23 September, 1991.  Dinger Bell and Jock Evans pose on the ramp at RAF Lyneham.  This was a red letter day at the base as three former hostages were flown in from Beirut. The 3 involved were Terry Waite, the envoy of the Archbishop of Canterbury; the journalist John McCarthy; and the ex RAF WWII Spitfire pilot Jackie Mann.  If you look carefully you will be able to see a parked Spitfire, which performed a victory roll over the airfield as the released hostages disembarked.

(Photograph courtesy of Scott Innes)

September 1991.  A UKMAMS Landrover returns from the Gulf War.  Apparently the bullet holes were on the other side of the vehicle!

(Photograph courtesy of Scott Innes)
September 1991. Scott Innes "somewhere down route."
(Photograph courtesy of Scott Innes)

23 September 1991.  Karl Widdup offloading cargo from an inbound C130 at RAF Lyneham

(Photograph courtesy of Scott Innes)

September 1991.  "Speedy" Soane hurrying through the cargo shed at RAF Lyneham

(Photograph courtesy of Scott Innes)

Loading Christmas trees at Gutersloh, Germany.  Left to right: Andy Wilson, Cam Adam, Ginge Riches, Taff Williams, Blue Hughes, Roy Bolton, Forks driver n/k

(Photo courtesy of Bruce Oram)

Look what happened to Sam Heaphy when he worked on the Training Team for too long!

(Photo by Jerry Allen)

Party Time - Incirlik - 1992. Every MAMS team during their detachment to Adana/Incirlik had to put on a party for the benefit of the rest of the detachment. Most were themed as either; Tarts & Vicars, Cowboys & Indians, Romans or even Trainspotters. The local USAFE Charity Shop made a killing from the MAMS detachment  as that's where everyone bought their 'bad taste' clothes including women's dresses.

This shot shows Douggie Betambeau on the left and Jai Cookson adding flavour on the right

(Photograph courtesy of Douggie Betambeau)
Bryan Greenwood

(Photo by Bruce Oram)

Pete Johnson talking to the Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Paddy Hine.  Note the rip in Pete's flying suit!

(Photo courtesy of Bruce Oram)
Ray Beastall opening the hold on an L1011 Tristar

(Photo courtesy of Bruce Oram)
Derek Pilkington offloading a Christmas tree

(Photo courtesy of Bruce Oram)

The ADP (Aircraft Departure Processing) classroom at the Movements School. Left to right Gary Basterfield, Paul 'Sandie' Sanderson, Colin Waite, Eccy Eccles, 'Young' Dinger Bell, Paddy Mulholland, Eddie McDowall, Pete Hopkins.

(Photo courtesy of Bruce Oram)

This is the Atlas when it is air prepped. It doesn't take long but you have to remove the outer wheels for it to fit in the Hercules!  Photo taken June 1995 during UKMAMS Training Course

(Photograph - Ian Berry
Ascension Island in 1992. 

Left to right are:  SAC Scott Innes, SAC John Scott,  Cpl Nick Loach, Cpl Lee Taylor, Sam ? RAFP,  Fireman, Sgt Tim Pyne,  Fireman, F/O Dick Allen,  Fireman,  Fireman, Fireman,  RAFP,  Fireman, SAC Pete Vaughan, SAC Nick Russell, SAC Andy Hudson, ? SAC Murph Murphy
(Photo courtesy of Scott Innes)
XV292 Flies Over RAF Lyneham Celebrating 25 Years of Hercules Operations - December 1991
This aircraft was painted with a large 25 on the tail and all the Sqn badges to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Herc ops. The aircraft then flew out to the Lockheed Plant in Atlanta, Georgia with a member of all trades at Lyneham. I was fortunate to represent the 'Movers'.
(Photograph courtesy of Ian Berry)
XV292 with Lyneham Tradesmen at Lockheed Plant, Marietta, Georgia, December 1992

We were there for 4 days being hosted by Lockheed. We were also taken into a secure hangar and shown the new F22 Raptor stealth fighter. Sadly we weren't allowed cameras inside the plant.

(Photograph courtesy of Ian Berry)
XV292 without the "Rent-A-Crowd"

(Photograph - Ian Berry)