Advanced Air Movements Course sometime in the late 1970's

Back row left to right:  Sean Blythe, John l'Anson (now working in the Gulf), John Purkiss (Almost a WO), Nev Whitham, Steve Munday (now a Sqn/Ldr), Keith Slight, Alan Warwick-Moore

Front row left to right:  (possibly) Graham "Wooly" Cotton",  Taff Owen (Flt Sgt), Dick Castle, Gordon Spiers, Brian Bastin, Martin Armstrong, John "Paddy" Gibson

(Photo Courtesy of Alan Warwick-Moore)
Movements Operators Course in early 1979

Back row: 1st left Chis Chisolm, 2nd left Colin Crow, 3rd left Shuggie Shewan, 4th left Sean Woodcock, 2nd right Ginge Barrett.

Middle row 1st left Dale Walker, 2nd left Mick Case, 3rd right Phil Harriman, 4th left Paul Stanford, 1st right Terry Green,
2nd right Terry Hughes

Front row: Derek Dean, Chris Bird (Deceased), John Guy,  Mike Yule, Colin Allen, n/k, n/k

(Photo courtesy of Ginge Barrett)
21 Movements Operator's Course - Brize Norton, July 1978

Back Row L to R: Alex Ballinhall, Bob Percy, Les Dick, George Dowds, Mark Avery, Mick Roberts, Bill Nangle, Tony Bradley.
Middle Row L to R: Des Dawson, Kevin "Doc" Loosley, Ray Humberstone, Ed Galliger, Chris Simpkins, Kev Chaney, Chris Kendal, Andy Cresswell, Ian Chappel.
Front Row L to R:  Sgt Leonard, WO Guy, F/Lt Bernard, S/Ldr Yule, F/Sgt Satterly, Sgt Proffitt, Sgt Hall.

(Photograph Courtesy of Bill Nangle
Air Movements RAF Gutersloh - Inter-Section Cup Final 1971-1972

Back row 1st left: Colin Menmuir Back row 4th left: Brian Clark Front row 2nd left: Doug Betambeau

(Photograph courtesy of Douggie Betambeau)
No.2 Advanced Air Movements Course, 10th - 28th July 1972

Back row:  Chas Cormack, Mick Mahon, Keth Jackson, Dave Gillander, Pete Mahon, Tom Blues, Ken Grant, Gerry Phelan, n/k,
Rick Flynn, Brian Ayling.

Front row:  Derek Pilkington, DK, Tony Harris, Flt Lt Brown, Alan Wincott, Ken Wadey, Ron Arnold, Bob Thomas.

Chas Cormack wrote:  From memory,  the two ex Air Gunners failed the course. The final trim was a Britannia with a door loading chart.  I gave John Guy, the examiner, problems with his marking key.  He did not allow for a supposed crate which was quite light and fitted through the door if turned on its side. I don't think he ever forgave me for selecting it and proving it would go on!

Photograph courtesy of Ian Berry)