Experimental helicopter at RAE Bedford UK, 1970.  Members of Delta team are Frank Holmes, Bernie Bernard, Phil King & Don Stewart

(Photograph courtesy of Don Stewart)

Aerial Photograph of RAF Masirah 1971

Both UK and NEAF MAMS teams were involved in the evacuation of refugees from Chaklala to Karachi in 1971.  Standing, left to right:  Frank Holmes, Peter Herring, Keith Parker, John (Troop) Smith, Bob Thacker, Chas Dalgleish, Norrie Radcliffe, John Middleton and Roy Millington (Movs Masirah).  Kneeling left to right: Doug Lister, Colin Allen, Hugh Curran, Charlie Marlow and Keith Simmonds

Sadly both Chas Dalgleish and Roy Millington are now deceased but the rest are going strong.  The Wing Commader pilot leading this task received an Air Force Cross as the Hercs did land under hostile fire. Hugh Curran and Troop Smith also received some hostility from the passengers!

RAF Luqa, Malta, 1978

Front Row, 3rd from right: Dave Wright

2nd row, 3rd from left Don Hazlewood,

6th from left possibly Colin Menmuir?

7th from left Dave Wall

2nd from right Warren Glen

(Photograph courtesy of Don Hazlewood)

A Charity walk around the Lyneham perimeter in 1976, refuelling at the Cross Keys Pub on the opposite side of the Airfield.

L2R: John Lambert ("JD" OC UKMAMS), Brian Powling, NK, Dave Whyke (killed in Red Coat Britannia crash 1978), Dave Leighton, NK, NK, Hugh Curran? Terry Alfonso, Nev Whitham, NK, Pete Clayton.

Ian Envis writes: I recall Delta Team (my hooligans) were in Calgary when Carol Lambert and JD decided the event was to be held.We arrived back at Lyneham on the Thursday and were told - you will walk, on Saturday. Believing the idea was a laugh and fancy dress we elected to wear T-Shirts and long johns etc. Terry's wife, who worked in a local school, was delegated to get sponsors for ALL of Delta Team since we had insufficient time to go pubbing and collect such trivial matters. When Carol and John arrived at XKeys they were not sure whether to shoot us or laugh....I suppose laugh won!

Gerry Babbington and Mike Thomas were given a severe dressing down by JD for hitching a lift via a mini-van or similar that happened to pass. The walk was kept to the surrounds of Lyneham due the ''threat from the PIRA etc..."

(Photograph courtesy of Pete Clayton)

L2R:  JD Lambert,  NK,  Sqn Adj?,  NK,  Dave Whyke,  "Crash" Amos (Group Captain), Terry Alfonso,  NK, NK,  Mick Day,  NK,  Brian Powling,  Nev Witham,  Pete Clayton

(Photograph courtesy of Pete Clayton)

Pete Clayton on the left. The chap with the cardboard box was the infamous F/O Bill Glew (Sticky), he often thought he was a rally driver when behind the wheel of a Landrover.  Merve Corke would always try to insist that he did not drive when we were all on Alpha Team together.

(Photograph courtesy of Pete Clayton)

Exercise Bersatu Padu, Penerak, Malaysia 1970

Back Left to right: n/k, n/k, Ted Moore, n/k, Harry Manning, Boot Pratt, Jack Worrell, Tony Pyne, Dave ? (Admin), n/k, John Cooper, Mike Slade, Don Wickham, Roger Wood, Jerry Frazer, Jim Stewart

Front:  Tug Wilson, Syd Avery, Dave Eggleton, Tony Barrell, n/k,Tim Pyne

(Photo Courtesy of Ian Berry)
Operation Agila, Rhodesia
19 Dec 1970 to 19 Mar 1980

UKMAMS Detachment at New Sarum Airfield, Salisbury, Rhodesia. The operation involved the deployment, resupply and then recovery of the Commonwealth Monitoring Force which oversaw the disarming of the rebels prior to independence.

L2R Back: MAMS Eng,  FS Chas Cormack, Sgt Hugh Curran, S/L John Macdonald, SAC Chris Thistle,  SAC Martyn Turner, Sgt Trevor Edwards, Cpl Stu Whitton, Fg Off ?

Front: Sgt Dixie Dean, Sgt Brian Connellan, Fg Off Mike Fulker,  SAC Keith Jevons, Cpl Keith Smith,  JT Barry Trudgeon (MAMS Eng)

Operation Agila, Rhodesia
RAF Hercules Detachment

This is the complete RAF Lyneham Detachment, MAMS are in the back row. 

There are many stories including Hugh Curran being told to keep the noise down in the hotel by a woman standing in a night dress at the door, holding a baby and wearing a holstered six gun!

Also Keith Smith breaking his wrist whilst leapfrogging parking meters 'downtown' Salisbury but this was then covered up as a 'loading injury'.