Exercise Eastern Climb
UK to Bucharest, Romania
Flt Lt Clulo, FS Jim Buchanan, Cpl Kev Skinner, SACs
Matt Rayner, Caven & Whittingham. Deployment of Royal
Marines and two MK7 Lynx helicopters to Romania
Exercise Snow Train
UK to Edmonton, AB, Canada
Sgt Viv Neary-Phillips, Cpl Best, SAC Walker. Deployment
of 1Bn Royal Scots to Canada
Exercise Red Flag
UK to Nellis AFB, NV, USA
FSgt Taff Isaac, Sgt Cosgrove, Cpls Wallace & Paul Crake,
SACs Mufford & Hartley. Positioning of 11, 14 & 617 Sqn
(Tornados) in Nevada
Exercise Magic Carpet
Salalah, Oman to UK
FS Neil Baldock, Cpl Craig Heath, SACs Mufford & Poat.
Recovery of personnel and equipment of 101 Squadron
(VC10), 4 Squadron (Harriers) and 54 Squadron (Jaguars)
from Oman to UK
Exercise Snow Falcon
Wittering, UK to Bardufoss, Norway
Sqn Ldr Rich Fogden, Flt Lt Atkinson, FS Tony Geerah
and SAC Davies. Deployment of 1 Squadron (Harriers)
from Wittering to Norway
Operation Barwood
UK to Hoedspruit AB, South Africa
Flt Lt Stoneley, Sgt Adam, SACs Booth & King.
Deployment of 33 Squadron (Pumas) support equipment
to South Africa for relief flights into Mozambique after
severe flooding
Exercise High Rider
UK to Tonopah AFB, NV, USA
Sgt Taff Kelly, SACs Booth, King & Sansome. Deployment
of Tornado F3 personnel and equipment to Nevada
Exercise Jagged Corse
UK to Solenzara, Corsica
Flt Lt Tim Benjamin, Sgt Alec Ross & SAC Hudson. 
Deployment of 54 Squadron (Jaguars) from UK to Corsica
Operation Turner
Brindisi, Italy to Sierra Leone
FS Steve Gelder and Cpl Paul Crake. Collection of UN
vehicles and freight from Italy for on move to Sierra Leone
Exercise Aurora
UK to Marseilles, France and return
Sgt Kinghorn, Cpl Brown, SAC Booth. Deployment and
recovery of 42 Commando Royal Marines to and from
HMS Ocean
Operation Turner
UK to Freetown, Sierra Leone
Sgt Burke and SAC Goode. Delivery of vehicles and freight
for UN in Freetown
Exercise Create Havoc
UK to Cape Canaveral
Sgt Dodds, Cpls Butcher, Steff O’Donnell & Parkinson.
Delivery of Stingray Torpedoes and DERA freight to
Florida for AUTEC trials
Exercise Pacific Kukri
Brunei to Fiji and UK
Sgt Thompson, Cpls Steff O’Donnell & Nixon, SAC
Stubbs. Deployment of 2 RGR from Brunei to Fiji and
recovery of 22 SAS Brunei to UK
UK to Lungi, Sierra Leone
Flt Lt Clulo, FS Karl Hibbert, Cpl Thomson. Initial
positioning of UKMAMS personnel and deployment of
British troops to intervene in Sierra Leone civil war
Mildenhall, UK
Sgt Robinson, SAC Walker. Deployment of ground
support systems to Mildenhall Air Show to demonstrate
C130J systems
Exercise Flying Fish
Singapore and Guam
Flt Lt Benjamin, Cpl Walker, SACs Booth & Atkins.
