Ferret Scout Car offloading from an Argosy, the exact date is unknown

(Photograph - JATE)


How Many Howitzers Can You Get In A Herc?

This is from the images disk. Probably at Lyneham. Load in view is 6 x 105mm Pack Howitzers. They were replaced by the 105mm Light Gun in 1980 so this photo must have been taken in the 70s.

(Photograph - Lyneham Images)
"F Troop" in Halfar, Malta 1970

Left to Right:  Dave Barton,  Don Wickham, Pete Chappell, George Lynes and Tony Gale.  We took the Landrover, "88AA81" seen on the right, all over the world with us.  Tony remembers the wise words from Sgt "Dinty" Moore during his Air Movements training course - "Always carry a tin of matt green paint in your Landrover, so that when you get a scrape on it you can cover it up quickly!"

(Photograph - Dave Barton

Wessex Being Loaded onto a Belfast Brize Norton, 1971. Exact details not known although the DAMO is wearing a movements armband which only the 'enlisted men' now wear!

(Photograph - Ian Berry)

Loading  a WWII Hurricane Fighter into a Belfast - Circa 1971. Exact details not known.  That's John Evans on the left, a couple of unknowns, then a gaggle of Air Cadets lending eager hands.

(Photograph - Ian Berry)

Finishing touches to a Sea King load, RAF Brize Norton, November 1973.  I'm assuming it's a Sea King as the tail rotor has been 'hinged' inwards as they do whilst at sea.

(Photograph - Ian Berry)
Air Movements Squadron, RAF Masirah, Oman - July 1972

Rear:  Dave Hardy,  Dave Allen,  John Webber,  Lionel Cox,  Dave Cromb,  Sandy Jackson,  Den Lonsdale,  Ian Woodward 

Centre:  Dick Webb,  Alec Clyde,  Scouse Stephens,  Ian Dickie,  Charlie Hargreaves, Graham Reet, Keith Jackson,  Dave Parris,  Denny Haigh,  Ian Thom

Front:  Dave Rice,  Gwyn Brooks,  Don McKay,  Fg Off Sefton,  Flt Lt Bill Halford,  Glynn Erasmus,  Roy Millington,  Spud Mudhart,  Geordie Pattinson

(Photograph - Dave Allen)
Another day, another parade - Air Officer Commanding's inspection, Abingdon, May 1973.

L to R:  n/k  n/k  Charles Collier,  n/k,  Pete Chappell,  Colin Eyres,  Station Commander,  Mick Steed,  Ivan Gervais, Bryan Morgan, AOC,  Dinger Bell,  Norrie Radcliffe,  Jim Marchant,  Merv Corke,  Brian Clucas,  Keri Eynon,  Fred Kitts,  Gordon Woods,  Dave Barton,  Boot Pratt.

(Photograph - Ian Berry

RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus, April 1978. This one was taken by myself from the door of an 84 Sqn Whirlwind. It was my reward for playing survivor for them. Note the Vulcan bomber and the two cargo hangars at bottom right.

(Photograph - Ian Berry)
Air Movements Squadron Gutersloh - March 1978

Back: Kev Sullivan, Bill Whitehead, Ade Smith, Chris Keen, n/k, Gordon Black

Front: Doug Betambeau, N/K, Keith Jevons, Taff Owen
(Photograph courtesy of Douggie Betambeau)

Aerial Port detachment's view of Bardufoss pan during Exercise Arctic Express '78 in northern Norway. Here we see a German C-160, an Italian C-130, a US C-141 and a Canadian 707.

(Photograph by Geoff Elliott)

Heading for the Paris Air Show via ferry, May 1977.

Chris Hicks, Keith Davies, Ian Newlands
and Bruce Oram

(Photograph by Geoff Elliott)

Exercise Arrow Express, September 1977. Everything stops for tea at Tirstrup, Denmark. Geoff Elliott, Keith Davies, Ian Newlands and Rick Galvin

(Photograph courtesy of Geoff Elliott)

Britannia "Spica" at Decimomannu, Sardinia - 1974. Included in the picture: Tony Hastilow (Ground Eng), Wg Cdr Betts (OC OPs), "Tricky Dicky" Kent (OC Stores/Movements), Phil Mann (Ops Officer), Jock Barry (Armourer), Jim Marchant (UKMAMS), "Thumbs Up" Taylor

(Photograph - Tony Hastilow)

Britannia Flight 6163 en route from Gan to Masirah
Saturday 29th July 1972