January Operation Decisive Edge
Gioia Del Colle, Italy Air support for Peacekeeping in former Republic of Yugoslavia
January Operation Resolute Sarajevo, Bosnia to Brindisi, Italy FSgt Alan Salisbury plus 3. Recovery of US Forces from Bosnia to Italy
January Special UK to Alesund, Denmark Flt Lt Dave Jarvis plus 3. Deployment of personnel and equipment of 7 Squadron (Chinooks) to Denmark
January Winter Deployment UK to Fagernes, Southern Norway Sgt Martin Hughes plus 3. Deployment of HQRM to Southern Norway
January Exercise Clockwork UK to Tromso, Norway WO Ian Berry, Sgt Martyn Southall, Sgt Scouse Leman plus 2. Deployment of SBS LRIC (Long Range Insertion Craft) to Norway
February Exercise Quadroped UK to Fagernes, Norway Flt Lt Maggie Streeter plus 3. Deployment of elements of UKLF from UK to Norway
February Exercise Battle Griffin UK to Bodo, Norway Fg Off John Fairgrieves, Wg Cdr Dick Leonard plus 2. Deployment of 54 Squadron (Jaguars) to Norway
February Exercise Quadruped Alesund, Norway to Odiham, UK Sgt Derek Grayson plus 3. Recovery of personnel and equipment of 7 Squadron (Chinook) from Norway to Odiham
February Operation Decisive Edge Marham, UK to Gioia del Colle, Italy and return FS Tony Feast plus 1. Rotation of Sidewinder and Sparrow missiles between Italy and Marham
March Exercise Arid Thunder UK to Yuma, AZ, USA Sgt Ted Edwards plus 2. Resupply of Tornado detachment in Arizona
March Armilla Patrol UK to Dubai, UAE and return
Flt Lt Jane Finding plus 2. Rotation of Ships personnel of HMS Brilliant in Persian Gulf
March Operation Resolute UK to Sarajevo, Bosnia Cpl Steve (Dinger) Bell plus 2. Resupply of UKLF Forces in Bosnia
March April was a busy month with all of the squadron preparing to participate in or support the forthcoming Exercise Purple Star (*) which was to be held in the USA. A total of 12,000 troops are planned to be deployed. In preparation several teams were initially deployed to Pope AFB, Cherry Point and Norfolk NAS
April Exercise Purple Star UK to Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Sgt Sean Woodcock plus 2. Deployment of 264 Sigs Squadronand FCDT to USA
April Exercise Purple Star UK to NAS Cecil Field, FL, and Charleston, SC, USA Cecil Field/Charleston - Exercise Purple Star. WO Ian Berry, Sgt Taff Wood, Cpls Deano Dawson, Chris Hoskison plus 3. Deployment of SF Ammunition to Florida, Deployment of LRICs to Beaufort NAS and offload of an ISO Container at Charleston
April Operation Resolute UK to Banja Luka, Bosnia Sgt John Pert plus 2. Deployment of 214 Sigs Squadron to Bosnia in support of UN Operations
May Special Mitilini, Greece to UK FSgt Al Salisbury plus 2. Recovery of personnel and equipment of 7 Squadron(Chinooks) from Greece to UK.
May Operation Resolute UK to Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina Cpl Sandy Sanderson, SAC Simon Clarke plus 1. Roulement of IFOR personnel.
May Operation Banner Edinburgh to Belfast, UK and return WO Ian Berry, Cpl Russ Thomas & SAC Paul Crake. Rotation of  Scottish Units between Edinburgh and Aldergrove
May Fincastle Trophy Kinloss, UK to Whenuapai, New Zealand and return Sgt John Pert plus 2. Deployment of Nimrod support equipment to Auckland, New Zealand, in support of annual sub hunting competition
June Exercise Distant Frontier Waddington to Elmendorf AK, USA Sgt Derek Grayson plus 2. Deployment of 8 Squadron (E3 AWACS) personnel and equipment from Waddington to Alaska.
June Exercise Purple Star March AFB, CA, USA to Belize Sgt Don Hazlewood plus 2. Collection of troops from California and onmove to Belize.