Movements support to 1 Squadron (Harriers), 12
Squadron (GR1 Tornadoes) and 23 Squadron (E3 AWACS)
on Far East deployment
Exercise Arms Plot
Kinloss, Scotland to Hannover,
Germany and return
FS Holmes, Cpls catchpole & Heath. Rotation of 1Bn
Black Watch and 1Bn Royal Highland Fusiliers between
Scotland and Germany
Operation Palliser
UK to Lunghi, Sierra Leone
Flt Lt Atkinson, Sgt Thompson, Cpl Catchpole, SACs
Clayton, Newall & Saunders. Movements support to
British Forces in Sierra Leone
Exercise Roving Sands
UK to Biggs AFB, TX, USA
Sgt Gruner-Overgaard, Cpl Bell, SACs Naylor & Collins.
Deployment of 7 Armd Bde to El Paso, Texas.
UK to Trondheim, Norway
FS Sykes, Sgts Robinson & Drake, Cpl Catchpole, SACs
Sansome & Butler. Deployment of Submarine Emergency
Recovery Teams and equipment to Norway in support of
attempt to reach Soviet Submarine Kursk
Operation Maidenly / Basilica
UK to Lunghi, Sierra Leone and
FSgt Duncan Andrews, Sgt Mackay, Cpl Brown & SAC
Naylor. Recovery of 22 SAS & 7 Sqn (Chinooks) from
Sierra Leone to UK. Roulement of 1 Royal Anglian and 1
Royal Irish
Operation Agricola
UK to Pristina, Kosovo
FSgt Neil Baldock, Cpl Brown & SAC Naylor. Reforce of
Pristina, Kosovo Det during a roulement
Exercise Pitch Black
UK to Darwin, NT, Australia
FS Mick Maybery, SAC Woods. Deployment of 9
Squadron (Tornados) to Australia
Operation Agricola
UK to Thessalonika, Greece and
Sgt Robinson, SAC Carter. Roulement of personnel in
Exercise Pitch Black
Darwin, NT, Australia to UK
Sgt Dave Drake, Cpls Heath & Hudson. Recovery of 11
Sqn (Tornadoes) from Australia to Leeming
Exercise Green Flag
Nellis AFB, TX, USA to UK
Flt Lt Harris, Sgt Gareth Beynon & SAC Chris Quirk.
Recovery of 14 Sqn (Tornados) from USA to UK
Exercise Durbars Dance
Nairobi, Kenya to UK
Flt Lt Symons, FS Hartley, Sgt Dave Drake, Cpl Cameron,
SACs Mufford & Walker. Handling of C2 Tristar at Nairobi
and recovery of Lynx Helio on C130
Exercise Slovak Express
Sliac, Slovakia to UK
Sgt Gareth Beynon, Cpl, Cameron, Cpl Gale & SAC
Layzell (4624 Squadron RAuxAF). Recovery of 1Bn RWR
(V) from Slovakia to UK
Exercise Hammer Fist
UK to Yuma, AZ, USA and return
Sgt Ade West, SACs Lewis & Naylor. Rote sweeper in
support of 801 RNAS (Sea Harrier) deployment to Yuma.
Operation Basilica
UK to Freetown, Sierra Leone
Flt Lt McGrath, FS Bob Simmonds, Cpl Dinger Bell & SAC
Stubbs. Resupply of British Forces in Sierra Leone
UK to Heraklion, Crete
FS Mick Maybery, Cpl Brown, SACs Marshall and
Haggerstone.  Deployment of AAC Gazelle helicopters to
Crete for onmove on to HMS Ocean
Exercise Suman Warrior
UK to Butterworth, Malaya
FS Mick Mayberry, Cpl Steph Morrison, SAC Sansome.
Deployment of 16 AA Brigade to Malaya
Exercise Joint Guardian
Waddington, UK to Aviano, Italy and
FS Steve Gelder, Sgt Garry Pym, SAC Cross. Rotation of 8
& 23 Squadrons (E3 AWAC) between Italy and
UK to Asmara, Eritrea
Sgt Mackay, Cpls Best & Crake. Transport of ATLAS
Loader from Lyneham to Asmara for use by Dutch
Marines on UN Duties in Eritrea
Exercise Native Trail
Belize to UK
FS Neil Baldock, Cpl Best, SAC Marshall. Recovery of 1Bn
RGBW from Belize to UK