing at Sharjah in 1966. The pilot was Flt Lt Eccles of 152 (Nizam of Hydererbad) Squadron. You can just see the tower and the Fort in the background.

(Photograph courtesy of Pete Simpson)
The Air Movements Staff at RAF Sharjah, Trucial Oman States, circa 1967. Back Row, centre Sgt Jim Darlington, far right Ken Davie Front Row left: FO Nigel Coleman and Mike Bush, sitting second from right on arm of chair is Jack Marshall

(Photograph courtesy of Ken Davie)
Hastings with ramps fitted at RAF Colerne

(Photograph - Ian Berry)

Muharraq 1966 - "Boss" King and his motley crew of a 30 Squadron Beverley just back from a trip down the Gulf. If anyone can put some names to the faces it would be appreciated

(Photograph by David Gale)



Beverley onload at RAF Abingdon. Another teaser this one, definitely an onload as the chock man has just finished with the rear wheels and is moving to the front! Why do you think the officer on the clamshell doors is pushing the bowser? I suspect it was Abingdon because of layout. It was definitely an RAF camp due to the ground equipment. Note the Argosy on the right side of the picture, which means the photo was taken sometime from 1962 onwards as the 'Argonauts' did not come into service until November 1961.

(Photo courtesy of Ian Berry)

Loading a Bedford 3 Ton RL into a 47 Squadron Beverley. This picture is courtesy of the Joint Air Transport Evaluation Unit (JATE) who state that there is a 27.5 KVA generator in the back of the Bedford. Abingdon May 1964

(Photograph - JATE)


Muharraq 1966. An unknown Mover stands below the scorpion of an 84 Squadron Beverley.

(Photograph by David Gale)
Hastings at RAF Colerne with Beverley taking off

(Photograph - Ian Stacey)
Argosy being loaded at RAF Benson - 1967.   Note the RTFL (Rough Terrain Fork Lift) tractor being used to load the Argosy which has the KBS (Kit Bag Stowage) fitted on the ramp.

(Photograph - Ian Berry)
Loading a 5.5 inch Howitzer into a 34 Squadron Beverley in the Far East (These photos were stamped Confidential).

(Photographs - JATE)

India Team, Got-El-Afrag, Libya, 1968. Included in the picture on the left is Dave Allen, Dave Gillinder, Tommy Benson and Ken Davie. On the right are : Dave (?), Tommy Benson, the DPOW (Dreaded Pilot Officer Wiblin), Dave Allen and Ken Davie . Following is from the 540 about the UKMAMS involvement in an exercise in Libya, North Africa:

Squadron Leader Bill Jacobs, 0C UKMAMS, an HQ element and 4 Teams deployed to Malta, in addition to two teams that were deployed to El Adem, to provide Air Movements facilities for the annual Joint Exercise Crayon (previously named Parula).

On 25th April 1968 India Team and the NEAF Team redeployed to the exercise forward airstrip at Got-El-Afrag to receive Airhead Agencies of 38 Group and the main body of 16 Parachute Brigade, both from the UK via Malta. OC UKMAMS with the remainder of the detachment redeployed from Malta to El Adem on 28th April following completion of transplanement activity.

The recovery of exercise elements by air from Got-El-Afrag to El Adem took place between 3rd and 10th May whilst the tactical phases were still in progress, which provided a severe test of the capability of the 5 teams in El Adem. The two teams at Got-El-Afrag were required to work at high pressure in difficult conditions. The UKMAMS Teams were rotated from El Adem to gain experience in this type of environment.

The following are Ken's own words: "I have some photographs at home of "I" team at the desert in Got El Afraq, where the 11 guys were killed in a plane crash (Argosy) as we left. The pilot buzzed the camp, his wing clipped a makeshift shower (50 gallon drum) at the Afraq Hilton (a tent!), and they plowed into the desert. I was at El Adem when they brought the bodies in. That stays with you for a while."

We were able to obtain a crash report from Aviation Safety. The details are very sketchy because of the military need for confidentiality:

Date: 07.05.1968
Type: Armstrong Whitworth AW-650 Argosy C Mk.1
Operator: Royal Air Force - RAF 267 Squadron
Registration: XR133
C/n: 6788
Year built: 1963
Location: Got-El-Afraq (Libya)
Nature: Military
Remarks: Hit obstruction while flying low and crashed.