June Operation Warden Incirlik, Turkey FSgt John Purkis plus 2. Movements Detachment in Southern Turkey in support of Northern Iraq no-fly zone
June Exercise Purple Star Ontario, CA, USA to UK Fg Off John Fairgrieve plus 5. Recovery of 3 Cdo Bde RM after  conclusion of exercise in California.
June Exercise Distant Frontier Waddington, UK to Elmendorf, AK, USA Sgt Derek Grayson plus 2. Deployment of passengers and freight of 8 Sqn (E3 AWAC) from Waddington to Alaska
July Exercise Green Fever Belize to UK Flt Lt Dave Jarvis plus 2. Recovery of 1 Bn Devon and Dorsets and elements of HMS Fearless
July Special Marham, UK to Bodo, Norway
Sgt Taff Wood plus 2. Deployment of 39 Squadron(Canberras) to Norway for photo recce task
July Exercise Ice Flip Basel, Switzerland to UK FS Paddy Power plus 2. Recovery of Royal Marines from Switzerland to UK
July Exercise Aroma UK to Diego Garcia Sgt Martin Hughes plus 2. Deployment of personnel and equipment of 101 Squadron (VC10) and TCW to Maldives.
July Operation Warden Incirlik, Turkey FSgt Tony Geerah. Handover of Movements detachment to PMC Draft after 5 years supported by UKMAMS
July RN Resupply UK to Puerto Rico and return Sgt Taff Kelly plus 2. Rotation of Navy personnel and resupply of HMS Argyle in Puerto Rico
August Exercise Medicine Man UK to Calgary, AB, Canada and return Fg Off John Fairgrieves, Sgt Robbie Robinson, Cpls Dave Drake and Mutley Malia and SAC Dan Smith. Roulement of Battle Groups in Canada
August Special Dover AFB, USA to UK Fg Off Scott Rogers, FS Alic Simpson and SAC Paul Crake. Recovery of AMRAAM missiles from USA to UK
August Special UK to Riga, Latvia Flt Lt Wilcox, FS Dave Williams, Sgts Derek Grayson and Robbie Robinson, Cpl Gareth Beynon, SAC’s Dave Wilson and Tim Desmond. Delivery of UN equipment to Latvian Baltic Command
August Exercise TFW 45 UK to Aalborg, Denmark Fg Off Scott Rogers, WO Ian Berry, Sgt Bob Simmons, Cpl Gareth Beynon, SACs Tim Desmond & Dave Wilson. Deployment of personnel and equipment of 6 Squadron(Jaguar) to Denmark.
August Operation Colmar Dhahran/Al Kharj Sgt Taff Wood, SACs Rogerson & Hewitt. Deployment of VESCO Cabin to Saudi Arabia.
September A total of 5 teams were tasked in support of Exercises Ardent Ground and Dynamic Mix which was being held in Greece and Turkey. The main focus for the AT support was at Erzurum in Turkey, where the MAMF presence was led by Fg Off John Fairgrieves who was appointed as the Aerial Port Commander in charge of the multi national air movements teams. Flt Lt Fiona Morgan-Frise established a movements presence in Trabzon, a civil airport on the Black Sea coast where she was able to spread the good name of the Squadron by making the front page of the local press and being quoted as “The Commander of the British Army Forces in Turkey.”  Other teams completed the MAMF presence by providing support in Akinci, Bandirma and Souda Bay
September Exercise Cossack Steppe UK to Lvov, Ukraine Cpl Blue Hughes, SAC Chris Hoskison. Deployment of personnel and ammunition to Ukraine
September Exercise Ardent Ground Trabzon, Turkey Flt Lt Fiona Morgan-Frise, FS Floyd Patterson, Sgt Dave Salmon, Cpl Sandy Sanderson, SAC Simon Clarke and JT Williams (MAMS Eng). Movs support at Trabzon Black Sea Port
September Operation Decisive Edge Leeming, UK Sgts Don Hazlewood and Bob Simmons, SAC’s Baz Thompson and Charlie Rance. Onload of Lynx helicopter for onmove to Bosnia
November Operation Purposeful Entebbe, Uganda Support to Canberra PR9's locating mass graves in Rwanda
November Operation Chantress Albania Logistic aid to UN in Albania