The presentation of a 70 Squadron tie to Bill Jones, OC NEAF MAMS by Squadron Leader Malcom Fish, OC 70 Squadron.  MAMS had a very good relationship with 70 Squadron and would quite often assist the AQM on some diplomatic trips. Standing on the ramp of the Argosy, from left to right:  Robbie James, unknown pilot/nav, Colin Penney, Felix McQuire (both Captains) Tony Harris, Bob Turner and you can guess the other two.

(Photograph courtesy of Bob Turner)

This is Pete Simpson at Benson fully attired with hat and 'wheel' around 1969-70 offloading a Bristol Fighter from an Argosy for the RAF Museum at St Athan. Hanging on for dear life to the chains can clearly be seen Tony Lamb with various other reprobates who some may recognise.

(Photograph courtesy of Pete Simpson)

An HS-780 Andover of 52 Squadron somewhere in Nepal in 1968 - no other details are available.

(Photograph courtesy of Frank Lightfoot)

The Oil Lift, Nairobi, Kenya 1966.  A peaceful moment as the sun rises over the African plains.  Very soon the airport will be a hive of activity, with the Britannia being loaded up for an early morning departure.

(Photo Ian Stacey)

The Oil Lift, Nairobi, Kenya 1966.  A very labour intensive operation.

(Photo Ian Stacey)

The Oil Lift, Nairobi, Kenya 1966. Graham Morgan, one of the first UKMAMS team leaders, in the Game Reserve.

(Photo by Ian Stacey)

The Oil Lift, Nairobi, Kenya 1966.  UKMAMS team leader Ian Stacey,  "Bin there, done that!"

(Photo courtesy of Ian Stacey)

The Oil Lift, 1966.  The motley crew of movers (mostly Delta team UKMAMS) from left to right:  Sgt. Jim Guthrie, Roger Bullows,  Ian Stacey, Charlie Cormack, Brian Dunn, Jimmy Jamieson and Jim Balls. 

(Photo courtesy of Ian Stacey)

The Oil Lift, Zambia 1967.   The RAF detachment at Lusaka airport where we were unloading oil drums from Mombasa  that were being flown in by civilian (Caledonian Airways) Britannia freighters.  Corporal Brian Dunn is in the foreground. 

(Photo by Ian Stacey)

The Oil Lift, Lusaka 1967.  Charlie Cormack and Brian Dunn inside a Caledonian Airways freighter.  As regards loading the barrels sideways, we could get 102 barrels on that way, plus they were all empties and Caledonian had only lashing equipment that  they had " borrowed" from a Hastings.  This particular aircraft was normally used for passengers.  The floors were not stressed and all they had done was remove the seats and put some wood down to protect the carpets.

(Photo by Ian Stacey)

Zambian Oil Lift 1965. Not too sure if it's Nairobi or Lusaka.  A good picture of the Britannia Freight Lift Platform (BFLP).  Left to right: F/Sgt Ray Marks, SAC Fagin Donaghy and SAC Gibby Gibson.  Charlie Cormack is the one in the background watching the bridging plates as they were liable to fall off as they couldn't get the pins

(Photo courtesy of Ian Berry)
The Oil Lift, Lusaka 1967.  It wasn't all work here either -Roger Bullows and Charlie Cormack on the lake above the Kariba Dam

                         (Photo by Ian Stacey)

The chap at the back is Dan Archer, Bas Hughes is in the front left and Mitch Mitchell is on the right -- we were staying at the Royal Victoria Hotel  Nassau 1963 or 64 -- The trip was to transfer army personnel from Brits to Argosys.

(Photo courtesy of Bas Hughes)

The picture is of RAF Sharjah circa some time in 1969.  I found this photo in the old Air Movements building which was completely deserted in April 1973 during Exercise Pale Jade. The last entry on the movements board was a Belfast! 

(Photo courtesy of Ian Berry)

Denmark, September 1969.  Left to right:  Tony Pyne, Pete Spears, Alan (Boot) Pratt, John Evans, Jack Worrell and David (Dizzy) Benson.  They had just finished loading the Belfast which, with engines running, was about to depart.

(Photograph courtesy of Pete Spears)

Aldergrove, Northern Ireland, September 1969.  Offloading a Sioux Helicopter rotor blade from a C-130.  UKMAMS was ably assisted by members of the Army Air Corp who would have the pleasure of piecing the helicopter together again - and then flying it.    Left to right: Dave Henderson, Clive Price, Army chap, Don Wickham, Army chap, Army chap, Jack Worrell and Tony Gale.   Photographic evidence that you (the Webmaster) did pull your weight at least once!

(Photo courtesy of Ian Berry)
15th August, 1969.  Aldergrove, Northern Ireland. Flt.Sgt. Don Wickham (d) aces the removal of a hastily loaded landrover and trailer from a C-130.  SAC Tony Gale provides marshalling, while the  BBC records the scene for later broadcast.  16th August, 1969.  SAC Clive Price looks on as SAC Tony Gale adds the finishing touches to the securing of a Sioux helicopter rotor gear on the ramp of a C-130.  On Tony's right is Sgt. Jack Worrell.

A representation of the Transport Fleet circa 1969.  Left to right: Comet 4B, C130 Hercules, Bristol Britannia, VC-10 and Belfast.  The aircraft that would be missing are the Argosy and Andover. 

Photo from "Specialist Aircrew" 
By Sqn. Ldr. David Berry RAF (Ret)

In the 1960's a Royal Air Force Britannia departed daily from Lyneham to Singapore.  This "slot" outside the Terminal Building was the traditional preparation spot.  Of particular interest is the Britannia Freight Lift Platform on the second aircraft. A Comet 4B and a Hastings can be clearly seen in the background. 

(Photo courtesy of David Berry)