January Operation Harmala UK to Curacao, Dutch Antilles FSgt Steve Burke, Cpl Woods & SAC Duffy. Deployment of 120 Sqn (Nimrods) from UK to Dutch Antilles
January Operation Solstice UK to Siauliai, Lichtenstein Flt Lt Simon Oliver, Sqn Ldr Neil Jones, Cpl Otterwell & SAC Baker. Deployment of personnel of XV Sqn (Tornados) from UK to Lichtenstein
February EAC VC10 Belgium to Dushanbe, Tajikstan and return
Flt Lt Wheatley, SACs Warren & Travers. Rotation of Belgian Military personnel between Tajikstan and Belgium
February Special Cayenne, Guyana to Frescaty, France FSgt Ian Rowlands, Cpl Alistair Cheesewright & SAC Ainley. Recovery of French Air Force radar unit from Guyana to Frescaty, France
March Exercise Emerald Mercury Hyderabad, India to UK FSgt Mal Rochester, SACs O’Brien & McLoughlin (both 4624 Sqn RAuxAF). Recovery of personnel of 30 Sigs Regt from India to UK
March Operation Calicle Pristina, Kosovo to UK Flt Lt Clark, Sgt Campbell, Cpl Henderson, Sacs Collins, Prewett, Chandler & Anderson. Recovery of Royal Ghurka regiment and Spearhead equipment from Kosovo to UK
April Exercise Devils Topper UK to Freetown, Sierra Leone Sgt Hughes, Cpl Paul Douse & SAC Hendy. Deployment of pax and vehicles of 14 Sig Regt from UK to Sierra Leone
April Exercises Red Flag/Mountain Vortex Mountain Home AFB, ID, USA to UK Flt lt Wheatley, Cpl Cheesewright, SACs Buckingham & Smith. Recovery of 2 & 13 Sqn (Tornados) from Idaho to UK
May Exercise Ample Train UK to Kecskemet, Hungary Sgt Al Stacey, Cpl Steedman & SAC Andrews. Deployment of passengers and freight of 899 RNAS (Sea Harriers) to Hungary
May Operations Oculas/Salvage Banja Luka, Bosnia to Pristina, Kosovo Sgt Campbell, SAC Williams. Relocation of 2 x Gazelle Helicopters from Bosnia to Kosovo
June Finnish ADEX Tampere, Finland to UK Flt Lt Randerson, Cpl Steedman & SAC French. Recovery of 801 Sqn from Finland to UK
June Operation Coral UK to Entebbe, Uganda FSgt Steve Joyce, Cpl,Baker, SACs French & Pursglove. Deployment of Royal Engineers to Uganda in support of UN Operations
July Operation Highbrow Akrotiri, Cyprus Handling of evacuated people from Lebanon after Israeli occupation
July Exercise Flying Fish Kuantan, Malaysia to Yeovilton, UK Sgt Nigel Malyon, Cpl Caven, SAC Higgins. Recovery of passengers and freight of 800 RNAS (Sea Harriers) from Malaysia to Yeovilton
July Operation Telic Tallil AB, Iraq to UK FSgt Mal Rochester, Cpl Young, SAC Pursglove. Recovery 1 AAC from An Nasiriyah in Southern Iraq to UK
August Pakistan Flood Relief Pakistan Relief aid to Minhad and Islamabad following severe flooding