The true first MAMS Team into Port Stanley.  Sgt Ian 'Foddy' Newlands, SAC Brian McVeigh, Flt Lt 'Doc' Holliday, Cpl Colin Smith (MAMS Eng), Cpl Steve Munday, SAC 'Killer' Kilpatrick, Cpl Taff Price. Cpl Jim Rice took the photo.
'Swift to Move' 

Taff, Killer & Jim - who packed the Tropical Tents?

Well it wasn't easy without women!

An Argie jumped me!

The Boss said "dig in" so we did! My turn for the helmet.

HRH is in the dark brown stuff! You can probably figure out the rest - 'nuff said!
47 AD snatch up the mail, the brave person trying to get the photo of a lifetime was an Army captain who stood a mere 3 metres away from the 200 miles per hour grappling hook!

Making our way back to the tent during a blizzard.

Jim Rice runs out of room whilst painting the Terminal, the wife forgave him when he got home
Pembroke Point Drop Zone- temperature -20º C.  Foddy had just broken his wrist when an Eager Beaver door slammed on him, a drop of whiskey that night cheered him up.
Our new accommodation house on the St. John's Road.  It was scrounged for us by our sassy friends from Hereford!
'Puccara' ground attack aircraft.  They were mostly destroyed on the ground, the ejection seats were disabled.
'Own Goal' this was after an Argie ground-launched Exocet was fired at a Lynx across Stanley Harbour, the Lynx ducked down beneath the horizon and the Exocet returned home!
'Sir Tristram' lies alongside at Stanley. A sad sight indeed!
'Gozomy' party. Foddy Newlands, Scouse from Hereford AMT guy, George Quarless, Jim Rice, Brian McVie & Colin Smith MAMS Eng.
"A fond farewell to Port Stanley" well I said it wasn't easy without women!