Calgary, Alberta, Canada April 1981.
"Charlie" team positioned the British Army for Exercise Medicine Man and then flew into Ottawa, Ontario to recover a Lynx Helicopter.  Left to right: SAC Tim Pyne, SAC Steve Croston,  [Sgt. ?], Cpl. Willie Crossley, Fg.Off. Ian Russel, and last (but not least) Sgt. Dixie Dean.
(Photograph courtesy of Willie Crossley)
Ascension Island during the summer of '82 saw UKMAMS supporting the transport fleet enroute to and from the Falkland Islands during the war with Argentina. The happy Muppets are, from left  to right:  Sgt. Jim Cunningham, SAC Kev Sullivan, SAC Nip Betts, SAC Paddy Power, Cpl. Willie Crossley, SAC Nobby Clarke, SAC Jock Rae and SAC Tim Pyne.
(Photograph Courtesy of Willie Crossley)
Ascension Island, July 1982.  An elated Cpl. Phil Vicary can't wait to go home.
(Photograph courtesy of Willie Crossley)

A Monkey Hanger eats well on Albert - 1985

(Photo courtesy of Chris Clarke)

Photograph shows the famous Belize prop (from a Corsair) being cemented into the ground on the 11 Feb 1980.  White men (nearly!) from left to right are: Steve Perry, Pete Donald and Keith Boosey.
(Photo courtesy of Ian Berry)
This is Taff James hanging on to the prop situated at Williams site Belize. The Prop held over 150 names of personnel  who served in Belize.  When Belize closed the prop was removed to the Movements School at Brize Norton where it is undergoing a facelift.
(Photo courtesy of Taff James)
February 14, 1984 British Embassy Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Left to right are Gus Turney, "Sig" Siggery, "Chis" Chisholm, Brummy Overgaard,  Martin Skelton, Pig Clarke & Colin Baines
(Photo courtesy of Chris Clarke)
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 1984 .  SAC Brummy Overgaard, SAC Pig Clarke, Cpl Siggy Siggery and  SAC Dinger Bell

(Photo courtesy of Chris Clarke)
Gondar, Ethiopia, 1984 . Derek Barron and Chris Clarke with some of the starving kids - very sad.
(Photo courtesy of Chris Clarke)

Derek Barron and The Blue Nile - Ethiopia 1985

(Photo courtesy of Chris Clarke)

The Starting Lineup of Movements Operator's Course No. 38, 1981
Back:  Andy Jones, Chris Carlin, nk, nk, Brain Larkin, Paul ?, Chris Gosling, Arfur English

Centre: Duncan Andrews, Al Stacy, Dave Bedford, Gary Pym, Colin Jehan, Steve Constantine,  Karl Garfield, "Doc"Foster

Front:    nk,  Ken Morris, Dick Castle, Gordon Spiers, nk, nk, nk
(Photo courtesy of Arfur English)
The Ending Lineup of Movements Operator's Course No. 38  Akrotiri 1981

Back:  Geoff Cox, Dave Bedford, Chris Carlin, Steve Constantine, Sqn Ldr Richard Bond (SAMO), Station Commander, Arfur English, Karl Garfield, Al Stacy, Ken Morris

Front:  Duncan Andrews, Gary Pym, Chris Walters, Colin Jehan, Andy Jones, Paul Myatt

(Photograph courtesy of Arfur English)
Movements Controller's Course No. 74.  1986
Back: "Spike" Lenderyou, Robbie Robinson, Steve Constantine, Duncan Radford, Arfur English, Steve Gardiner, Baz Dyment

Front: Dave Roberts, Clive Bishop, Gordon Thompson, Dick Castle, Terry Fell, Kev Smith, Mark Hartwell
(Photograph courtesy of Arfur English)