Airman 1st Class Betambeau carries out quality check - Gulf War 1991. This is a ZSU 3 20mm AAA which now resides outside the UKMAMS HQ. This looks like Dhahran/Al Jubayl in Saudi Arabia after liberation from vicinity of Kuwait Intl Airport.
(Photograph courtesy of Doug Betambeau)
Kuwait International Airport - Post Iraqi Surrender

A striking shot of a C130 taking off with the burning oil wells in the distance.

(Photograph courtesy of Doug Betambeau)
Souvenir Hunting

Doug in the weapons park at Al Jubayl looking for something to sell!

(Photograph courtesy of Doug Betambeau)
Scud Hunting
The SAS couldn't find them, but MAMS did!
(Photograph courtesy of Doug Betambeau)
Building a Terminal from Scratch

This is Incirlik (Adana) Turkey in 1992. MAMS teams started doing one month detachments to man the airhead. The 'Terminal' as you can see was made from materials scrounged (or borrowed) and you can see one of the guys converting a dunnage kit into a picnic table.

MAMS Adage: "If it's not nailed down, it's mine - If I can pry it loose, it's not nailed down!..."

(Photograph courtesy of Douggie Betambeau)
Airborne over the Gulf - 1991

A typical crammed load during the Gulf War. The large piece of kit looks like a Henley Forklift (33,000 lbs).

(Photograph courtesy of Douggie Betambeau)
Gulf War - Captured Iraqi T62 Tank

Douggie posing on an abandoned Iraqi T62 tank. I hope he didn't poke around any destroyed one's as that's where we are now getting the scare from unknown illnesses suspected to come from the use of depleted uranium ammunition.

(Photograph courtesy of Douggie Betambeau)
French Air Force Movements Detachment - Incirlik 1992

This is a shot of Douggie posing with the French contingent whose detachment was located next door to MAMS. Their aircraft included C130, C160 Transall and KC135 Tanker/ Freighters in support of their Mirage fighter/bombers.

(Photograph courtesy of Douggie Betambeau)
Terminal Improvement - Incirlik 1992

The improvement to the facilities never stopped. This is Douggie doing some carpentry. The sign above him is for the MAMS det and the other sign is for 101 Sqn who were the VC10 Tanker Sqn located next door.

(Photograph courtesy of Douggie Betambeau)

UKMAMS Detachment Freight Yard - Incirlik - 1992

The freight yard with RAF AT ramp in distance.  The engine on the transfer loader is an Adour for a Jaguar.

(Photograph courtesy of Douggie Betambeau)
Zagreb 1992

Left to right:  Andy Walters, Carl King, Carl Widdup, Erica Best, Karl Hibbert, Rod Morgan, and a slightly barking mad Fight Sergeant.  We used to fly on every RAF flight into Sarajevo at that time.

Good times if a little crazy, especially landing at Sarajevo, you would be doing a "Khesan" approach, there would be a tank on the road outside the airfield firing shells into the city, the flares would be firing out of both sides of the aircraft and there beside the runway is a little old lady calmly pegging out her washing !!!

There was a crazy dog who hated locals but loved the British, used to jump on each RAF C130 on its return from Sarajevo, have a look around and then get off.  In the end some local shot him.

(Photograph courtesy of  Ian Berry)
(Text courtesy of Karl Hibbert & Mick Mayberry)
Air Movements RAF Gutersloh - December 1991

Here we are posing by an Antonov AN124.  What makes the picture unusual are the 2 Russians in the picture (in civillian coats).  The cold war was still on (ish) and I think I'm right in saying that this was the first combat co-operation twixt us and the Russkies - they were happy with the duty free Bensons we supplied!

Standing, left to right:  Dave Thurlow (Movs), N/K, Tim Newstead (Movs), N/K,  Ron Turley (Movs), N/K, Sarah Duffy (Movs), N/K (USSR),  Ken Cooper (Logs Sqn), N/K (USSR), Pete Cosgrove (Movs)

Kneeling, left to right: Ewan Kinghorn (Movs), Chris Arnhill (POL), Barry Knock (Supply), Max Wall (POL), N/K (Supply), Dave Williams (Logs Sqn), Martin Smith (POL).

(Photo by Bruce Oram)
(Text by Dave Williams)
Preparing a Barbeque - Incirlik - 1992

Preparing a barbie in the Terminal. Left is Stu Beange, Centre is possibly Karl Hibbert or George Quarless and right is Jim Stone who can possibly help with middle man.

(Photograph courtesy of Douggie Betambeau)
Chas Cormack's Dining Out - Brize Norton Friday 14th June 1996

Back row  L to R
Mark Bagnall, Neil Cook, Hugh Curran, Charlie Marlow, Al Hart, Chris Owen, John McCarthy, Norman Gage, Kent Wayne Siggery, Andy Machell, Steve Gelder, Andrew Vincent Hartley, Nev Witham, Benny Bennett.

2nd Row L to R
Sarah Bowen, Steve Perry, John Paish, Ade Smith, Troop Smith, Martin Jones, Jim Marchant, Dave Eggleton, Les Charlesworth, Sean Blythe, Sam Heaphy, Ray Webster,.John Conduit.

3rd row L to R
Brian Harper, Merv Muir, Phil Vickary, Terry Roberts, Eddie Grace, Mo Mohindra, Rod Burke, Jim Buchannan, Pete Biggs, Andy Valentine,  Fitz Fitzgerald, Bruce Oram, Tony Geerah, Dave Leonard, Stevie Lowe.

Front row L to R 
  Pete Johnson, John Billingsley, Tony Last, Dave Lacey, Chick Hatch, Bob Dixon, Chas Cormack, Mick Day, Mick Palfrey, Forbes Patterson,  Ian Berry, H Firth, Gordon Black, Owen Connell, Ray Hedinburgh, Derek Pilkington


(Photo courtesy of Chas Cormack)