Headquarters Strike Command 1988
It was a 2-day conference for officers holding movements posts either within HQ STC or at STC units.   Boring conference, but excellent night in the Mess!

Back row, left to right Jerry Allen, Chris Goss, Paul Voltzenlogel, Mark Blackburn, Don Bullimore, Dick Page, Mike Fulkner, Jon Falconer, Rod Elliot (ex OC UKMAMS), Kit Ayres, n/k, Dave Fitzgerald-Lombard, Phil Britton, rest n/k apart from 3rd from right Tom Jones, 5th from right Dave Thompson, 6th from right Charles Collier

Second row:  Dick Leonard, Dan Archer, Geoff Nolan, n/k,  Harold Martin, n/k, n/k, Pete Gaskin, Mike Connors

Front row 3rd left is Ben Ball, n/k, Dutch Holl, Mike Yule, Tony Waddell and Richard Mighall
(Photo courtesy of Bruce Oram)
RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus, May 1980

The new Passenger Terminal is in the top right hand side of the pans. It was built in the mid-70's.  One of the standing jokes in Movements for a long while was that if you weren't too impressed with someone you'd say that he was involved with the planning of the Akrotiri terminal. Why? Because when it was complete the Gamecock Baggage conveyor vehicles could not get under the terminal to the baggage shoots as they were 4 inches too high - eventually all the vehicles had to be scrapped and to this day we still use baggage trolleys!

(Photo courtesy of Ian Berry)

Air Commodore Williams presents the  AOC's Commendation to Flt Sgt Ian Berry, Akrotiri, Cyprus, 14th June, 1980. This presentation took place on the balcony of the VIP Lounge which is on the front of the Akrotiri Pax Terminal, the previous aerial shot should help orientate you.

Those 'forced' to watch were left to right: ATLO Bill Blyth (now a Major), ATLO n/k, Rip Kirby, John Billingsley, Eddie Turner, Ray Ralph, Jim Muir, Ray Webster, Harry Sutcliffe, Paddy Power and  Taff (Norman Vaughan) Thomas.

(Photo courtesy of Ian Berry)

I believe this was taken on the retirement of Derek Pilkington outside the Sgts Mess, RAF Lyneham, August 1983. Left to right: Eddie Turner, Mike Humphries, n/k, Jim Stewart, John McClymont, Terry Roberts, Eddie Grace, n/k, Dave Abrams, Dave Eggleton, Keith Davies, Vic Hopper, Merv Corke, Taff Eynon, Mark Davey (clerk), Gerry Phelan, n/k, George Marek, Roy Armstong, Dinger Bell, Al Scarisbrick, Jim Buchanan, Hugh Curran, Ivan Gervais, Owen Connell, Bob Dixon, Mick Rawle, Tony Ferrison, Derek Pilkington, Sam Heaphy.

(Photo courtesy of Ian Berry)

This is a Harrier being offloaded from an Airbridge Hercules at Stanley Airport in the Falklands in late 1982. The Airbridge Hercules would carry 2 ex-Andover long range fuel tanks inside giving an extra 16,000 lbs of fuel. If things got desperate all Hercules were capable of in-flight refuelling.

(Photo Courtesy of Ian Berry)

RAF Stanley - UKMAMS Detachment, 1982. "Wee Foddy" Newlands in a moment of patriotic artistry

(Photograph courtesy of Ian Newlands)

Prime Minister The Honorable Margaret Thatcher arrives in the Falklands January 1983.  This was the visit from the 'Iron Lady'  arriving at RAF Stanley. The Herc was a typical Airbridge but inside it carried a 'Caravan Wonderland' which had airline seats, washing facilities, private toilet and some soundproofing. Still, she has put the following PMs to shame as I don't recollect any visiting since.

(Photo Courtesy of Ian Berry)

RAF Stanley - as in every other operation, the initial setting up of the Movements Section was a UKMAMS affair. This is a shot of the team in March 1983.

L to R: Chris Trevelyan,  Mike O'Donnell,  Steve Croston,  Nigel Clewley, Martyn Reid and Al Rae.

(Photo Courtesy of Ian Berry)