Gordon Gourdie, pictured here on the right, made the annual pilgrimage to Cyprus in September 2002 and was met at Lanarca airport by his chum from Aden days, John Moreland, on the left.  They hadn't seen each other since August 1971 when Gordon was on a fruit run to Akrotiri so there was a bit of catching up to do.

[Regretably John passed away recently]
RAF Bruggen in Germany - A busy night shift

(Photo by Whaty Campbell)
The following two shots are of a Huey AirCobra which was collected by a Mobile team in September 2002 from Wheeler Sacks Army Air Field, Fort Drum, in Upper New York State.
(Photograph courtesy of Ian Berry)
The Huey AirCobra was donated to the Army Air Corps at Middle Wallop as a gate guardian.
(Photograph courtesy of Ian Berry)
On 8 July 2002 Herc XV294 was struck by the hook of a DROPS vehicle being driven by a young Royal Marine. The under surface of the tailplane was torn open just like the proverbial tin can. The Daily Mirror put the damage at £2.5m but after the Engineers put in their claims we reckon it was more like £3m! This is a shot of the replacement tailplane arriving at Bagram on a low loader inside a C17 after successful trials by JATE at Brize Norton.

(Photograph courtesy of Ian Berry)
RAF Bruggen in Germany - Loading a Rover

(Photo by Whaty Campbell)
The Airbus Industries A400M is scheduled to replace the RAF's fleet of Hercules.  
(Computer Image by Airbus Industries)

The Airbus Industries A440M Interior

(Computer Image by Airbus Industries)
June 2001.  The Mobility Section at RAF Kinloss have spent the last three weeks working with the US Navy, (USS Enterprise Battle Group) and during this time we have been offloading C 130's and DC 9's on a daily basis and transferring the loads into MH53 helicopters. 

During this exercise, most of the bulk loading, including a/c engines had to be manhandled into the helo. Without the aid of the 'J' bar (pinchbar), this would not be possible
(Photograph by Shuggie Shewan)
A picture taken recently at an undisclosed airfield during the the loading of 4 Antonov chalks bound for Africa.

The chap in the middle is Cpl Lee Steadman. The others (new guys) are: (left) Woodsy and (right) Al Corcoran.
(Photograph by Jon Smith)
KC2 TriStar at RAFU Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada, May 2001. This is the KC2 variant - a proper airline variant with no freight doors on the main upper deck.
(Photograph by Ian Berry)
Lockheed L1011 TriStar taking off  from Brize Norton
(Photograph by Damien Burke)
UKMAMS Medal Presentation RAF Lyneham 28th June 2000
  (K) NATO Kosovo   (F)  NATO Former republic Yugoslavia    (I)  GSM Air Ops Iraq

Back  L to R  SAC Quirk (K),  SAC Stubbs (K)   SAC McKenzie (F)   Cpl Wallace (K),  SAC Disotto (I),  Cpl O'Donnell  (K),  Cpl Fitches (K),  Cpl Cameron (I)

Centre L to R  Cpl Nixon (K),  Sgt Clancy  (K),  Cpl Niven  (K),  Cpl Daniels (I),  Cpl Wood  (I),  Cpl Hudson  (K),  Sgt Drake (LSGCM),  Cpl Moffatt (K),  SAC Cheesewright (K),  Cpl Wilson  (F)

Front L to R    FS Hart  (I),  FS Parkin  (I),  Flt Lt McGrath  (I),  Flt Lt Harris  (I),  Wg Cdr Elliott  OC,  Flt Lt Hubbick (K),  FS Maybery (I),  FS Geerah  (K), Cpl Slee (I)(F)

(Photograph courtesy of Ian Berry)
UKMAMS Medal Presentation - 30th November 2000
(K) NATO Kosovo   (F)  NATO Former republic Yugoslavia    (I)  GSM Air Ops Iraq

Back L to R:  Sgt Dodds (K)    Sgt McHenry (K)    SAC Stedman  (K)    Sgt Mackay (I)    FS Baldock (Y)(K) 
Cpl Macbeth (K)    SAC Pike (K)    SAC Richards (K)    Cpl Rainer (I)(K)    SAC Saunders (I)

Middle L to R:  SAC Naylor  (K)    SAC Lewis (K)    SAC Pride (K)    Sgt Davies (I)    FS Patterson (K) 
FS Walker (K)    SAC Hartley (K)    SAC Walker (K)    Cpl Howard (I)    Cpl Malia (I)    Cpl Harrison (I)

Front L to R:  SAC Jones (I)    WO Black (K)    F/L Clulo (K)    S/L Tripp (OC BAMF)    W/C Doherty (OC) 
S/L Fogden (OC MAMF)   F/L Ellie Pook (K) WO Billingsley (K)    SAC Davies (K)

(Photograph courtesy of Ian Berry)