A full UKMAMS team was deployed on Operation Titan from the 12th to the 20th June, 1980, to provide movements control and support to 42 Commando Tactical Force in the New Hebrides. The task was to ensure that the country of Vanuatu achieved a peaceful transition to independence.

The arrival and deployment phase was carried out at the air head of Baverfield Airport, Port Villa where a tented movements control post was established. This post was manned on a 24 hour basis throughout the detachment.

The detachment operated 2 in-theatre C130 aircraft. These were primarily used for the deployment of a joint Anglo-French force which was sent to Espiritu Santu to take control of the island and prevent secessionist forces from undermining the authority of the Vanuatu Government.

During the detachment the team flew frequent resupply sorties from Villa to Santu moving a variety of troops, freight, vehicles and medical supplies. In addition, a number of sorties were flown to the outlying islands to emphasise our presence and deter any opposition activists from supporting the rebels in Santu.