RAF Lyneham, December 1966. A Britannia of Transport Command being loaded using a Britannia Freight Lift Platform (BFLP)

(Photograph - Ian Berry)

Some of the lads on AFME MAMS, Khormaksar, Aden, in 1966. In the back, left to right, are Ross McKerron, Barry Fisher, "Neddy" Nethercoat and the late Archie Scott. In the front are John Moreland and Gordon Gourdie.

(Photograph courtesy of John Moreland)

Loading a Landrover and Trailer Combination to a Hastings. This photograph would have been taken at the Air Movements Training School, RAF Abingdon sometime in the early 60's

(Photograph - Bruce Oram)

5,000 Gallon Refueller Loading onto a C-130 at RAF Fairford - August 1969. This became quite a regular load 20 years later when 'oodles' had to be flown to the Gulf.

(Photograph - Ian Berry)
RAF Abingdon, 1966.  Left to Right 

Gordon "Skegs" Curran,  head turned  Brian Hinton,  Jim Dally, Paul Kelly (pointing) Mike Bush at front right,  John Cosgrove  standing at rear   (He was the one with the Car - Zephyr 4! we went everywhere in it!)

(Photograph courtesy of Mike Bush)

Belfast down the Gulf - 1967.  Not sure of location but it could be Masirah although a lot of Bevs lived in Khormaksar.

(Photograph - Ian Berry)

Far East Air Force MAMS - Changi, 1968. Back row : Tommy Hutton, Smudge Smith, Joe Gray, Derek Hillman, Chas Cormack, George Graves, Brian Greenwood, N/K, Pete Kingwill, George Hyslop, F/sgt ?, N/K.  Front row:- John Graham, Vic King (OC), N/K, Bill Young, Mick Parker, N/K.

(Photograph courtesy of Frank Lightfoot)

Exercise Hellenic Express, Thessaloniki, Greece - September 1969. Left to right:  Jim Gallagher, Hugh Curran (?),  David Bell, n/k , Bob Thacker 

(Photograph - Norrie Radcliffe)

Summer 1961 Air Movements Course at Kidbrooke.

 I am centre row second left as you look at the photo. Also in the photo back row 9th left is Geordie Daverson. Mentioned in the article on the Zambia Oil Lift of 1965, I believe it is the same Geordie who went absent at that time. I remember the names of those who went on to Khormaksar with me: Daverson, Dew, Keena, Fahey, Balfour and Le Gendre, and also Bob Maule who went on to Butterworth FEAF. I can't recall the names of any others but I believe the course instructor was Chief Waltham pictured 6th left front

 (Photograph courtesy of Fred Martin)

Air Movements Course - August 1969

Back Row: Mike McCann, Smith, Collins, Lehane, Leavy, Dave Sherwood, Webb, Boyd

Centre Row: Brian Sewell, Bishop, Thompson, Giles, Strutt, Dick De Caires, Lucas, Harris, Porter, Tony Smith

Front: Dixie Dean, Carew, Rod Loviet Sgt Bryan Beverley, Fg Off Pound (Flt Cdr), Flt Sgt Newman,Tim Hunt, John Newby, Sawyer

(Photo Courtesy of Mike McCann)