Soon after I arrived in November 1971 war broke out between India and Pakistan. Some old sweats will remember that we had a dozen or so Hercs based at Masirah for about a week and teams came from UK and NEAF MAMS.

Sorties were flown to Karachi and Islamabad during a week of very intensive ops and we brought out well over 1,000 refugees and packed them off screaming in VC10s to Akrotiri to be re-distrubuted from there. Many nationalities were involved and I had a terrible job persuading people from the Far East, Australia and New Zealand that they had to go West to go East.
Standing: Frank Holmes, Pete Herring, Keith Parker, Troop John Smith, Bob Thacker,
Charlie Dalgleish, Norrie Radcliffe Don Stewart, Roy Millington (Movs Masirah)

Kneeling: Doug Lister, Colin Allen, Hugh Curran, Charlie Marlow, Keith Simmonds