C130 on Ice in Bardufoss, Northern Norway

C130 XV223 Ready for take off

A Gaggle of Argosys at their home base of RAF Benson.  There was nothing more thrilling than laying full length in the nose of the aircraft, during take-off or landing, while  looking at the world through the Bombardier's Window. (This window was not used for dropping bombs as the name might suggest, but for sighting the DZ during air drops of paratroops or supplies.)

A Comet 4 arrives at Gatwick.  The Comet was the very first jet transport aircraft in the world. For those of us that had the pleasure of working with her - who among us can remember being doubled over in the belly hold, trying to handle heavy pieces of luggage while at the same time trying to maintain ones' balance with knees carefully placed atop the ridges that ran the length of the hold!

Gibraltar Air Movements, 1979.  Left to Right:  Maurice Usher, Vic O'Sullivan, Dave Eggleton, Phil Horton, Jim Stewart, Graham Hopkinson (MT), Ian Adams, Jim Brett, Jim Morrison (ATSY), Pete Ingham ( supported by two of Dan Air's finest).

(Photo courtesy of Pete Ingham)

Akrotiri, Cyprus, during the Turkish invasion of 1974. Air Movements staff  unload bundles of blankets for the refugees onto a ConDec 25k from a stretch DC-8

(Photo courtesy of John Belcher)

RAF Abingdon in 1972.  Squadron Leader Mike Slade on the left hands over command of the United Kingdom Mobile Air Movements Squadron to Squadron Leader Bryan Morgan.

Members of UKMAMS are presented to the Air Officer Commanding in the early 1970s.  On the far left is Sqn Ldr Mike Slade, then the AOC, J/T Tony Suart, Cpl Syd Avery, SAC Hugh Curran and SAC Bob Thacker.

March 23, 1973 in Williamtown, N.S.W., Australia.  A Sabre Jet flight simulator was loaded on board a Belfast freighter for delivery to Iswahjudi in Indonesia.  The team, left to right:  Sqn Ldr Bryan Morgan, C/T Roger Neate (Ground Engineer), Flt Lt Chris Twyman, Cpl George Lynes, SAC Tony Gale, SAC Tony Moore and Flt Sgt John Evans.

Loading a Blaw-Knox Tarmac Layer into a Belfast for delivery to Singapore.  This event took place in November 1975 and the aircraft was loaded at RAF Lyneham for delivery to the Royal Engineers in Singapore. I was actually at Paya Lebar when it arrived as I was based in Singapore at the time. The guy driving it (after training) was Flt Lt Pat Mackenzie (ex-MOpsO)

(Photograph courtesy of Ian Berry)

Whilst the rest of the squadron were on the move from Abingdon to Lyneham in Feb 1974 Ted Moore and myself were attached to 46 Sqn from Thorney island as part of Exercise Mirza II. We operated out of Khartoum in the Sudan for 2 months and flew men and materials down to the south of the country near the Zaire border. The picture shows the 2nd ever landing on a dirt strip made for us by the Royal Engineers (I was on the first flight but got off to take the photo!). 

(Photo by Ian Berry)

RAF Abingdon 28 May 1970. A German WW2  A4/V2 rocket  plus ancillaries loaded by a UKMAMS team of 6 men plus Fg Off Brian Shorter.  It was  possibly a gift for the Deutches Museum in Munich sent back across the channel 50 years later and at 300 mph instead of  Mach 2!  There is also an example at the Imperial War Museum in London which has a nice cut away section to see inside.

RAF Abingdon 10th August 1970. A Messerschmitt 163 Komet possibly being  moved up to Cosford. Nasty bits of kit as they had a tendency to explode due to the volatile mix of fuels used - contact with any organic substance would turn it to mush, including the pilots flying them! 

Charlie Team from left to right: Flg Off Dick Green, Sgt Ben Johnson, SAC Eddie Mottram, an Air Cadet, SAC Bob Atcheson and Flt Sgt Alan Wincott.   The cadet was sitting astride the fuselage so that it would not tip on its nose

Unloading a Flight Simulator for British Airways by JATE - December 1975. This photo is courtesy of JATE and shows, I presume, the offload of a BA Simulator. The aircraft type is not known. The officer on the far right is a dear old chap known as Flt Lt Dave (Chunky) Allen, now retired but keeps in touch with the Association and lives in the Stafford area.

(Photograph - Bruce Oram)

While the passengers sleep very uncomfortably.......members of a UKMAMS team sleep in relative comfort in cargo net hammocks!  The following are the photographer's own words - he wished to remain anonymous - "The views are the interior of a Herc on it's way to New Hebrides from Cyprus via, I think, Gan or possibly even Masirah, Darwin, Cairns and finally Port Villa in the New Hebrides. As you can see the MAMS guys were the organised ones (as usual!).   The plane was from 47 Sqdn at Lyneham according to my brief annotations."

Photographs of the Argosy in camouflage